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Phox Health is a tech enabled healthcare logistics application. Phox Health provides safe and efficient delivery of prescriptions from the pharmacies to the patient's doorstep, within hours of a diagnosis being made. Phox Health introduces virtual care to a whole new level of convenience by offering fast and secure prescription delivery at the point of care via on-demand care.



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Healthcare safety was one of the new challenges that COVID-19 presented to the healthcare system. Times were such that staying indoors was the best way of keeping oneself safe. But what if someone had to purchase the necessary medical supplies? What to do then?

The traditional brick-and-mortar approach to the purchase of medications and other supplies to support a patient's health and wellbeing needed to be re-thought. Aside from safety concerns caused by the pandemic, there were also other issues to be addressed, such as prescription abandonment, reliable logistics, and on-demand delivery of needed medical supplies.


Our team at Neetable devised a solution to answer these issues by providing a service that specializes in faster, accountable, and systematic on-demand prescription delivery. A healthcare logistics service with a tech component that could deliver needed supplies in a targeted geographical area was the basis of Phox Health. The main factors that separate Phox Health from the competition are technology, convenience, and accountability.

User Interface Design


Features We Integrated

A solution was developed by Neetable so that health systems, pharmacies, and medical couriers could use a centralized platform to manage the entire end-to-end delivery process. The main features of the application developed by Neetable for Phox Health includes:


Live dashboards & KPIs

The health systems partners and pharmacies are made aware of every delivery interaction as it happens which includes information on pickups, delivery times, delivery turnaround times, average delivery distances etc.


Live tracking

The health system partners and pharmacies can watch the deliveries as it happens across the geography


Capture patient feedback

Review patient feedback and delivery scores right after a delivery occurs to ensure quality of service.


24x7 support system

Health systems, pharmacies, courier team and patients can reach out to get delivery updates, reschedule etc. to ensure that the prescriptions get delivered on time.


Phox Health is born. Phox Health serves as a link between the health systems, pharmacies, labs and medical couriers. The app provides safe, convenient, and prompt access to pharmaceuticals, enhancing the healthcare system as a whole. Using the app, users can keep track of the status of deliveries, whether they are in process, en route, completed, or marked as exceptions. Phox Health ensures an improved logistic system for faster delivery of supplies in a sector where time is everything.

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