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We are one of the leading Kotlin app development firms in India and the USA, providing successful Android app services using the latest technology and our proven expertise. As a popular language for developing Android apps supported by Google, Kotlin is used for enterprise and small business software development. With Kotlin, developing Android apps is easier. The Kotlin language allows Android app developers to create secure, futuristic, and high-performing applications.

With a modern development approach, we use Kotlin app development to create future-ready solutions. Because Kotlin is so versatile and powerful, it has a very wide range of applications. Several applications can be developed with it, including server-side programming, web development, and cross-platform software. Based on your business needs, our Kotlin Android developers can design and develop any type of Android app, including transportation, logistics, education, travel, finance, entertainment, and more using Kotlin.


Best Kotlin App Development Services

As one of the best Kotlin app developers, we keep up-to-date on all the latest trends in this programming language to ensure we can offer you a tailored solution to fit your business needs.

Kotlin app development

We build feature-rich, high-performing, cross-platform Android apps using Kotlin.

Kotlin for web

Web development with Kotlin is faster and easier, and it integrates with existing third-party libraries and frameworks.

Server-side development

Build scalable and easy-to-use server-side applications that are compatible with the existing Java Stack.

Kotlin app migration

Kotlin can be used to improve the code clarity, performance, safety, and interoperability of existing apps.

Optimization and testing

We analyze, test, and optimize your code to eliminate any issues to ensure error-free clean code and lesser load time.

Support and maintenance

We provide assistance to ensure an interruption-free performance and seamless updates.

Why Choose Kotlin for Android App Development

With Kotlin, developers can build powerful apps for startups and enterprises to bridge the gap between technology and business.

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Java interoperability

Kotlin is compatible with Java making it easy to migrate existing projects to Kotlin.


Concise code

Kotlin programming involves fewer lines of code making it easier to maintain and identify errors.


Smart compiler

Kotlin compiler can detect errors at compile time which reduces runtime errors.


Easy to maintain

It is comprised of smart casts, data classes, type interfaces, and properties that provide a simpler way to maintain, read, and customize your code.


Supports functional programming

Kotlin can be used for functional programming as it supports features such as higher-order functions, function types, and lambdas.


Increases productivity

Programming, deploying, and maintaining code in Kotlin takes lesser time.

Ready to get started?

We will help you build dynamic and powerful Android apps using Kotlin, whatever the complexity of your project.

Why Choose Neetable for Kotlin Programming Services

We provide top-notch Kotlin app development services to bring the best to our customers.

Team expertise

With our experienced and passionate team of developers, we ensure unprecedented success for your business.

Scalability and performance

We create Android app solutions that are scalable and exhibit high performance.

Agile approach

We utilize an agile development methodology to complete projects faster and more efficiently. 

On-time delivery

With our Kotlin app development skills, we build scalable, feature-rich, and reliable Android applications.

Recent Works

We have created many mobile apps in iOS, Android for all kind of businesses. Among them few are top downloaded Apps. See here are some of our works how Neetable is helping teams build amazing products.


1. Why choose Kotlin for app development?

  • Java interoperability
  • Safer code
  • Easy migration
  • Community support

2. What are some popular apps built with Kotlin?

  • Pinterest
  • Evernote
  • Coursera
  • Uber, and many more.

3. Do you offer after-sales service after the product is released?

Our company offers post-development services to all of our clients. To ensure that the app is up-to-date with the latest market trends, we offer 24/7 maintenance and support.

4. What are the benefits of outsourcing Kotlin development?

Outsourcing enables:

  • Access to expert team of Kotlin developers
  • Reduce development time and cost
  • Implement latest version of technology
  • Flexible hiring model

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