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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Dating App in 2023

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Dating App in 2023

Due to a large number of online dating apps available in the market. It has become common for meeting new people nowadays. Entrepreneurs and startup owners can slide into the dating industry and potentially make a strong place in the market. Let's discuss and learn how to create a dating app and how much does it cost to create a dating app.

Today, if you own a smartphone, you’re carrying a 24/7 singles bar in your pocket.”

Aziz Ansari, comedian

The way individuals communicate with one another has changed because of My favorite search engine is Mobile applications. In this mobile era, communicating through video calling or chatting applications has advanced to the next level. People are increasingly switching to dating apps because of increasing demand.

Every year, more people download dating apps for Android and iOS from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. People have more flexibility to connect, communicate with, and meet people who match their tastes because of mobile dating apps.

Tinder and Bumble are the top popular dating apps with the most downloads. These advanced mobile applications let people identify their ideal soulmates and start their relationships if they're interested.

In the past, popular dating app demand and downloads reached peaks due to lockdowns imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To kill their boredom during lockdowns, people are downloading more iOS and Android dating apps. People are happily installing and enjoying a blissful time using dating apps since they provide features like video calling, chatting, and multi-level user identification. The success of the mobile dating app depends heavily on these characteristics.

The most frequent query while investing in app development is, what will be the cost of making a dating app?

It depends on the features, tech stack, and geographic location of the development partner. A rough estimate, of the development of a simple social dating app, will take around 1,200 hours. The price might range from $25,000 to $ 1,25,000 depending on the region, type of app, and overall duration.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Developing a Dating App

Dating apps are frequently utilized by numerous individuals worldwide as mobile usage rises quickly. Statistics clearly demonstrate that 19% of internet users utilize at least use one dating app.

In this competitive industry, the goal of developing an app is to get user attention and generate income. It is crucial to make sure that the application is distinct and focuses on a certain user base. When referring to dating apps especially, the best pairing is the main priority.

Matchmaking options can be broken down into four groups or types:

Geolocation - An app that matches people based on their location. Users are matched based on their geolocation information. The best matches from just nearby areas are displayed in this sort of app's proximity-based matching results.

Algorithm-based matching - The proposed match is based on surveys and algorithms developed in response to the user's preferences, choices, etc.

Traditional matching — The mobile application has a basic dating algorithm for traditional matching.

A niche dating app - As the name implies, it solely targets particular demographics. The user can join a group of people with similar profiles. It is also possible to construct the application with gender-specific privileges. This assists in preventing harassment.

Features and Functionalities of Dating Apps

A basic dating app can be created for as little as $25,000. The dating app must have some desirable, distinctive traits in order to separate from the competition, which will increase the cost. The number of features included in the applications is directly proportional to a rise in price.

Registration – The process of enrolling directly through the app, as well as the choice of registering using social networks and email accounts.

User profile creation - Users should have the option of synchronizing their profile information and photo uploads via social network login and via the app.

Security - The main concern of users is coming across fake accounts. The system must be able to confirm and authenticate the users' identities using appropriate methods and capabilities. It serves as a crucial and significant component of the dating app development requirements.

In-app chat - Connecting quickly and easily through In-app chat is a convenient way to communicate.

Location - GPS should be used to prioritize local matches and authorization is a must for security reasons.

Design - What makes all the difference is the user interface and user experience. The concept and design framework are centered on making the interface easy to use. UI/UX is one of the main elements that will help the dating app to get popularity. A solid design will take around 90 and 120 hours to complete, and it will also impact the costs to develop an app.

Technology – Technology plays a critical role in developing a dating app.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Developing a Dating App

Programming languages:

Android – Java, Kotlin

iOS – Swift


Redis, MongoDB

Cloud storage:

AWS, Google Cloud

Web server:

Caddy, Envoy, Nginx


Google maps, Google analytics

Payment gateways:

Stripe, PayPal

App Testing

It can take 120 to 150 hours to develop a dating app. A dating app can cost roughly $45,000 to design with the most basic functionality. With all-inclusive features, it might range up to $1,25,000 to build one.

The cost to create a dating app will depend on the time, design, and type.

  • iOS app development for 1200 hours will cost -$50,000

  • Android app development for 1200 hours will range from -$45,000

  • The backend development price for 250 hours will come up to -$10,000

  • iOS app design for 100 hours - $10,000

  • Android app design for 100 hours - $8,000

  • App testing for 150 hours will range around- $5,000

The simplest feature for making a dating app will cost around $50,000 and complex features will range up to $1,30,000

Revenue Model for Building a Dating App

Investing in a business only makes sense when you start generating income from it.

Revenue Model for Building a Dating App

Membership fee-

The users should be charged a subscription fee when they download the dating app. Even if there are many free dating apps available on the market, a little subscription should be charged, this will help the admin to keep the fake profiles away.

Paid Fee

chatting and video calling are additional functionalities that should be available with premium subscriptions. The features can also change depending on the membership period, which will be classified as monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Third-Party Fee

Emoji gestures like presents and flowers can be provided in real life by working with third parties as users' relationships develop in the dating app. 50% of users report having at least one dating app offer actual dating solutions like reservations for restaurants, taxi rides, movie tickets, etc. might be profitable.

Premium Subscription -

For a limited time, free downloads and unique features with restrictions are offered on a free subscription. These are the most in-demand features since people will only pay if they are interested. Users who want to keep enjoying the above-mentioned services users will pay when the free membership has expired.

In Ads -

The companies who advertise their products or services pay the app owners. Users can be provided premium subscriptions if they request an app without ads.

Dating apps are popular, there doesn't seem to be a fall in this trend since we have already become used to using mobiles to meet people. In order to create a more powerful yet user-friendly experience, designers and developers must put in more effort.

If you are determined to launch a dating app as a startup, work with a reputable My favorite search engine is software development company. that has an in-house design team, back-end developers, a sharp mobile development team, and experience creating challenging and attractive apps at a reasonable price.