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Go or Golang, as is widely known, is one of the leading modern programming languages. The language was designed primarily for networking and infrastructure applications. Golang was developed as an alternative to server-side languages such as Java and C++ that are less performant. 

Golang is a great programming language for both startups and multinational enterprises, as it can be used for well-structured storage, distributed or grid computing, database creation, web-based players, online games, etc. Whatever your business size, we can help you to develop top-of-the-line enterprise apps using Golang web development services. Utilizing our highly experienced Golang developers, we work with businesses of different sizes across a wide range of industry verticals to develop mobile and web-based projects.

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What Are the Benefits of Golang?

Go programming language provides many benefits over other programming languages.

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Since Golang is a compiled language, code written in it is directly translated into formats processors can understand. 


Easy to learn

Software developers who are already familiar with C or Java will find Go easy to use. 

Growing pool of talent

Growing pool of talent

The language Go is one of the most popular programming languages in the world.



In Go, there are a collection of functions called Goroutines that run simultaneously and independently.


Comprehensive programming tools

Since it's open-source, you'll have no problem acquiring the tools your team will need to work. 

Golang Development Services

With our extensive Golang programming language expertise, we can help you develop customized enterprise applications to address complex business challenges.

Golang Consulting and Strategy

You can rely on our dedicated Golang developers to help you assess the right choice for ever-changing business challenges.

Golang web app development

Utilize google's golang programming language to construct next-generation enterprise web applications. 

Cloud app development

Utilize the expertise of our golang developers to build complex cloud applications for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud solutions.

Golang microservices development

We have golang developers who have experience with cloud technologies, containerization, and server-less golang.

Synchronized apps development

The concurrency features of golang make it very handy to develop synchronized apps and implement multi-threading very easily using golang code by implementing synchronization.

Golang support and maintenance

We can help you maintain your existing Golang application by addressing any complex issues hassle-free. 

Why Choose Neetable for Golang App Development

Our professional services help turn your ideas into reliable web and mobile software solutions. 

Experienced developers

Being early adopters of language and technology, our developers are highly skilled and equipped with Go development methods.

Flexible functionality

By choosing flexible work hours, you can easily develop and scale your web applications using the Golang Tech Stack. 

Result-based solutions

Offers a range of codes suitable for businesses of varying sizes providing the best data and result-oriented solutions.

24x7 support

Our maintenance and support services have helped businesses enable successful Golang app solutions worldwide. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Go is an open-source programming language that focuses on simplicity and efficiency. Released in 2012, Go has become one of the most popular modern programming languages.

  • Go can be used to build cloud-based or server-side applications. 
  • Go is also used in DevOps and site reliability automation. 
  • Many command-line tools are written in Go.
  • It is used in AI and data science.
  • Go is also used for micro-controller programming, robotics, and games.

Yes, we do provide post-development services to our clients. Our 24/7 maintenance and support services ensure that the app is always current with market trends.

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