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There is no solution that fits all. People are unique. And so are businesses. We get this. That’s why we employ customized strategies to innovatively solve unique business challenges.

Software solutions designed for you. By us.

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Planning And Analysing for Better Decisions

We help our clients make better business decisions based on the best possible information through detailed research.

Architecture Built for Scalability and Quality

We ensure that the product’s build can scale to accommodate growing demand without compromising quality.

Enhanced Customer Experience Through High Quality Code

We drive better user and customer experiences through digital transformation and risk management.

Our Product Development Cycle

Here at Neetable, we are devoted to understanding, planning, executing, and accomplishing your project objectives using the right development methodology to fit your requirements.

Step 1: Define your idea

We will connect you with our experts for planning & providing estimations of the project once you have completed the product canvas.

What this step includes:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Product canvas
  • Business proposal

Product canvas

This helps to create products that are both agile and user-friendly with a focus on feature development combined with UX principles.

Business proposal

We provide a detailed proposal which details the costs, scope of work, and more.


Step 2: We offer the best solution

We formulate a well-designed solution to effectively and efficiently achieve your goals. 

What this step includes:

  • Contact draft

Step 3: We begin work on your project

We ensure that you are involved with the project from day 1 to project completion.

What this step includes:

  • A detailed project timeline

How do we ensure this?

  • Scrum team meeting During the meeting, you will be able to explain how you envision the product.

Verify and discuss with the team

  • The team reviews the tasks that need to be completed and prioritizes them.

Estimate product and sprint backlog

  • This includes project scope, technology, architecture, risk analysis, MVP, etc.

Release plan

  • Set the scope, timeline and resources for each release.

Step 4: Product completion

Participate in regular feedback sessions with our best app developers and test the functionality of the software.

What this step includes:

  • A functional version of the software that you can utilize.
  • Well-crafted software

Our work incorporates the Agile methodology, as well as other practices and principles.

Languages, Frameworks, And Tools That We Use

We strive to deliver robust, secure, high-performance solutions, regardless of the platform or domain of choice.

Adobe XDJavaRuby on RailsMongo
After EffectsReact NativeArduinoRedis
InvisionObjective CData Mining

Our Promise to You at Neetable

We help you build your vision. Our solutions guarantee satisfied customers. 

Dedicated team

We provide you with a complete team to take of your every project need.

Frequent communication

Communication is transparent to ensure you are involved in every step.

Sprint-oriented workflow

Using weekly sprints allows us to prioritize tasks and quickly build the MVP.


With our process management, you can reliably plan a solid product launch.

Recent Projects Designed & Developed

Over the years, we have served clients across multiple industries in various capacities, including end-to-end development, UI/UX design, and mobile app development. Here are some of the projects we have completed for clients from around the world.



Kred platform helps parents and teachers drive skill development and positive behavior in kids with their innovative mobile app.

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Phox Health

Phox Health allows health systems and specialty pharmacies to offer fast and affordable prescription delivery

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Merck Buddy App

Merck India launched the MBuddy platform to better engage and communicate with it's partners, dealers and distributors across the country.

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