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Using logistics software development services reduces fleet costs, increases agility, improves communication with customers, partners, and ensures efficient data reporting.

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Neetable develops transportation and logistics software that helps fleet managers, urban mobility solution providers, and logistics companies save money.

Utilizing our transportation management software development services, you can optimize delivery routes, reduce fleet operating costs, minimize traffic congestion, and improve urban experiences. As a leading provider of transportation and logistics solutions, we strive to meet your needs regarding urban infrastructure, fleet efficiency, and traffic management.

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Transport and Logistics Software Development Services We Offer


Custom Transportation Software Solutions

Our mission is to help transportation companies become more accessible and satisfy their passengers through software solutions.


Back-Office Integration

In addition to enabling, you to efficiently communicate with partners, get timely updates and reports, we also ensure visibility and security.


Cloud Migration

Your legacy system can be pushed to the cloud for flexibility, quick data processing, and easy remote access to internal documentation.


Data Analytics and Reporting

Using our top-of-the-line data analytics products, you can view your logistics processes from any angle.


GPS Tracking Software Development

Neetable provides custom GPS tracking solutions for car rental, vehicle sharing, commercial truck tracking, and delivery services.


RFID and Beacon Solutions

Using RFID and beacon technology, we help logistics companies track their goods and inventory throughout their supply chains.

Custom Logistics Product Development Services


Transportation Management

We help logistics and transportation companies eliminate operational efforts and focus on business-critical tasks.


Warehouse Management

Using AI, we develop warehouse management solutions that improve inventory management through meticulous planning and optimal resource utilization.


Supply Chain IoT Solutions

Using IoT, we develop smart and intelligent supply chain applications that enable logistics companies to keep their supply chains transparent and easy to operate.


Inventory Management

For tracking orders, inventory levels, sales, product deliveries, and creating work orders, we develop advanced inventory management solutions.


Order Management

With advanced order management software, companies can monitor carrier performance, track billing errors, and decrease costs.


Fleet management software

Fleet management software improves fleet efficiency and reduces fuel costs by tracking and monitoring fleet vehicles in real time.

Technologies We Use in Custom Logistic Software Development

Our logistics and supply chain software development leverages emerging and promising technologies.



Using the Internet of Things as a platform, we develop inventory management, automated warehouse, and order management applications.


Blockchain Technology

Streamlining the process and transaction in a secure environment is made possible via blockchain technology.


Artificial Intelligence

AI allows businesses to automate and streamline monotonous repetitive tasks, improve user performance, and facilitate easy and efficient invoice processing.

Why Choose Neetable for Logistics Software Development?

You can drive your business globally with our logistics app development. We optimize your distribution process using our extensive experience in transportation.


Logistics knowledge

For logistics businesses, we have experience building cloud-hosted, web, and mobile applications.


Ensured business value

An in-depth business analysis uncovers your business' most pressing technical issues and gaps.



Testing is started as early as possible in our quality assurance process to ensure the highest quality.


Full-service development

All types of manual and automated testing, system integration, legacy system modernization, and many other IT services are provided under one roof.


Frequently Asked Questions

It's beneficial for your business to have a customized logistics software solution. Logistics software manages supply chain, transport, warehouses and inventory. Inventory tracking, rendering, and business data updates are streamlined by the system.

There are many factors that can affect the development time of a logistics software system. These factors include the technology stack, the front and back end development process, platform, and team size. Contact our experts to get an accurate estimate for your logistics software development project.

There are a number of factors that affect the cost of developing logistics software. In general, logistics software and app development costs range from $20,000 to $150,000.

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