Dedicated Developers

Top 10 benefits of hiring a dedicated development team


In an increasingly globalized world where cultures are more diverse and borders something of an illusion, outsourcing is becoming a popular, cost-efficient option for software development. With today's highly competitive, fast-growing software market, outsourcing has helped several companies around the world reduce their search, recruitment, and administrative costs. While some organizations outsource development services as a means of covering technological gaps, others hire a team of developers to manage their projects on their behalf.

What is a dedicated development team?

A dedicated hiring model is a form of outsourcing in which an enterprise engages an app development outsourcing firm to hire a dedicated development team for various web and mobile app development projects. When an outsourcing company is hired, it gathers a team of experienced professionals who are devoted solely to the client's project. Depending on the project requirements, the hiring company chooses the best candidates from an available list of profiles and assigns each of them specific tasks or an entire project.

Businesses with small infrastructures and limited financial resources may find this model especially useful for creating robust solutions cost-effectively. Hiring a dedicated development team can be a long-term and sustainable solution for many businesses.

Imagine you are the owner of a successful business. An in-house team of sales, marketing, design, and development professionals support your business. You still want to improve your operations and require technical assistance. Outsourcing the job to a dedicated development team saves you from all kinds of hassles like having to set up an infrastructure or hire necessary talent.

Flexible and customizable, this model can be tailored to your business structure and requirements to maximize the advantages of working with dedicated development teams. To hire a dedicated development team successfully, you need to hire a company that can offer a line-up of diverse skill sets, including designers, developers, and quality assurance professionals, all of whom can collaborate to deliver end-to-end service. All these requirements can be met as long as there is clear communication about the scope and expectations from your end.

When to hire a dedicated app development team?

Hiring a dedicated software development team can be the best choice when you:

Want to reduce liabilities

Engage a dedicated team to reduce liabilities when handling tasks, from ideation to deployment.

Have a limited budget

If you cannot afford to hire in-house, full-time developers, outsource instead.

Want to reduce development time

For projects that require a faster time-to-market, consider hiring a dedicated team.

Require access to cutting-edge technologies

Use dedicated developers when implementing disruptive technologies.

Require expert developers

Dedicated development is the most reliable solution if you want experienced engineers to code your website.

Need flexibility

For short-term projects with less obligation and more flexibility, hire dedicated developers.

The advantages of hiring a dedicated development team


Traditional methods of hiring a team of developers include costs for office space, training and onboarding, and other legal expenses. Since dedicated development teams are employed remotely, fewer of these costs are incurred without having to compromise on the quality of work.

An advantage of hiring a dedicated development team is that you do not have to spend time interviewing and hand-picking candidates yourself to assemble a team for your project. Once the scope and requirement are given, we will provide you with a team of experts who are well-suited for the task.

Consequently, the pay scale can be adjusted depending on the job requirements. It's a great way to streamline your expenses and can save your company a lot of money over time.

Access to global talent

Access to a global talent pool allows you to tap into a world of possibilities by adding a whole new dimension to your business. With their experience and expertise, these professionals can optimize your tech stack's capabilities—often at extremely cost-effective prices.

Software development hiring from India gives you such an advantage. Indian professionals are capable of delivering top tech solutions at competitive prices. In addition, they can co-build solutions with your in-house IT team.

Complete control

You can take direct control over selecting, motivating, and managing your development team, which includes everyone from coders and designers to project managers and business analysts. In this scenario rather than simply deciding a schedule for the team, you will need to develop workflows, communicate, manage tasks, track progress, evaluate performance, etc.

Hiring a team of developers is akin to having an in-house team working from a remote office in terms of your control over the development process. But if you so wish, a dedicated hiring model also gives you the flexibility to leave the micromanagement to your dedicated project manager.

Focused and dedicated approach

A dedicated development team is fully committed to your cause and becomes an integral part of your organization. Dedicated teams are guided by your preferred methods and management practices.

Dedicated to your project, our development team is focused solely on your vision and is driven to reach your target without distractions. Having such a high level of engagement allows the team to better understand your business needs and be more efficient and productive.

Increase in productivity

Productivity and speed of work are vital in the rapidly evolving software industry. Optimizing these factors can give your business a competitive edge. Dedicated developers are accustomed to working with outsourced companies, eliminating any need to adjust.

Dedicated developer teams bring with them a wealth of experience working together efficiently, effectively, and dynamically.

Full stack of services

You can leverage services such as custom web and mobile app development, QA and testing, designing user-friendly experiences, big data analytics, post-deployment maintenance and support, and data backup and migration services through this model.

Hiring dedicated software development team give you access to a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure. Using qualified and cost-effective IT professionals will help you maximize your return on investment.


A dedicated team of web developers offers a great deal of flexibility. They can dedicate their entire time to a particular project, while you can work on other things.

Flexibility is critical not only to startups but also to larger organizations. The extra level of control and team management provided to a company is an invaluable asset. It also means that if you need changes made while the work is being done, you can contact the team and they will adapt to your requirements.


An outsourced team of developers provides a business with the agility of workflow that it needs. In-house teams often lack that agility and flexibility, as they have to use the same skills and specialties on every project. However, hiring a dedicated team allows you to hire specifically for the job at hand.

Startups can benefit from this solution if they need precision and dynamism without going broke or losing control of the work itself.

Quality Infrastructure

The cost of setting up a full-fledged IT department with cutting-edge tools and solutions to design, develop, test, and launch complex applications and software systems can be massive. The right outsourcing service provider has the infrastructure in place to handle projects of different sizes, complexities, and types, and to provide optimal results.

Hiring a development team allows you to ensure the best and most recent resources are being used to develop any tech product, no matter how complex. It conserves capital by reducing the cost of equipment, hardware, software, virtual tools, human resources, and development methodologies that aren't critical to your business.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our dedicated teams work in optimized environments geared toward the smooth and timely completion of your projects. For this to happen, it is crucial that you as the client set clear timelines and make sure they are met.

When you plan ahead, the outsourced team can complete any project within a shorter period of time.

Maintenance and support

Dedicated development teams do much more than design, develop, and deliver products to you. They provide competent support during and after the implementation of your work system.

Your full-time staff will also be trained on these new processes and applications that these teams have created. It will help ensure long-term customer satisfaction.


When you hire a dedicated team of developers, you can focus on your strengths, while at the same time they help you grow as a developer while giving your project undivided attention.

We guarantee top-notch quality at Neetable from the outset. By analyzing your business goals and addressing the problems you need to resolve before developing new solutions, our team of experts brings your ideas to life to ensure a superior experience.