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What if there was a way for the kids to feel motivated on their own to complete chores and learning tasks without any compulsion from parents or teachers? Kred is such a solution that validates the idea of creating a skill development and reward platform that can be controlled and monitored by parents, teachers, and even students themselves.



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Children rarely initiate tasks and stick to them without considerable parental and teacher support. How can you influence your children in such a way as to achieve a lasting behavior change, or learn a new skill, instead of nagging them all the time? The idea was to offer parents and teachers an easier way to accomplish this task.


Our goal was to create a mobile application through which students could self-motivate themselves to learn new skills or to perfect old ones.

Our experienced and skilled team at Neetable spent countless hours developing the best possible mobile application to ensure the success of Kred. The team took special care of making the user interface convenient for teachers, parents, and students alike. In addition, we added features such as an activity tracker for parents and teachers, as well as an option for students to monitor and add activities of their own choosing.

User Interface Design


Features We Integrated


Admin portal for Parents

Parents can create accounts for children and track reward points as well as track skills. In order to encourage completion of the skill, parents can automate monetary rewards based on progress made by the children. Kred Rewards calculates the weekly reward based on the maximum value entered.


Admin portal for teachers/educators

Teachers can design their own digital rewards. Rewards can include snacks in class, a special note from the teacher, or even extra breaks. The teacher can also assign students one-time challenges that they need to complete. Using the app, students can track their progress toward their learning goals.


Admin portal for schools

The app allows students to track their skills and behavior. School faculty can award students instantly. Students' earned points can be accessed in the school store online. Teachers can also create groups (or classes) and give points to multiple students at once.


Rewards section

Teachers and parents can allot rewards for the students, based on task completion, which the students can use to redeem at the app store.


A successful app that functions as a skill development and rewards platform that enables educators and parents to help build and maintain social, academic, and extra-curricular skills in students through extrinsic positive motivation.

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