The challenge for Neetable

Kred had a vision of creating a mobile application that could be used by teachers, parents, and students as part of helping students to develop their skills by leveraging them to get rewarded by parents and teachers whenever they complete a task.

Services Provided

Services provided by Neetable to KredApp our as follows:
parent portal

Admin portal for Parents

Parents can create accounts for younger children and manage both skill-tracking and rewards. Parents can give an automated weekly monetary reward based on how much of the skill is completed. They can enter the maximum reward and Kred Rewards calculates the right amount each week.

teacher portal

Admin Portal for Teachers/Educators

Teachers can create their own digital rewards. Rewards can range from snacks in class to a special note home to even extra breaks in class. Students can log-on and track their own learning goals. Teachers can also initiate challenges, which are one-time tasks for students to accomplish.

school portal

Admin Portal for Schools

Students can track their skills and behavior in the app. School staff can award kids in real time. The points redeemed by students are saved in an online school store. Teachers can also create groups (or classes) and give points to multiple students at once.

reward section

Reward Section

A dedicated Reward section where parents and teachers can choose the appropriate reward as per the child’s performance.

The solution we Provided

In order to make this plan successful, our experienced and skilled team at Neetable, worked hours and hours to build the best possible mobile application. The team took special care of making the user interface convenient from the perspective of teachers, parents, and children. We also added features such as activity tracker for parents and teachers, and an option for children to change and add activity of their own choice.