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Deliver an engaging customer experience by creating attractive and usable digital products using our expert product design services.


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Being among the top product design firms, Neetable's designers use their expertise and knowledge to combine user preferences, business goals, and technological requirements to produce a truly satisfying user experience.

We believe that the success of a product goes beyond having an appealing aesthetic. It should be customized to meet the needs of the user. A user-centric approach combined with the right design tools and methods leads to an ultimate user experience.

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Our Design Services

We help you enhance your business by building user engagement and trust with our end-to-end design services.


Strategy and consulting

We begin by developing a detailed strategy to align your brand's identity with its desired user experience at all touchpoints.



We use a blueprint of the planned design that represents page structure, layout, and functions of various elements to help you gain a better understanding of the application.


Web designing

We plan, conceptualize, and arrange visual content to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your website.


Mobile app design

Our team customizes the UI and UX of the mobile app to meet your specific needs, including the color scheme, font selection, and the layout and presentation of buttons and widgets.


User testing

To improve the overall user experience, we perform user tests and observe responses to reveal areas that need modification.


Multi-platform compatibility

We implement a design logic that can be shared across different platforms in order to improve its usability and cost-effectiveness.

Our Expertise

Using the right tools and processes, we validate ideas, optimize processes, and bring new digital products to market successfully.

Product Discovery

Enhance product visibility, increase productivity, or improve internal or external processes with the help of the design team.


Analyze user behavior, the market environment, and product-relevant data to make an informed decision to determine the best path for your product.

Custom UI and UX design

Create user interfaces and solutions that translate your business needs into real-world solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Digital Branding

Analyze user behavior, the market environment, and product-relevant data to make an informed decision to determine the best path for your product.

Tools We Use

We provide innovative solutions that drive business growth. By leveraging customer insights and appropriate tools and methodologies, we continuously enhance business solutions.

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Why Choose Us

We design customized and cost-effective solutions for your business needs, focusing on quality and timely delivery.



Our designs are user-centric offering a better user experience.


Customized solution

We define a solution that would be best suited for the product.


Customer Satisfaction & Transparency

We keep you in the loop throughout the product design journey from beginning to end.


Competitive pricing

What we offer is unparalleled and assured quality at a very competitive price.

UI and UX Design Process

We use a structured process to blend user needs with business goals to help brands make successful products that meet technological standards.

Define product vision

A design that clearly states the vision of your product.

Product research

Extensive product research from customer perspective. 

User analysis

Analyzing the comfort of users with the product design.

Ideation and Design

Matching creativity with technology to ideate and design.

Testing and validation

Multiple test runs followed by client validation.

Post-launch activity

We help you with post-launch activities too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UI UX Design?

Designing an experience-based UI/UX by imagining about how it feels to use the app or website. It is ultimately about changing the user's desired behavior and decision-making process.

What is the difference between UI and UX designs?

UI (User Interface) design refers to the aesthetic elements of an application. UX (User Experience) design refers to the experience a user has while interacting with the application.

Why you should choose Neetable for UI and UX design services?

Each UI/UX project begins with thorough user research and competitive analysis. We develop personas of your ideal users, create tasks we need them to perform on the website, and conduct user and A/B testing to see how they respond. We help you achieve your goals, no matter what your purpose is, whether you have a new product idea or need to work on an existing product.

Why UI/UX design is important for your business?

The first and most crucial channel through which customers interact with your business is your app or web page, which makes the UX a critical factor influencing customer satisfaction and revenue.

How much will product design services cost?

The cost of the services depends on:

  • Expertise level of designer
  • Time taken
  • Required features
  • Complexity of app design

Recent Projects Designed & Developed

Over the years, we have served clients across multiple industries in various capacities, including end-to-end development, UI/UX design, and mobile app development. Here are some of the projects we have completed for clients from around the world.



Kred platform helps parents and teachers drive skill development and positive behavior in kids with their innovative mobile app.

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Phox Health

Phox Health allows health systems and specialty pharmacies to offer fast and affordable prescription delivery

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Merck Buddy App

Merck India launched the MBuddy platform to better engage and communicate with it's partners, dealers and distributors across the country.

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