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How Much Does It Cost to Develop On Demand Delivery App Like Dunzo?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop On Demand Delivery App Like Dunzo?

During the last couple of years, the on-demand economy has transformed the conventional business model dramatically. With on-demand apps from top on-demand product development companies in the USA and India like Neetable, we can do anything from hail a cab to get a spa massage, to order food to purchase medication. Mobile phones are primarily responsible for this on-demand model.

There is a rapid evolution taking place in the eCommerce industry. On-demand delivery services illustrate this shift.

As eCommerce evolves, hyper-local delivery will become the norm. Consumers are made to focus on neighboring markets which increases delivery speed and convenience which in turn increases the business opportunities for smaller stores.

Are you interested in creating an on-demand supply app like Dunzo? We have provided you with some valuable information to assist you in your journey.

What Are the Services Offered by Dunzo?

Order Fruits and Vegetables

You may find many other applications from which to order fruits and vegetables, but they are delivered at least 6 hours later or the next day. But with Dunzo you get it within the hour of order placement. In order to maintain quality, they only target the most reliable vendors.

Order Groceries

Dunzo comes to the rescue when you run out of kitchen or bathroom supplies. Browse the catalog, find the store near you, and place your order. In no time at all, you receive your favorite grocery supplies.

Restaurant Order

Whenever you want food from your favorite restaurants in the city, Dunzo will deliver it to you quickly. In the case of food deliveries, they take all precautions. Restaurants near you are displayed on a map for you to choose from.

You can order food items just like on Zomato or Swiggy. Make your selection, pay for your order, and your favorite dish will be delivered right to your door. During checkout, Dunzo offers discounts as well.

Order Medicines and Other Medical Essentials

There is a general fear of everything nowadays. Even something as small as a cold fill the whole house with anxiety. Medications and pharmacy supplies will help you feel better. The easiest way to fulfill your needs is to look for a pharmacy supplies delivery app that lets you choose what you need, and has it delivered to your home as soon as possible.

Send a package

If you wish, you can still send packages to your clients, colleagues, friends, family, or to acquaintances. As a result of this feature, Dunzo has become what it is today. They've inspired so many applications to build on their model.

Order Fish and Meat

Dunzo offers fish and meat delivery options unlike other applications. To ensure high-quality meat and customer satisfaction, they carefully curate their list of meat and fish stores.

What Are the Essential Features of An App Like Dunzo?

What Are the Essential Features of An App Like Dunzo?

Push Notifications

Dunzo follows trends and knows what their customers want and dislike. Despite the user's busy schedule, they ensure the notification is read. A lot of Bollywood puns are used by Dunzo to illustrate their services in a very entertaining way. This feature is widely used in the USA, so app developers ensure that notifications are sent frequently.

Discounts, Cashbacks, Referrals

New and existing users can benefit from Dunzo's cashback offers. Additionally, they offer cashback for sharing their code with a friend and asking them to download the app, resulting in credits for both of them. The credit can be used on any type of order. In comparison, most applications within a similar category have not been able to accomplish this.

Real-Time Tracking of Orders Through GPS

Order status and the location of the delivery partner can be checked in real-time. GPS-enabled maps and iPhone applications can be used to track the rider. As a result, Dunzo can maintain transparency between its delivery partner and its customers.

Simple Online Payment Methods

There are many payment methods available in Dunzo's application. In an effort to ensure that users don't have to cancel their transactions due to not being able to find a suitable payment option, they have always provided more and more payment options.

Social Media Integration

Every on-demand app developer seeking organic promotion of their app must use social media marketing. Through social media, users refer their friends to the application by sharing it with them. Downloads, registrations, and transactions will increase as a result. There are a lot of things that favor the app, and Dunzo has really embraced it.

Reviews and Ratings

Users can rate Dunzo's delivery service as well as the store from which they bought their item. Customers enjoy features like these because they feel like they can share their opinions, which encourages them to contribute and improve for themselves and others. A rating also increases the trustworthiness of a store.

Easy To Order Interface

The interface of the Dunzo application is its best feature. An internet connection and a decent phone can allow users to order something they want in under 2 minutes. The application loads quickly and is simple to use, and there is no complicated menu system to navigate.

What Is the Cost of Developing an App Like Dunzo?

What Is the Cost of Developing an App Like Dunzo?

The cost of developing an app like Dunzo depends on various factors such as the complexity of the app, the platform, the development team, etc. Let’s have a look at these in detail.

The complexity of your app

Mobile applications are categorized into three groups based on their complexity: basic, medium, and high-end. A mobile application of basic complexity costs you less compared with the other two.

Platform (iOS or Android)

As the number of platforms to be developed increases, so will the cost to develop a Dunzo-like app also rise. Apps built on the iOS platform cost more than those made for Android. Business owners must determine how many platforms they need to begin using. If you are a start-up, you would be wise to use a single platform or opt for cross-platform development.

App development team

It is the cost-deciding factor in app development. So pick cautiously. For the on-demand dunzo, a Project Manager will be needed, 1-2 Web developers, QA engineers, Android application developers, iOS application developers, 1-2 UI/UX designers, and so on depending on the project requirements.

Developer location

On-demand delivery apps are influenced by not only the firm you choose, but their location as well.

  • Developers in India: $20-80/hr
  • Developers in Eastern Europe: $30-150/hr
  • USA Developers cost: $50-250/hour    By taking all the above factors into consideration we can estimate the cost of developing an on-demand delivery app like Dunzo. Although, to give an approximate estimate, the cost of development of a Dunzo like app could start from $25,000 and go up to $40,000 depending on the above mentioned factors.


What is the time taken to develop an on-demand app like Dunzo?

The development of an on-demand service app like Dunzo may take around 5-8 months, depending on the complexity of the back-end, the platforms you choose such as Android, iOS, and web, and integration of advanced features.

What services can be offered on an app like Dunzo?

The app provides on-demand transportation and delivery services. More types of services are available based on your business goals and requirements. Dunzo offers a variety of services, including restaurant orders, daily groceries, fruits and vegetables, medical supplies, send packages, pets, health/wellness, gifts, and more.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Dunzo?

A Dunzo-like app will cost between $10K to $50K, since it is a multi-service app with rich features and functionality. It can be developed for Android, iOS, and Web platforms. A typical hourly rate in Europe, America, or any western country is between $80-$200. It is however estimated that the cost to develop an on-demand delivery app like Dunzo may range from $20 to $80 in India.