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AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework that enables the development of both websites and web apps. By utilizing the model view controller (MVC) and model view (MVVM) architectures, AngularJS simplifies both the development and testing processes. It enables developers to create single-page web apps that are responsive and fast.

Neetable is a leading Angular app development company that provides top-notch services worldwide. We specialize in developing both innovative and appealing web apps and websites, so your business stands out from the rest. We have some of the most skilled AngularJS app developers who have experience developing web applications and websites. Our experts are well-versed in the latest trends and best practices and are knowledgeable about how to apply them effectively in your web applications. With the right tools, we help you get the most from your website and stay on top of the market.

We have developed a wide range of intelligent and reliable AngularJS solutions for a wide array of industries. We aim to build user-friendly, interactive, and engaging products with the help of Angular Js.


Hire Angular JS Developers for the Best Angular Js Development Services

The range of AngularJS development services we offer is designed to allow our customers to deliver intuitive, growth-driven applications that adhere to JS markups and can adapt to market changes easily.


Single Page Applications

We can design and develop smooth and efficient search engine-friendly single-page applications using AngularJS.


AngularJS interface design

Our AngularJS development company will build creative, innovative, and dynamic UI/UX layouts that will help your business succeed.


Web App development

Both small and large businesses benefit from the expertise and skills of our team in developing robust and powerful web applications.


AngularJS plugins

By adding plugins, we make the application easy to maintain while enhancing the performance of the website.


AngularJS migration services

To unlock growth opportunities, we can quickly and efficiently migrate your existing app from another platform to the latest version.


Support and maintenance

Our AngularJS development services don't end with project delivery. Upon completion, we provide support and maintenance services to ensure that your website continues to operate smoothly.

Why Choose AngularJs for Web Development

Two-way binding feature

AngularJS uses two-way data binding that allows a simpler and less intrusive approach to DOM display to construct the UI.

Supports SPA features

AngularJS makes it possible to develop SPAs that load quickly, work on multiple platforms, provide an excellent user experience, and are easier to maintain.

Declarative UI

AngularJS enables the usage of a declarative UI that helps make things more understandable and easier to manipulate.

Optimal web app management

The MVC architecture of AngularJS allows web developers to manage the UI part of the application and its database using the MVC pattern.

Real-time testing

AngularJS supports end-to-end and unit testing and offers features such as dependency injection to oversee how the components of a web app are generated.

Powerful framework

The AngularJS framework is loaded with features, so developers do not have to rely on any third-party software for the development of their applications.

Ready to start on your project?

Our Angular app development company is fully committed to delivering scalable and secure app development services. You can count on us to design the best-in-class apps that work perfectly for your business.

Why Choose Neetable for Angular App Development

As global experts in AngularJS, we are dedicated to providing top-notch, customer-centric AngularJS development services to our clients. Our AngularJS development expertise is trusted throughout the world because we offer:

Customized solutions

Having received your ideas, we always work to understand the end-user perspective, customer pain points, and come up with a solution that will address these issues.

Effective communication

The development team maintains contact with you through channels and media that allow for performance, transparency, and accuracy, allowing us to work effectively across all time zones.

On-Time Delivery

Our internal frameworks, coupled with the best-in-class infrastructure, and our extensive experience in the field of IT software development enable us to provide customers with high-quality software solutions.

Feedback based solution

Our product is shaped by spontaneous feedback from you, your customers, and other stakeholders that can have a direct impact on the product and ensure that we are headed in the right direction to achieve success.


1. What is Angular Js?

Angular Js is an open-source client-side JavaScript MVC framework that extends HTML, JavaScript, and CSS capabilities.

2. Why choose Angular Js for web app development?

With AngularJS, web-development is easy and less maintenance. The powerful features of AngularJS, such as Directives and Data Binding, Content Sanitization, Form Validation, Animation, etc., help it to offer high performance.

3. What is the Angular Js development cost?

The cost of developing a web app using Angular Js depends on:

  • Experience level of the developer
  • Technology used
  • Time taken for completion
  • Complexity of the application and features needed, and so on.

4. Do you offer after-sales service after the product is released?

Our company offers post-development services to all of our clients. To ensure that the app is up-to-date with the latest market trends, we offer 24/7 maintenance and support.

5. What are the benefits of outsourcing AngularJS for web development?

Outsourcing enables:

  • Access to expert Angular developers
  • Reduce development time and cost
  • Implement latest technology
  • Flexible hiring model

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