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The success of our commitment to you begins with choosing a suitable IT engagement model. Based on your project requirements you can select the most appropriate model for your business needs.

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Business Engagement Models

We offer hiring solutions that provide you with all that you need to scale your business. Your journey with us starts with choosing an engagement model for our business relationship. The size of the project, concept, strategy, and duration will help us to decide on the appropriate engagement model.

At Neetable, we provide different models to describe the specifics of our collaboration with you. Our team engagement model plans empower you to choose the most talented professionals with industry-specific expertise to deliver top-notch app development solutions. We assure you we provide successful software solutions while following any of them.

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Different Engagement Models in IT Industry


Engagement Models We Offer

Different engagement models arise from the type of client-vendor relationship and the nature of the contract between the two.


Fixed Price Model

  • Fixed costs minimize financial risk. 
  • A well-defined scope increases productivity and efficiency. 
  • No constant management once the project is handed over. 

Time & Material Model

  • Flexibility to change the initial idea as you proceed.
  • Less risk as payment is made only for work done. 
  • As a client, you can get an overview of what the developers are doing or suggest changes to the plan.

Dedicated Team Model

  • Best in class professionals who focus only on your project.
  • Our project managers will handle the entire project.
  • Reduce expenses with low per-hourly rates.

Outstaffing Model

  • Scale up or down easily based on your business needs.
  • Clients can select professionals with relevant industry expertise and experience. 
  • Clients' in-house Project Managers will manage the development process, allowing you full control.

Benefits of Choosing an Engagement Model

Using the IT engagement helps to bring together key stakeholders to ensure that the project meets the business objectives.


Technical Expertise

Our technical experts can solve your technical problems across a wide range of technologies.


Reduce cost

Find the right solution within your budget that can provide your business with the maximum value.



To ensure maximum transparency, we use advanced tools for communication and project management.


Dedicated development

Implement industry-leading processes to ensure optimum efficiency and quality.

How To Choose an Engagement Model

All types of projects and demands cannot be met by a single software development engagement model. Given here are some factors that will help you choose the appropriate model for your business.

Type of project

Analyse and understand the type of the project - whether it is an MVP or a complex application.


Outline the budget for the project based on its resource requirements, features, etc.


Some projects do not have a clear set of requirements and can undergo alterations once development begins.


When a product must be delivered within a short period of time, then a model that enables faster delivery should be chosen.


Establish if you can extend or set a fixed completion deadline for your


If a company doesn't have the resources to manage a development team it can outsource it.

Technologies We Offer

As a leading app development firm, Neetable remains at the forefront of innovation and technology no matter the technology or industry we serve. We deliver the best results for our clients, no matter where they are.

Mobile app development

Boost your business's reach by developing a highly-performant mobile application. With the latest mobile development technologies, we help you achieve your business goals.


Front-end development

With our expertise in multiple front-end technologies, we can build visually appealing and dynamic interfaces. Let us help you make the most of your digital presence.

front end

Back-end development

We deliver robust back-end solutions to enable seamless performance. With our software, we ensure security, scalability, and sustainability.


Database development

Ensure your data is stored securely and can be analyzed, and accessed to help you make better business decisions. We provide reliable database management services to help optimize your data.


eCommerce & CMS

We design and deliver a customised solution plan for your business with the help of our team of qualified and talented CMS developers.


Frequently Asked Questions

An engagement model identifies how a client and outsourcing company will collaborate. It lays out the level of management and responsibility involved and builds the foundation for further development of the business relationship. 

We have a variety of clients, each with different resource needs and levels of involvement with us based on the business goals and requirements. Using the IT engagement models helps to bring together key stakeholders to ensure that the project meets the business objectives.

Your business may benefit from our outstaffing business model if it lacks resources in-house, but you also prefer to manage your resources on your own. When you don't have an in-house team of developers or need a team with industry-specific expertise, a dedicated development team makes sense. 

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