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Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Software Cost & Features in 2023

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Tracking the daily operation is an important aspect of the fleet business. It becomes essential for them to get software for fleet management. Then, it is easy for them to manage and track the routine activities of the business.

The proper solution is necessary to bring digitalization to the fleet business. It is beneficial for improving operational efficiency in managing orders, tracking vehicles, communication, bookkeeping, and the safety of drivers.

Meanwhile, there is a rise in the demand for fleet management software. It happened as the business made its expansions internationally through the sea routes.

Fleet Management Software Development Cost

Automating the fleet business is in demand to stay ahead of competitors. How much does it cost to develop a fleet tracking system? The cost of the fleet management system depends on the features that the transport company wants to add to it. The average cost of the fleet management system goes from $25K to $55K.

Considering the costing part, there are many aspects included in it. It consists of the software used in the fleet manager system development. Some additions that add to the cost are the developer's company location and rates. Therefore, the fleet companies need to consider these aspects while planning to hire a company to develop a fleet tracking solution for them.

The duration for developing a simple fleet tracking solution is 2 to 3 months. On the other hand, the company wants a complex app with multiple features. In that case, the fleet management app's development takes around 9 months.

Factors determining fleet management Software cost

The total cost of fleet management depends on the software used and the features added to it. The average cost can range from $25K to $55K. It depends on the range of the multiple factors, which we start discussing below.

Factors determining fleet management system cost

  • UI/UX Interface Design

The interactive user interface captures the essence of the overall software. It ensures the seamless functioning of the fleet management solution. It takes time to meet custom-designed requirements. The overall cost of a fleet tracking solution varies depending on the software, features added, and team efforts.

  • Wireframe development

The presentation of the entire software development process is on the wireframe. Wireframe development costs are included in the fleet software costs. The requirement is for the proper tools—Figma, Photoshop, and many more in developing a wireframe network. Tool cost impacts the overall cost of fleet manager system development.

  • App development platform

App development platform is one such factor that decides the fleet tracking system's cost. The app platforms are Android and iOS. The organization needs to choose among them where they want to have their app. The transportation company wants the app on both Android and iOS. In this case, the cost increases due to factors including software, features, security, testing, and team efforts.

  • Software development process

Coding is one such important factor impacting the cost of a fleet management system. The hourly rates of the developers determine the cost of app development for fleet management. Time and the technology stack used in the app development process influence the total cost of fleet software.

  • Size of the team

The entire cost of fleet tracking software depends on the size of the team at the fleet software development company. A dedicated organization consists of many developers, including designers, project managers, and analysts involved in making tailor-made solutions for the fleet company.

  • fleet software maintenance

The vehicle tracking system may require some updates. It sneaks up on the overall cost of the fleet management solution. Maintenance may be required at any stage of the software development. Every enterprise that wants to have a fleet tracking solution needs to bear such costs.

  • Teck stack tools

The use of tech stack tools affects the overall costs of a fleet management solution. A robust system is beneficial to making the process finish effectively and on time. The client can get a dedicated system for their fleet business. Hidden costs in fleet tracking software development

  • Testing and quality assurance

Testing and quality assurance costs rise with the platform types the client chooses for software development purposes. It requires system testing of the customized software at the development stage.

  • Software Security

Security constraints impact the fleet management system's development. Multiple software programs were installed to ensure the security of the vehicle tracking system. It collects the driver's personal information and financial transactions.

  • Maintenance costs

Bug fixing affects the costs of the app and software development. It requires removing such bugs from the software so that it can work properly.

Market statistics on fleet manager software popularity

Market statistics on fleet manager software popularity

Involving the extensive use of automation in the fleet business can bring operational efficiency. The team starts focusing on business expansion to remain in this competitive sector.

  • The latest reports from PRNewswire disclosed the expected growth of the global fleet market. The market volume of the fleet sector is expected to reach $52.50 billion by 2030.
  • The fleet software solution market share is expected to reach $18.1 billion in the next ten years.
  • The witness growth of the vehicle tracking solution is 9% from 2022 to 2030.
  • The United States holds a large market share when it comes to the fleet industry and providing software solutions. The projected market segment fo**r the USA in the fleet sector is $4.7 billion by the end of 2022.

Fleet companies are looking for software solutions to bring efficiency to their business. Therefore, many small and large organizations entered the field of fleet management software development. The fleet agencies require a customized system as per their requirements.

Our company, Neetable, holds the expertise to develop the fleet tracking system based on client requirements and budget. We believe in bringing transparency in guiding the client about the fleet software development.

A dedicated software system for the fleet company is helpful to manage the workflow systems. The fleet industry can focus on bringing overall efficiency to their routine workflow. It includes eliminating operational waste and tracking systems accurately. Fleetio is one such popular app that improves the fleet tracking system.

Features of a tailor-made fleet tracking solution

The custom-made vehicle tracking software involves safely maintaining the vehicles and cars. The fleet company can check the operational costs and asset tracking. The fleet management system can benefit the company by achieving efficiencies. so that they can conduct business productively.

Features of a tailor-made fleet tracking solution

  • Systematic Dashboard

Fleet tracking solution comes with a systematic dashboard. Driver and fleet managers get access of it to communication on requirement. Providing the real-time information from delivery to operations of the fleet business.

  • Improving the driver's safety

Fleet managers keep the drivers' security as their top priority. However, driver attitude and road conditions are the major issues causing 30% of accidents globally. A custom-made solution is needed to ensure driver safety. It can include a system that can give regular updates on route conditions and the driver. It is helpful to reduce the number of accidents that happen annually at the global level.

  • Get a real-time update on daily operations

GPS tracking software comes with the fleet software. The fleet company can receive regular updates on the operations. The vehicle tracking system can redirect the vehicles related to the routes. Therefore, the fleet company can achieve its target of timely delivery. In return, getting the maximum customer engagement increases profits.

  • Increase efficiency with custom reporting

The fleet management software is useful to increase the overall efficiency of the company's operations. The custom reporting is of the driver's location, orders, and communications. It can help with quick decision-making in crucial situations.

  • Cost tracking system

The fleet company is looking for solutions that can reduce its operational costs. Therefore, the fleet tracking system can automate repetitive tasks. The operational costs incurred by fleet organizations reduce with time. It can increase the profit level and increase customer involvement.

  • Customers' experience has improved.

The fleet managers can connect with customers online, making appointments and giving reminders. It is possible by using a customer-made fleet software system. All the daily operations of the fleet company are conducted by the managers. Such technological involvement helps the business scale and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

How can Neetable help fleet companies develop fleet tracking solutions?

Our company is a dedicated fleet management software development company. It has the expertise to develop the best fleet management software considering client requirements and costs. The fleet maintenance system development process is transparent. The client receives frequent updates on software development. All the costs of software development fleet are transparent goes around $25K-$55K.


Automation gives the fleet business an immense opportunity to grow and expand. Investing money in a dedicated vehicle tracking solution can help the fleet company grow. The fleet agency can get regular updates on the driver's location, routes, orders, and financial transactions. Keep track of them so they can make timely decisions.