Fantasy App Development

A Comprehensive Guide on Fantasy Sports App Development

You've arrived in the modern world where real players play on the field and reel players win on the app. Yes, that's right. We mean fantasy gaming applications and online betting platforms that are all the rage now.

If you wish to build a fantasy sports app, this is a great time to do so as the fantasy sports market is on the upswing.

More and more fantasy gaming apps are hitting the market, making it one of the fastest-growing industries. Recent years, it's been one of the most profitable businesses. Research estimates that the industry will grow to $48.6 billion by 2027. Though it comes from the USA, its popularity has caused it to infiltrate Indian markets.

We have created this blog to guide you through the entire fantasy sports app development process. I will share some tips for getting started and help you through the major aspects of the fantasy app development process in this article.

A Comprehensive Guide on Fantasy Sports App Development

What Is a Sports Fantasy App?

Players can create and manage their own virtual teams using the sports fantasy application, which is a type of online game that simulates real-life games using players from specific sports. The performance of players in a virtual league is compared to the performance of other players or groups of players. The goal of these apps is to help players win their leagues or tournaments by drafting players from different professional teams, setting lineups, making trades, and managing other aspects of their teams. Football, basketball, baseball, and hockey are a few sports covered in some popular sports fantasy apps.

How Does The Fantasy Sports App Work?

Assembling a fantasy team requires the fans to select real players from an online selection process, commonly referred to as a draft.   A comparison is drawn between the real-game statistics of the players in order to determine which fantasy team performed the best.

Different websites and mobile applications allow players to monitor the performance of their fantasy teams. Many players join leagues with their acquaintances and compete against their peers. Others join the public leagues hosted by the websites and compete against strangers.

Trending Fantasy Gaming Apps

Take a look at some of the best mobile sports apps for inspiration to build your own.

ESPN Fantasy

ESPN Fantasy

This fantasy sports app is the best out there. Streaming and an easy-to-navigate interface make it easy for players to stay on top of all the happenings on the field, including scores, injuries, and anything else they may need.

NFL Fantasy Football

NFL Fantasy Football

NFL Fantasy Football users enjoy its timely and accurate news, which is not surprising since the app is the NFL's official app. Despite not offering as many options as ESPN Fantasy, it offers unique features such as player comparison tools, extra detailed stats, and a streaming component to compensate for its limited gaming options.

Defy Games

Defy Games

With Defy Games, players will be able to find everything from decentralized experiences, advanced team management, goal tracking, and performance predictions. Defy Games is not just a platform for players to play fantasy sports, but also an excellent source of news and information. It offers quality podcasts covering the hottest news in football.



The Dream11 Fantasy Cricket app is highly regarded with brand ambassadors like MS Dhoni and Jasprit Bumrah. With more than 11 crore users, Dream11 pays out over $25 crore in winnings every day. Among the best fantasy cricket apps in India, this one offers everything a user could want.



While Gamezy is still a relatively young platform, it offers some of the best features such as a low withdrawal limit, and a number of other games to choose from, in addition to fantasy cricket. There are over 10 lakh active users on Gamezy, and already over $2 million has been paid out in winnings.

Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games

As one of the top fantasy games apps in India in 2023, Paytm First Games is handcrafted by Paytm. A user can win up to 10 crores in fantasy cricket on Paytm, and 5 crores in Paytm Cash on Paytm first games. Additionally, users can play Ludo and Rummy from the Action and Puzzle categories.

The Essential Features Of a Sports Fantasy App

The Essential Features Of a Sports Fantasy Appt

Updates on players and scores in real time: Among the most important features of a sports fantasy app is the ability to track the performance of the players in real-time and update the team score accordingly based on those results.

Manage drafts and lineups easily: Drafting players from different teams and setting their lineups should be easy for players.

Negotiating and managing trade: A game can be made more strategic by offering and accepting trades with other teams.

In-depth player statistics and analysis: Players can make better decisions about who to draft and how to start by gaining detailed player statistics and analysis.

User-friendly interface: The smooth and intuitive design of the app can make it more enjoyable to use and help it attract more users.

Customization options: Making the game more engaging and personal can be achieved by allowing players to customize their team name, logo, and other elements.

Social features: A game can be made more engaging and fun by adding social features, such as the ability to chat with other players or join leagues with friends.

