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How Much does it Cost to develop an on-demand dog walking app

How Much does it Cost to develop an on-demand dog walking app

Pets, be they cats, turtles, rabbits, or dogs, are seen as part of the family. In the same way that children require caregivers when their parents are at work, pets require the same care. A growing number of American families own pets, according to Research. A rise in pet ownership has enabled several pet-related services to expand. This has benefited entrepreneurs of on-demand dog walking apps. Rover and Wag, for instance, both offer the same service. People care about their pets just as much as they do about their children when they are away from home.

Start-up entrepreneurs will find this industry very beneficial. It is possible to create an on-demand solution for dog walking apps, but it has its challenges. To begin, let's list some of the key features you must include in your app if you go ahead with development.

What are the main components of a Dog Walking On-Demand App?

There are three main components in an dog walking web app.

  • Owner panel
  • Dog walker panel
  • Admin panel Let's have a look at the features to be included in each.

Owner's panel:

  • Create a Personal profile
  • Search and Filter nearby dog walkers
  • View Dog Walker Profile
  • Dog Walk booking and scheduling
  • Dog Walk Report
  • Push Notification Alerts for dog walking and sitting appointments
  • Live Streaming (optional) of their puppy or dog walking
  • Give Ratings & Reviews
  • Schedule/Cancel Appointment
  • Track your dog
  • Payment/Bill Estimation
  • Referral Earnings
  • Doggy Playdate
  • Curated Professional Advice
  • History and Trends
  • Community Feature

Dog Walker's Panel

  • Real-Time Requests
  • Get booking requests
  • Customer Information
  • Profile Creation
  • Set Availability
  • Navigation routes for reaching the pet owner
  • Earnings Summary
  • Walkers can track their appointments & earnings

Admin Panel

  • Manage Bookings
  • Manage Customers/Dog Walkers
  • Push Notifications
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Real-Time Tracking of dog walkers
  • Manage Payments

What Features Are Included in An On-Demand Dog Walking App?

How Much does it Cost to develop an on-demand dog walking app

Social Sign Up/Login

When registering for the app, new users can provide their personal information via email or social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Once they have created their account, they can log in using their username and password.

Live Dog Tracking

With this unique feature, the owner can track the dog's location whenever he's out with the walker. Using this option, a dog can be watched remotely.

Push Notifications

Using this feature, users will always be kept up-to-date with all the new changes to the app. Additionally, this feature informs customers of special offers, discounts, and new updates.

In-App Call

With this feature, users can communicate directly with the walkers. With this particular feature, dog owners can easily communicate their requirements and demands, making it an extraordinary feature in every way.

In-App Chat

Unlike an in-app call option, this feature lets dog owners chat with the walkers instead of talking on the phone. Some users find it uncomfortable to talk on the phone, which makes this feature essential.

In-App Navigation

In-app navigation makes it easy to find dog walkers and dog sitters near a user. An on-demand app must feature geolocation, and the same is true for dog walker apps.

Real-Time Analytics Dashboard

With the assistance of data visualizations, a real-time analytical dashboard enables a company to analyse, report, and track its overall data in real time. Dashboards are automatically updated in real-time, so the user has immediate access to important information.

Payment Integration

Having a flexible mobile wallet is an asset for dog walker applications. Having more options simplifies the payment process for users. The app is used by users from all over the world, and since mobile wallets are different everywhere, having a range of choices for mobile wallets is an excellent idea.

How To Develop an On-Demand Dog Walking App?

Choose your Business Strategy

The first step to developing an app like Wag or Rover is to create an effective business strategy that fits your company's current and future objectives. Profits can also be increased by including dog training and grooming in your business.

How to generate revenue?

Profit is the primary driving force behind every project. An on-demand dog walking app offers a variety of ways for you to earn money.

  • Paid advertising: Advertising on your app may be an option if it receives a lot of traffic from similar businesses. The size and position of the ad can determine how much you earn.
  • Paid Promotion: An aggregator may charge a fee for promoting the product. Agencies pay you to promote their services on your app's first page if you let them.
  • Commissions from transactions: Using the transaction fee as a revenue source can be reliable for aggregators. As soon as a consumer makes a purchase, the seller is compensated for the overpayment in a set proportion.
  • Surge Charge: There might be a need for more walkers, so you may charge a higher rate if there is significant demand. As a result, both dog walkers and portal owners will be able to earn more money.

Market Research

For an app like Rover Dog Walking App, market research is essential to determining consumer behaviour and monitoring trends. In order to make future company plans, you should thoroughly understand the market.

  • Identify target audience
  • Identify the user problems
  • Be aware of market trends

Analyze your competitors

It is important to analyze and comprehend the competitors first so as to have a brief idea of their skills and the features of their apps. You can then focus on the core service features while developing your dog walking app.

Search for competitors. What services do they provide on their app? What makes their app stand out? Why do people prefer to use their app? How do they make their users happy and satisfied with the usage of their app?

What are the primary features to be included?

The more you understand and assess your competitors, the better understanding you'll have of their apps and their skills. Once you've listed it, you can focus on developing your dog walking app's core features.

Hire the services of a renowned dog walking app development company

After you've determined your goals and outlined a strategy, the next step would be to find the best service providers. Hire Android app developers or any experienced group iOS dog walking app development services.

Cost of Developing an On-Demand Dog Walking App

Cost of Developing an On-Demand Dog Walking App

Before getting into the development aspect of an on-demand dog walking app, the first question that would have crossed your mind is what would be the cost of developing such an app? Various factors influence the development cost of an on-demand dog walking app such as features to be integrated, target market, the platform of choice, app complexity, etc. The development cost of an-demand dog walking app with basic features starts at $15,000 and can cost up to $35.000 depending on your requirements.


Over the past few years, pet owners have become increasingly interested in using dog walking and sitting apps. It allows pet owners to take care of their pets despite any unexpected emergency or busy schedules.

For any help in creating a successful dog walking app, you may reach out to us. As one of the best on-demand dog walking web app development companies, we can help you build a competent on-demand dog walking app.


Is a dog walking business profitable?

There is a growing demand for dog walking businesses. Most families own a pet and in the coming years, the count will only increase. By marketing your app properly, you can earn as much profit as you want.

How does a dog walking app work?

  • Using the app, dog owners search for walkers based on the details they provide.
  • When a reliable walker is found, the owner sends out a request.
  • Based on availability, the dog walker can accept or reject the request.
  • When the walker accepts the request, he or she arrives at the requested location.
  • For the specified interval of time, he takes care of the dog.
  • The owner has multiple payment options to pay for the service.
  • In return for providing services, the walker receives a share of the commission.