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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Real Estate App like Zillow or Trulia

Cost to Develop a Real Estate App like Zillow or Trulia

A meaningful quote said by Russell Sage, financier, Railroad Executive, and Politician - “Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security.”

Real estate is transforming along with shifting customers tastes and digital developments, just like every other sector of the economy. Attracting new clients is a challenging task for realtors and business owners involved in real estate.

In earlier days when customers wanted to purchase or sell their homes had to rely on real estate agents. Only the agent could visit houses for rent or purchase or arrange for potential customers to see their properties. Since Millennials or Generation Y, have entered the real estate market, traditional practices have gone through an enormous transformation.

Agents today use mobile apps, according to the National Association of Realtors, the number of people searching for homes online has exceeded 40% in 2022. It has also become essential for everyone in real estate to establish a presence online and on mobile. Real estate mobile app development has become a profitable business for many startup companies with the success of applications like Zillow, Trulia, and

History of Zillow and Trulia Apps

When Barton was working at Microsoft, he realized that the real estate sector will undergo a revolution and decided to invest in Zillow. Zillow was formed in December 2004, and its website went live in February 2006. Spencer Rascoff was appointed the company's CEO in 2010. The launch of Zillow in April 2018, created the on-demand housing industry and Barton came back as CEO in February 2019 to manage the transition.

Zillow Group, Inc; was founded in 2005 and its headquartered is in San Francisco and California, it is owned and run by Trulia. An American online real estate marketplace called Trulia is a subsidiary of Zillow. With opinions of local knowledge, map overlays, and information on schools, churches, neighborhoods and businesses, it has become easier for buyers and renters to find houses and areas across the country.

Must-Have Features of a Real-Estate Mobile App Like Zillow or Trulia

Features of a Real-Estate Mobile App Like Zillow or Trulia

Let's analyze what features a real estate mobile application would need to have in order to differentiate itself from competitors and how much it would cost to develop a mobile app like Zillow or Trulia.


One of the neglected features of real estate mobile applications is the development of the database. Real estate apps will expand and become more popular if you have a solid database. The database must be integrated into your real estate mobile application development process for the app to work. The possibility of maintaining user’s interest in your program would increase with its depth and level of updating. Working together with real estate agents and dealers from a certain area can help to create a powerful database that will be useful for the development of the mobile application. App Onboarding

A simple onboarding procedure will make it easier for users to understand the app’s features. The onboarding procedure satisfies three main goals I.e., user navigation, user operations, and user value creation. Having a social network API integrated at this point makes onboarding easier and helps move users from the beginning stage to a successful conversion stage.

User Profiles

Depending on the business model, real estate mobile applications have a variety of customers. An app will help buyers, sellers, real estate agents, homeowners, mortgage brokers, and different kinds of people. Depending on the app's business model sellers should be able to market properties, find buyers, engage in negotiation, and many more. Each app panel should be simple to use and entertaining enough to keep users engaged in the mobile app.

Filter, Browse and Organize

By enabling customization, it enables users to select out the ideal homes for their needs based on criteria like price, location, services, and other criteria. A crucial function that must be included in the real estate app design process is property identification and filtering.

Create distinct categories in your app and allow users to look for properties using various filters. Include search and specific type filters based on:

  • Price
  • Location
  • Type of property
  • Purpose
  • Mortgage
  • Built-in year and area

Direction & Maps

A real estate mobile app must include map integration since it improves the user experience for app's users. It even ensures that the people looking for property arrive at the appropriate time and place. Additionally, it displays neighboring locations or directions on a map along with other useful details such as the presence of local banks, crime rate, hospitals or schools, etc.

Add to Cart or Wishlist

A wishlist or add to cart is a vital feature for a real estate mobile app. In eCommerce app no one immediately purchase a product after viewing it or without further exploring. So how does one can purchase a property? It is crucial to provide users the choice to save the listings of their preferred properties so that they may spend time reviewing them.

Clients should have choice to view the properties they are interested in at any time and from any location, this will make the purchasing process for real estate easier.

Push Notifications

Push notifications as a marketing strategy is quite effective. Push alerts have advantages that are too great to be neglected. Users can be informed through messages about price changes, by adding a push notification function to the app. Push notifications inform customers about everything they should be interested in by including this function in your real estate application. It increases conversions and income. Here is how Zillow utilizes push notifications to maintain contact with customers.

Virtual Tours

After the pandemic, virtual tours are widely used in real estate apps. The opportunity for end customers to virtually view a property before buying is made possible by technologies like AR/VR. Virtual tours are a fantastic approach to attract app users who could be interested in connecting and making an investment in the property. The business model and user engagement of your real estate app can be significantly impacted by virtual tours.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Real Estate Apps like Zillow or Trulia

Cost to Develop a Real Estate Apps like Zillow or Trulia

The price of creating a real estate app similar to Zillow or Trulia will vary depending on a number of criteria. A few of these criteria include the app's complexity, the size of the development team, the location of the development company, etc. Depending on the area, the developer team you choose to create the real estate app may range from $30 per hour to $150 per hour.

The price would be between $40,000 and $60,000 to design a real estate app with essential functionality. For advanced features, it will cost up to $80,000. Real estate apps like Zillow or Trulia make it easy for properties to sell.

Final Words

The goal of any real estate app, whether it be for iOS or Android, is to make the process of buying, selling, and renting easier for the end user. The real estate apps' long-term success is determined by how user-friendly the interface is.

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1. What are the specifications for developing mobile applications in the real estate industry?

The mobile applications for real estate enable agents to work from a distance and conduct online home sales. For instance, all app users may see the list of properties that have been uploaded to the app. Agents can also use a real estate mobile app to sell homes quickly.

2. Which is the best customized real estate app development company?

Leading organizations and massive market participants in this industry are numerous. Zillow, Magic Bricks, SolGuruz, 99 Acres, and many more well-known companies are some of the key players in this market. Contact our Neetable real estate app developers to create and publish the app on a budget.