Support for mobile devices: Sports fantasy apps should be compatible with mobile devices, since people are increasingly using their smartphones to play games.

A Guide To Developing a Fantasy Sports Application

There are a number of steps involved in developing a fantasy sports app, including:

Set a clear scope and goal for the application

A sports fantasy app development project begins with defining its scope and goals in order to determine what the project is intended to accomplish. An important part of this process is deciding which sport or sports the app will cover as well as what features the app will include.

Make sure you do your research and find out who the competition is

Researching the market and the competitors is an important first step in understanding the needs and preferences of potential users and identifying opportunities for differentiating your product.

Create a user-friendly experience

To make the app as engaging and easy to use for players as possible, it should be carefully designed to give them a good user experience. A wireframe may be created along with a prototype in order to test out different design ideas when creating wireframes.

Make sure that you choose a platform that is right for you

A wide variety of platforms can be used for the development of sports fantasy apps, including native mobile app development platforms like iOS and Android, web-based platforms like Ruby on Rails or Django, and cross-platform options like React Native, for example.

App development

Upon selecting the design for the app and the platform on which it will be developed, the actual development of the app can begin. As part of the process, we will have to code the features and functionality of the app, as well as integrate any APIs or data sources that are necessary.

Debugging and testing

A thorough test and debugging should be performed before launching the app to ensure that it is stable and free of errors before launching it on the market.

Getting the app launched and promoted

Upon release, the app can be distributed through app stores, other distribution channels, and targeted advertising channels.

Stay on top of the latest trends

Maintaining your app's functionality with current trends is crucial to staying ahead of your competitors. The majority of businesses operate with the intention of expanding as soon as possible. Likewise, your fantasy league app should also be able to be improved in the near future. This means that as you develop your application, you must continue to innovate with it while saving time for testing during the initial stages of development in order to continue to improve it as you go along. As you can see, there are a number of key trends in fantasy sports apps today, such as:

AI/ML Algorithms: A machine learning-based algorithm can be built and implemented on the Fantasy Sports application framework. A detailed analysis of app users' behavior will help the admin determine their prospects. The use of AI in Fantasy Sports App Development Services can help you deliver personalized services.

Inventions powered by blockchain: A blockchain is a network of decentralized technology. Businesses can improve data security by integrating blockchain technology into fantasy sports app development. This reduces the risk of losing payments, documents, or other data.

Virtual reality/augmented reality: With cognitive technologies, users can interact with a virtual world that resembles real life. It's possible to create a unique fantasy game environment using Augmented Reality. The user will experience the game more authentically this way. A 3D demo video can also be created for any game.

The Technology Stack Required For Fantasy Sports Applications

To build a fantasy sports app, the following technology stack is necessary:

Front-end development: Front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can be used to create the app's user interface.

Developing the backend: Data management and server-side processing are handled by the back-end of the app, which is built using Python, Ruby, or Java.

Database: For storing and managing player statistics and team information, a database like MySQL or MongoDB is required.

Developing APIs: For integration with external sources, such as sports statistics databases, or for allowing other apps or services to access app data, API (Application Programming Interface) development is often required.

Mobile development: An iOS or Android development platform may be needed if the app is to be developed for mobile devices.

Cloud infrastructure: Hosting the app and managing its performance and scalability may require a cloud infrastructure, like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

How Much Does Fantasy Sports App Development Cost?

The cost of building an application such as this typically ranges from $35k to $80k. Typically, it costs between $20k and $45k to build a robust backend for such an app. Depending on the size and complexity of the MVP, it should cost between $35-60k. For a fantasy sports website and software (independent of the app) it will cost approximately $30-55k. A fully-featured application can cost approximately $70000 to $80000.

Despite our cost breakdown, the actual cost of developing your fantasy gaming app may vary. Let our consultants know your requirements and budget to get a customized quote.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Fantasy Gaming Apps

Customized features: The cost of developing an app can go up when you add customized features. It may take more development resources to build a custom scoring system or implement unique gameplay mechanics.

Integration with external APIs or data sources: Integrations with external APIs or data sources, such as sports statistics databases, can also increase costs. There can be a lot of complexity involved in these integrations, and they can take extra resources to set up.

Graphics and animations: It can also be more expensive to incorporate advanced graphics and animations. Additional design and development resources may be required when creating custom graphics or implementing complex animation effects.

