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How much does it cost for food delivery app like deliveroo?

The restaurant industry is experiencing a paradigm shift in the way of its operations, especially post covid. The advent of the food delivery app went more up as we step into 2023 the trend of on-demand food delivery at your doorstep is going higher and higher. The online food delivery market is worth almost 85 billion USD. Are you still thinking on whether to invest in a food delivery app development?

The phenomenal outcome of several food delivery apps such as Zomato and DoorDash speaks for its success!

If you’re a restaurant owner looking to capitalize on this trend and develop any restaurant’s own app, this blog will guide you with every essential insight to develop a food delivery application in this competitive market.

Market Research and Analysis

In depth research of the market along with the niche which you are planning to enter needs to be analyzed before planning to launch any food delivery app. Along with that a detailed analysis or competitors' strengths and weaknesses needs to be taken into consideration for identifying the gap in the system. This allows you to position your app strategically by deciding upon a unique value proposition.

Define Your Business Model

Your business model should outline the goals which you want to achieve with your food delivery app. For example: whether you are trying to target any specific geographical area or a particular type of cuisine will help you to set your business objectives. Also, along with objectives, business model of food delivery business can be of following three types:

  • Use own fleet of transport for delivery
  • Use third party fleet management service
  • Delivery performed by restaurant itself

Types and App Functionality

Before Jumping into creation of an on-demand food delivery app, it is important to understand its types which are: food delivery app working as aggregator’s platform and any restaurant’s own food delivery app. Following are the main three agents involved in any food app development:

  • Client
  • Restaurant
  • Delivery Person

Choose Right Tech Stack

The correct stack which you need for your app depends on the app’s functionality, security and scalability. It should be a proper combination of programming languages, frameworks, databases that align with the app’s features and requirements.

Design an Intuitive User Interface

A user-friendly and visually appealing user interface is very important for launching a successful food delivery business in this competitive market. Providing a seamless ordering experience to the customers is one of the vital parts for client retention. Paying attention to the app’s navigation, color palette and easy navigation flow makes your app stand out from others.

Integration of Third-Party Services

There should be streamlined integration with reliable partners regarding payment gateways, mapping services and other relevant APIs to enhance the app’s functionality.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Online food delivery apps should be compatible across multiple devices and platforms. Thus, identifying and fixing bugs or any issues by conducting extensive usability tests among diverse groups and making necessary improvements from the feedback received is an important part of food delivery app development.

Launch and Marketing

Once your doorstep food delivery app is ready to be launched, having a well-planned marketing strategy to promote the app and reach the message to people through several channels of marketing such as social media, local marketing campaigns curated with initial launch offers and discounts, influencer partnerships to attract target audience.

Continuous Improvements and Upgradation

On-demand food delivery apps should undergo several upgradations time to time according to customer feedback or data analysis or if any new features need to be added. Regular updates and any new feature implementation will ensure the food ordering app remains competitive in the market according to market standards.

Essential Features of an Online Food Delivery App

  1. User Registration and Authentication
  2. Restaurant Listings
  3. Search and Filters
  4. Order Placement along with Payment Integration
  5. Real-Time Order Tracking
  6. Ratings and Reviews
  7. Push Notifications
  8. Customer Chat Support



Deliveroo – A Top Choice in Europe

Deliveroo is a London based startup which has its presence in over 200 cities working on a commission-based model. Its success is measured by the wider variety of items and access to several coupons and discounts to its customers.

Uber Eats – Convenience at your Fingertips

Uber Eats is still operational over more than 10000 locations across 90 countries as of 2023. Although Uber App might not have the best UX but still restaurants are willing to be a part of the app. Few of the newly introduced features in the app include group orders, schedule later and simply re-orders. All these upgrades are done keeping in mind the pain points of customers they are catering to.

GrubHub – A Go-To-Choice app in US

GrubHub launched in 2004 lists more than 30000 restaurants in more than 800 US cities. This app enjoys the benefit of first mover advantage in the US market. This app is an absolute favorite among people of US for its excellent 24/7 customer support, better filters and search capabilities, easy to save “top picks” for reordering, coupons and discounts.

Zomato – The Industry Leader

Zomato, a leader in the online food delivery industry is an online restaurant search and delivery platform. It has its presence in almost 24 countries and more than 10000 cities. Zomato’s success reached heights in 2021 when it launched its IPO in the market which was oversubscribed by USD 46 billion. It stands out in the market as it acts like a social media networking among foodies. Other than this, it has a very user-friendly UI/UX along with easy sorting based on our preferences.

DoorDash – The Innovative One

DoorDash being one of the most established brands, has an existence in over 300 cities in 32 markets. This platform is highly recognized for its commitment towards quality food, on-time delivery and high customer satisfaction.

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Here’s a simplified mockup by Neetable of how a food delivery app works:

simplified mockup by Neetable of how a food delivery app works

The process highlights how Neetable’s Foodyx seamlessly connects users, restaurants, and delivery personnel to provide a convenient and efficient dining experience.

Create an online food delivery app for your restaurant in 2023 with Neetable’s cutting edge technological expertise for the ever-growing demands of tech savvy customers. Following this complete guide, you can also create a user-friendly, feature-rich food application that can set your restaurant apart from the competition in the market. With the right approach and Neetable’s technical expertise as food delivery app development partner, your online food delivery app can become an asset for restaurant’s growth in this digital age.