General - FAQ

Most Popular Questions

1. Does your company offer documentation for mobile app development services?

Our experience as a top mobile app development company enables us to sign an NDA while developing your app. You can count on us to keep your information secure and the development confidential.

2. Why choose Neetable's services?

We understand that you are looking for more than a bunch of coders. Every project we work on is unique and tailored to fit your specific needs. Starting with discussing projects with you and continuing to help our clients become market leaders. We help startup businesses and large enterprises navigate through uncharted waters. About our product and services, we have always been user-centric.

3. Will I be updated on the progress of my application? Can I suggest any changes during the development of the app?

Your project manager will inform you about the progress of the application development. You can discuss any changes to the requirements with the project manager.

4. Who will own the intellectual property rights to my app?

As it’s your idea, concept, and your business you own the rights of the App. We will provide consultation and assist you in building an app for your customers. 

5. Do you provide support and maintenance after the launch of the product?

Having a product launched is only the start. We'll ensure that your deployment goes smoothly and that your team is equipped to take care of your app after it's launched. Moreover, we provide comprehensive postlaunch support and maintenance.