Social features: You can also increase the cost of development by adding social features, like chatting and leagues with friends. This may require building more functionality and integrating social media.

Payments and subscriptions: You can also increase the cost of development by adding in-app purchases or subscriptions. You may have to integrate with payment gateways and build the necessary functionality.

Support for multiple languages: Multilingual support can also add to the cost of development. Translating all app content and implementing translation functionality may be involved.

How Do Fantasy Gaming Apps Make Money?

There are many ways to make money from mobile apps. The Fantasy Sports App Development industry does have some revenue generating options, though.

In-app purchases

The most common revenue model for fantasy gaming apps is in-app purchases, like extra features and virtual currency. The app allows players to buy these items with real money or with virtual currency they earn.


You can also charge players a monthly fee to access the app or certain features within it via a subscription service.


Besides displaying ads or offering sponsored content within the app, fantasy gaming apps can also earn revenue through advertising.


The app's logo or characters may also appear on branded merchandise sold by some fantasy gaming apps which users may want to purchase.


It is also possible to generate revenue by partnering with companies or brands to reach the app's users through sponsorships.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a method of generating revenue for fantasy gaming apps, which offers commissions for promoting other products and services within the app.

How to Overcome Challenges Faced in Fantasy Sports App Development

With more startups launching fantasy sports apps, the competition for users will intensify. It is imperative for companies to deliver users with the best possible experience if they are to succeed in this battle. Nowadays, customers expect a seamless, quick and personalized customer experience.   As fantasy sports platforms try to scale, they often encounter these problems as they work to deliver this customer experience.

Real-time contest joins

It is difficult at scale to accurately count and limit players in real time, according to the game's performance limits. Firstly, it can cause data inconsistencies, which results in the game accepting money from players who are not eligible for entry because it has reached its player limit. This can lead to latency bottlenecks that make it difficult to display the leaderboard immediately, which can be frustrating.

Winners are paid promptly

Fantasy sports platforms need to quickly credit winners' accounts after a game ends. It's likely that players will switch to another platform if they can't claim their prize money right away.

Multi-user support

The most active fantasy sports users are likely to be in their apps on game days. If you develop a fantasy football app, for example, you'll almost certainly see the most activity on Sundays, when football basically runs all day.

It is not unusual to deal with literally millions of requests per second in sports like cricket due to last-minute roster changes and changes related to the toss. You need a data platform that can handle massive spikes in traffic while supporting as many concurrent users as possible when developing your fantasy sports application.

Content tailored to user needs

Consumers expect personalized experiences, according to McKinsey. In one study, 86% of consumers stopped supporting a brand after two negative experiences. In a market filled with so many fantasy sports apps, companies failing to prioritize personalization are likely to lose users to competitors.

How Can Neetable Help You Make The Best Fantasy Sports App?

Our company builds mobile apps for a number of different industries by leveraging our expertise, talent, and project management skills. We can build anything from a custom healthcare app to an on-demand app or Fantasy Sports app.

Our mobile app developers have developed exceptional user experiences for years by combining the latest trends with their technical expertise.


What are the steps to creating a fantasy league app?

You can achieve this by hiring one of the best gaming app developers for your project in order to create a fantasy league app. To make it more efficient, the most advanced step would be to partner with a company that provides dynamic results, provides technical support, and helps you to set up a profitable business by providing you with dynamic solutions.

What are the ways in which fantasy sports make money?

Among the revenue streams of fantasy sports platforms such as FanDuel and DraftKings are user fees, ads, and product partnerships with brands such as ESPN, CNBC, and other media outlets.

Can you tell me how much the cost of making a Fantasy sports app is?

It is difficult to estimate the actual cost of developing a fantasy sports app like Defy Games. In order to determine fantasy sports app development cost, a variety of factors must be considered, including:

  • Complexity of the application
  • Features and functionality of the application
  • Platform usage
  • The techniques used
  • Location of the development company
  • The monetization model

Get a detailed breakdown of app development costs by scheduling a call with our experts. We'd love to give you an estimate for your project.

Why are fantasy sports apps so popular?

There are many features available with fantasy sports apps, such as live scores, team-building, reward management, social networking, and inviting friends to join leagues. You can also discuss the features you need, and our gaming experts can recommend the best ones for the sport you are targeting.