Offshore Development

How To Decide Which Offshore Development Company Is Right for You


Companies are increasingly outsourcing some software development tasks or the entire project to offshore developers. By outsourcing the development of software, you can save time, effort, and money on hiring, and maintaining a dedicated team of software developers.

What is offshore development?

Offshore software development is the process of hiring a third-party software development company from another country to handle some or all of the software development tasks. For example, your company is based in the USA. For an e-commerce project you require web app development services. Now you may either choose to outsource it to a local company (which may incur a huge cost depending on its location) or you may outsource it to an offshore web development company, maybe located in India, which will help you in saving on the development costs as well as gain access to a huge pool of expert talent.

What to be done before choosing offshore app developer services?

Clearly defined business goals

Start with a clear set of well-defined business objectives. Start with identifying the existing problems within your business ecosystem. Doing so can help you come up with an idea of resolving those problems with a solution that you can develop. While consulting with a team of web and mobile app developers it will help to convey an idea clearly.

Establishing the primary and secondary goals of your software development project is crucial. It is also advantageous to divide the milestones into phases and set their deadlines. This will enable the offshore development team to raise any concerns or suggestions for the development process based on the timeline for each milestone.

Evaluate required skillset and technical expertise

This helps to get a clear idea of what and who is needed to obtain optimal results. For example, web and mobile app developers and designers alone do not make up a software development team.

To design, develop, test, and manage a full-fledged software product, it is always preferred to hire a full team, including UI/UX designers, programmers, project managers, quality assurance and testing specialists, and business analysts.

Plan the budget for the software development process

This is another factor to consider before investing in an offshore software development project. Startups are even more affected by planning and defining the fixed working capital needed to build a mobile app or a web app. As most startups fail due to problems associated with capital, strategic budget planning is inevitable.

Identify the areas where you can cut costs when you create a budget. Establish a budget to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) if you are looking for investors, and present that in order to get finance prior to the next stage of your development. Even in small or medium businesses, setting a budget beforehand saves a lot of money.

How To Choose the Right Offshore Development Company?

As technology and time demands have changed, offshore outsourcing has evolved to remain competitive. Due to ongoing innovation, some tech giants have begun outsourcing significant projects to remote teams in order to complete their daily tasks or project requirements.

Let us look at some of the key points to consider when choosing an Offshore Development Company or ODC. This will help you to find and choose the right offshore software development partner with an effective engagement model based on your needs.

Explore and evaluate their work experience and reviews

You can find offshore software development companies on platforms such as Clutch and GoodFirms. See if their website has a high rating, ranking, domain expertise, etc. Another platform that should be on your checklist is LinkedIn. Check out the company'sa LinkedIn business page where you can see internal details such as company profiles and people who work for the offshore development company. It's said that Clutch is the most reliable place to find customer reviews and feedback. Browse the websites of top web development companies, their ratings, and even their portfolios and work. This is a good starting point.

Evaluate competency, experience, and expertise level

Companies choose ODC model of hiring when they cannot accommodate the expenses and other factors associated with traditional in-house development. Your organization lacks the technical expertise to develop a software application, web/mobile application, IoT solution, or AI & ML application. When you seek the assistance of an ODC, the first step is to confirm whether they are experts.

In today's market, there are numerous companies that offer marketing and branding services. It is imperative to confirm whether their core services are included in the software development category. You may request previous works of a similar nature, references, case studies, or a demo. Never choose a company with no work history, as they cannot prove their experience or technology know-how.

Understand the workflow and methodology of the ODC

The software development process is distinct for every project. Because of this, companies should know the project-execution methodology. By having a clear understanding of this, it becomes easier to balance the time, cost, and scope of the overall software development project.

Every time a business hires a dedicated development team, it must jointly determine and finalize the right methodology.

Discussions and knowledge sharing

A knowledge sharing session is the first step in any engagement, in which the business objectives, purpose, and requirements are discussed with the development team. Ensure your idea is clearly communicated and understood by engaging in a detailed discussion. If the team does not have any concerns, questions, or arguments and tells you to fulfill every requirement, that's a warning to step back. In other words, the team did not fully understand the requirements due to their lack of expertise.

The majority of web and mobile app development companies specialize in certain skills. A clear understanding of what lies ahead can help in making the necessary customizations for a successful project.

Ensure complete control and transparency

The development team may not release the code due to unwanted conflicts if you request complete access to the latest code. Make sure that you are updated on your project using project management tools like JIRA, Basecamp, Trello, Slack, etc. Project management tools reduce the need for email follow ups and boost productivity. The tools help ensure transparency on a daily basis by enabling you to track the progress of your software development project and to monitor your tasks.

Ensure the final product is scalable

With time, businesses as well as software applications evolve. Choosing to build a software application or digital solution that cannot be scaled in the future is not a good choice. It is recommended that you look for an offshore development partner that can recommend custom software development that can satisfy your current needs as well as provide you with a scope for future scaling.


Choosing an offshore development company should not be based on price. In the event the quality is compromised, you may end up paying a significant amount. Having a project that is compromised in the end and forced to rework is the last thing we want. Software development costs are also dependent on the complexity of solutions, the technology used, and many other factors. Ultimately, it is an expensive affair that will pay handsome returns in the long run.

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