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We help fleet management companies build fleet tracking solutions to drive innovation, simplify operations, and improve cost efficiency, ensuring they can win on the market.

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Fleet Management Software Solutions

With our expertise in software engineering, we develop fleet management solutions so our clients can better control their vehicle fleets. 

We have decades of combined experience in transportation and fleet management and have worked on hundreds of projects. Using these resources, you can get the best of the best in fleet telematics, GPS fleet tracking, fuel management, vehicle maintenance, and more. Our GPS tracking software development services help businesses manage fleets using modern location technologies. We can speed up development, lower costs, and provide the technology expertise required to implement in-demand features in fleet management. Let us help you create a custom fleet management app that leverages location and vehicle data to accurately monitor vehicle conditions, understand driver behavior, and discover fuel consumption patterns.

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Fleet Management Software Services We Provide

We specialize in developing custom fleet management systems to enable fleet tracking, maintenance and diagnostic operations, as well as addressing safety and regulatory compliance.


Fleet Tracking and Telematics Apps

Our embedded GPS tracking and telematics software for vehicles accumulates and structures geospatial and performance data from onboard sensors and connected systems.


Vehicle Management and Maintenance

Our engineers implement end-to-end automation of vehicle management, from vehicle acquisition and registration to disposal, and also deliver and integrate modules that collect data on vehicle operation.


Fuel Consumption Control Apps

Our specialized custom fuel consumption control apps can be integrated with telematics and vehicle tracking systems to let companies track fuel from purchase to consumption and ensure compliance with applicable corporate policies.


Driver Management and Safety

Our custom solutions can serve as comprehensive databases of your in-house and contracted drivers. We can also create apps to monitor driver behaviour and ensure compliance with road safety policies.


Dispatch Management

Custom dispatch management systems provide visibility into order status, enable informed route planning and optimization, and display relevant reports via interactive and highly visual dashboards.


Accident and Claim Management

We rely on our expertise in business process automation, document management, and insurance tech to accelerate your workflows when it comes to managing risks, accidents, and claims.


Compliance Assurance

Our compliance-centric solutions aggregate data every fleet operation aspect that falls under federal or local regulations and help you track your adherence to the state and corporate policies.


Fleet Management Integration

The Custom Fleet Management Integration System will let you record daily expenses, track accurate vehicle utilization history, and promote ride-sharing.


Compliance Assurance

Our compliance-centric solutions aggregate data from all fleet operations that fall under federal or local regulations and help you track your adherence to state and corporate policies.

Custom Fleet Management Software Solutions

Our Custom Fleet Management Software Solutions help you track, manage, and grow your fleet with GPS tracking, maintenance scheduling, telematics, and fleet cards.


Communication & Tracking

To track your fleet more effectively, we design route-optimization solutions with customized GIS software and third-party mapping apps.


Telematics System

With our Fleet Telematics Solutions, you can find more efficient driving routes, communicate with drivers and track their GPA in real time.


Fuel Management

You can track fuel costs, transactions, allocations, types, MPG, and so much more with our fleet fuel management system.


Management Integration

Fleet Management Software Developers integrate innovative dispatching software to reduce cost, increase scalability, and automate invoicing.


Fleet Maintenance

Our fleet maintenance software engineers integrate your software with fleet management tools to alert drivers about maintenance issues.


Asset Management

We implement fleet asset management software that lets dispatchers monitor high-value vehicles and equipment's location, status, and fuel levels.

Our Fleet Management Software Development Process

Our services cover end-to-end fleet management software development cycle.

Technology Consulting

Our consultants help you to conceptualize your future fleet management solution, choose the best-fitting tech, and put your requirements into a technical specification.

Fleet Management Software Development

We build custom apps that help companies manage a full range of fleet operations, ensure easy access to information, and assist in planning.

Maintenance and Upgrade

We build fleet management software for the long haul, staying to maintain its efficiency at all times and introduce new features as your business evolves.

Why Choose Neetable to Develop Fleet Management Software?

With Neetable, you can be sure that you have made the right choice for your project and can shape the product according to what you envision supported by our fleet management app developers.

User-oriented solutions

We start with your ideas and analyze the viewpoints of the end users, their pain points, and come up with a solution that helps your business succeed.


You are always kept in the loop via channels and media that allow performance, transparency, and accuracy across all time zones.

On-time delivery

We deliver high-quality solutions thanks to our IT expertise, internal frameworks, and best-in-class infrastructure.

Feedback-based Approach

At every step of the product development process, we take feedback from our clients, their customers, and other stakeholders.


Frequently Asked Questions

Fleet management software is an application that helps business owners track and manage vehicles, drivers, and other aspects of fleet management. 

Management of a fleet refers to all the activities taken to keep it operating efficiently, on time, and within budget. It is the method fleet managers use to monitor fleet activities, dispatch and route vehicles, and acquire and dispose of vehicles.

Fleet management is essential for the smooth operation of any fleet of vehicles. In order to efficiently manage costs and the condition of the vehicle, it is helpful to track the location and condition of the vehicles, maintenance schedules, and fuel usage.

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