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Internet of Things

How cloud computing is driving growth of industrial IoT

IoT and cloud computing have revolutionized business. Cloud computing enables secure, efficient, and scalable IoT-based cloud services that drive Industrial IoT growth. IoT cloud computing is a valuable tool for businesses to deploy IoT and this blog explores the benefits of cloud computing in IoT.

Cost Estimation

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Dating App in 2023

The market for online dating and matching making is expected to expand at a 5.6% CAGR from 2021 to 2028, reaching a value of 11.03 billion USD. Do you want to secure your place in the dating app market? Then go through our blog on how much does it cost to develop a dating app in India.


How to develop a custom LMS platform in 2023?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a key component of building an effective educational journey - whether it's in a school or in a company. We're going to discuss the features, benefits, development process, and cost of custom LMS platforms in this article.


Top DevOps Consulting Companies in the USA

Are you looking for the best DevOps companies in the United States? In order to help you shortlist the right one, we have compiled the list of top DevOps companies in USA recognized for their services, market presence, and customer satisfaction.

Cost Estimation

How Much Does an App Badoo Cost

To develop an app like Badoo will cost between $5000-$12000. Startup companies the cost to develop a Badoo app will be free whether you use the mobile app or the browser version.

Mobile App Development

App development cost in Singapore in 2022

Looking to develop an app in Singapore? Understanding the overall app development cost is the first step in your journey toward building a successful mobile application. Check out this article to know more about developing an app in Singapore.

Cost Estimation

Decoding the Cost of Developing a Mobile App in Kuwait

To develop a mobile app in Kuwait, it's essential to know the costs involved. Budgets are influenced by many factors, from app type to design. Our guide will help you stay on top of mobile app development costs in Kuwait and provide you with practical tips on how to stay under budget.


Role of technology in the future of education

In the effort to provide students with the best possible education, educational institutions are increasingly relying on technology in the classroom. Let us take a look at how technology will change education in the future.

Cloud Computing

The importance of cloud computing in the healthcare industry

Cloud-based technology solutions have revolutionized the healthcare industry by handling multiple aspects of the health systems such as scheduling and tracking appointments, managing clinical and non-clinical data, improving patient care, etc. Read on to know how cloud technology has made its impact on the healthcare industry.

Web Development

Web development trends that will rule in 2022

Follow the latest web development trends to establish and build successful businesses for the future. Here we have included some of the technological advancements in web development that will enable you to build future-ready web apps.

Cost Estimation

How to Create a Courier Delivery App Like FedEx

Learn how to develop a courier delivery app like FedEx. Cost estimation to build a courier delivery app will reach $80.5 billion in 2031 from $13 billion in 2021, with an exceptional CAGR of 22.8% during the forecast period 2022-2031. Read our blog to get better understanding...