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Multi-Vendor Marketplace Development Services

Marketplaces that feature multiple vendors are some of the most efficient and trusted business models for eCommerce. There is a lot of competition in the market for a multi-vendor e-commerce platform because of the success of well-known e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart and the convenience it offers to their customers. 

Our company is one of the top e-commerce app development companies, developing B2C multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace apps that include custom features in accordance with client needs. Developers at our company possess extensive industry expertise and knowledge to develop cutting-edge eCommerce apps at an affordable price. As one of the best e-commerce app development firms, with Neetable's eCommerce multi-vendor solution, you can effortlessly convert your brick-and-mortar store into a B2C online store.

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What Are the Features of an E-Commerce Marketplace Platform?

Manage a full-fledged multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace platform at a global scale with advanced features to attract more buyers and sellers.


Customer Panel

Apps with outstanding performance and attractive UX/UI for customers.


Social login

Boost your ROI by allowing your customers to easily sign up using their Google, Facebook, or other social media accounts.


User-friendly design

The experience of our customers is greatly improved if native apps are feature-rich and user-friendly. 


Easy checkout

We offer multi-vendor e-commerce software solutions that simplifies the process of buying.


Notifications and alerts

With our multi-vendor mobile application, customers are kept up-to-date on everything that happens in our online marketplace.


Pricing comparison

Offer your customers the ability to compare prices of products from multiple vendors to provide an outstanding shopping experience.


Rewards and Discounts

Give your loyal customers the opportunity to earn rewards, redeem points, and use referral offers.


Smart Recommendations

Potential customers are presented with smart recommendations based on their needs and interests.

Admin Panel

The admin panel makes it easy to manage products, vendors, customers, and commissions.


Advanced application settings

An admin will have access to all the software's features, allowing them to adjust them easily.


Vendor management

In addition to controlling vendors' activities, the admin also gets a detailed look at vendor performance.


Customer management

From order placement to delivery, admins can streamline the ordering process.


Product approval

New products can be approved or rejected by store administrators before they appear on the storefront. 


Commission management

It is up to the admin to set up customized commission rules for the products, add tax rules, and calculate the total commission on each sale.


Manage withdrawal requests

You can activate manual vendor withdrawal requests in the store admin panel with options to select the system of payment, set withdrawal limit, etc.


Vendor Panel

Easily manage inventory and products with a robust vendor panel.


Advanced dashboard and reports

Using our multi-vendor application, we show advanced dashboards and reports on sales, revenue numbers, best-selling products, and much more.


Bulk product import/export

Merchants can import & export bulk products with the panel, thus making the process more efficient.


Vendor commission management

Through our multi-vendor marketplace application, order amounts are instantly transferred to admin commissions and split between sellers.


Vendor storefront

On your platform, vendors can simply register and start selling their products from their own storefront in minutes.


Order management

Through the vendor dashboards, vendors can handle orders, shipments, order returns, and much more.


Generate and print shipping labels

Labels can be created for each order to be shipped with details such as size and weight information, along with an invoice.


Benefits of Developing an E-Commerce Marketplace 

A multi-vendor e-commerce platform offers many advantages over a single vendor platform, including increased revenues and increased reach.

Increase your ROI

It takes fewer resources and investments to integrate merchants with your existing platform than to stock and manage your own products with commissions obtained for successful sales.

Stand-out from the competition

With the help of merchants, your platform is able to stand out and diversify your product line, while testing new, niche products without taking any risk or committing to stock.

iOS UI/UX Design

Our team of expert developers and designers helps you create responsive interfaces that deliver engaging experiences. 

Reduce CAC and IT costs

Make use of merchants on your platform to drive down customer acquisition and IT costs, and in the process, provide a better experience for both parties.

Improve performance

With all capabilities in one platform, even the most complex business models can be upgraded and iterated effortlessly.

Better customer convenience

Improve customer experience and expand product offerings to help customers buy more.

Why Choose Us

Our services as a leading provider of multi-vendor marketplace solutions extend beyond our clients and are designed to provide an enhanced user experience.

Business savvy

We understand the value of the solutions developed by us from the perspective of your business.

Experienced team

Our team is made up of only the most qualified professionals with proven expertise.  

24x7 support

We monitor and manage your network 24/7 to identify and resolve issues before they become a problem.

Result oriented

Products, not just features, tailored to the evolving digital environments are our forte.


Frequently Asked Questions

Multivendor marketplaces are large e-commerce stores where multiple vendors can sell their goods and services.

Several vendors can sell their products from the same storefront using a multi-vendor platform. Multivendor stores offer shoppers a diverse selection, and sellers have access to a much larger pool of customers who are ready to buy. Multi-vendor platforms are like shopping malls where you encounter multiple outlets of different brands.

A multi-vendor marketplace platform offers an efficient revenue stream. Fees can be charged in various ways by the administrator, including percentage commissions on sales, signup fees, subscription membership fees, and listing fees.

A few examples of successful multi-vendor e-commerce sites are,,, etc.

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