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Cost of developing an on-demand healthcare app like Zocdoc?

Cost of developing an on-demand healthcare app like Zocdoc?

Patients need convenience when scheduling an appointment with their doctors, as the majority of users say. In general, patients say they are unsatisfied with their wait-time experience. Many expect healthcare providers to provide online booking, rescheduling, and cancellation options in 2022.

Developing an appointment booking app will allow patients to choose a doctor based on their specific area of expertise, and it will also make doctors more accessible.  Before you get into the development of such an app, you may want to know the development cost of an appointment booking app.

On average, the app development cost of a doctor appointment booking app can start from $30,000 and increase up to $40,000. If you wish to include advanced features such as AI, etc, the cost can rise further. Depending on your business goals, the healthcare on-demand app development team at Neetable can help you build an app that includes all the necessary features.

Introduction to Zocdoc

Introduction to Zocdoc

By using Zocdoc's website or mobile app, consumers can find and schedule appointments with doctors, dentists, therapists, and other medical specialists. In the wake of the pandemic, Zocdoc is one of the most promising telemedicine companies.

This application allows patients to consult with the right doctors, get health tips, and schedule appointments whenever it is convenient for them. In this app, you will find an online directory of doctors specializing in the fields you are interested in. A user can choose a doctor according to their experience, specialization, reviews, and ratings.

The appointment scheduling system offered by Zocdoc is especially useful for clinicians in small practices, as well as consumers seeking health care coverage. Customers can use Zocdoc to book appointments directly with clinicians instead of using the clunky doctor-finding tools offered by their insurance providers. It is a favorite among patients since it eliminates the need for them to make a phone call or fill out basic pre-appointment paperwork in the waiting room. Healthcare professionals and patients appreciate the fact that Zocdoc appointments require less administrative work.

Essential Features to Include in Your Medical App for Doctors Appointments

In order to satisfy users' expectations, a doctor appointment app should have some specific built-in features.


The doctor's calendar is immediately filled with an appointment at a private clinic or hospital with just a few taps.

Patient profile

Patients' profiles should include personal information so that doctors are prepared for meetings no matter what. Medical history access would be facilitated with uploading and scanning capabilities.

Doctor profile

In order to choose the most suitable healthcare professional, the patient should be able to browse a variety of healthcare professionals before booking an appointment. In the doctor profile section, patients can view all the information about a doctor, such as their specialty, photos, patient reviews, and consultation fees.


Patients can comment and help others review recommendations with the clinic appointment scheduling software's rating system. A clinic or medical practice that has this feature also indicates reliability and authenticity, which can assist patients in choosing the best clinic for their needs.

Reminders and notifications

Using physician scheduling software, you can also receive appointment reminders via phone, email, or app.

In-app chat and support

Patients expect in-app chat to be available. Physicians and patients are able to communicate better and more efficiently and any user issues can be resolved right away.

Payment integrations

There must be a variety of payment options available for the health care provider and patient to interact effectively. Making payments and managing appointments efficiently is easier when you use a credit card, debit card, or e-wallet. Using secure e-payment gateways such as Stripe or Paypal will give users more flexibility and make scheduling consultations more secure.

Doctor and Clinic Search

It would be useful if your patients could search for doctors and clinics based on specialization, clinic name, visitation timings, consultation rates, etc. To offer users the best service, offer a wide search filter menu.

Geo-Location Based Search

Adding geo-location-based functionality to the MVP list will enable patients to find doctors and clinics near them. A doctor appointment booking mobile application can utilize Apple Maps and Google Maps to add a location-based search feature. This will improve the usability of your healthcare app.


For rural patients, you may want to consider telemedicine. In order to reach more patients, you require the ability to conduct online consultations via built-in chat or video calls, which will allow you to reach more people without access to a clinic.

After the MVP has proven to be successful, many other features can be added to your app.

1.In-app patient check-in 2.At-home healthcare 3.Appointment reminders

Now that you know how to create a doctor appointment app with the features mentioned above, it is time to look into the technologies that can be incorporated to give you a competitive edge among the hundreds of doctor appointment online apps mushrooming in the market.

What Nice-to-have Features Can Be Integrated to Make Your App Future-Ready?

Features Can Be Integrated to Make Your App Future-Ready

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In doctor appointment booking apps like ZocDoc, AI and ML are used extensively. As users often do not know the specialties such as ophthalmologist or oncologist, they tend to search in layman's terms. With ML integrated into your app, you can match the right patients with the right doctors much more efficiently.

Cloud Computing

Once your healthcare app to find doctors expands, you will be dealing with a huge volume of data. You will then need to store, categorize, and transform them into insights for better health care. Cloud computing has grown tremendously, especially in the healthcare sector, and your doctor-on-appointment app is going to benefit greatly from it.

Researching the market

Market research is an important stage for any product development and enterprise app development is not an exception to this. Study the present market, competitors, their audience, and the required key solutions to analyse them and come up with the best possible enterprise app in that field.


As a result of blockchain technology, all the data will be consolidated into a single decentralized system that can only be accessed by those with access to it. Neither data nor appointment details will reach the wrong hands. Before making an appointment with a doctor, patients can also view their insurance claim details on the app - something that enables them to see only doctors and clinics that are covered by their insurance.

Benefits for Patients

Benefits for Patients

Choosing the best

By using such apps, you can easily find a doctor who suits your needs. From a doctor's profile, you can get basic information and reviews about the clinic. As well as academic credentials, experience, and appointment fees, the profile displays information about the practitioner.

Booking appointment online

Medical clinics and medical stores are full of long queues outside, making this a convenient way to avoid them. In addition to booking appointments online, you can choose the time and date of your doctor's appointment.

Booking a lab test

The patient can also order lab tests when prescribed by the doctor. A technician comes to your house and collects the sample. In most cases, you do not have to go to a laboratory unless machine tests are conducted.

Delivery of medicines

Patients can also get their medicines delivered. They can search for the required medicine and get it delivered to their doorstep. For medicines that require a prescription, the patient can either upload their prescription or book an online consultation.

Benefits for Doctors

Online consultation

Doctors can reach and treat more patients by providing online consultations. This will help to improve the overall health of a community by maintaining a safe distance. As well as helping patients, doctors can sign up with the app and get a consultation fee.

Online profile

Online profiles of doctors assist them in attracting more patients. Users seeking highly specialized expert doctors online also look at their profiles. By reviewing their experience, academic credentials, and feedback from previous patients, users gain trust and satisfaction.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like ZocDoc?

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like ZocDoc

Creating an app like ZocDoc depends on the app's idea and the functionality it needs. There are many technical aspects that impact the final cost of a custom healthcare app developed by a healthcare app development company. A key reason for investing in an app is to select the right tools and technologies.

It might cost $40,000 to $50,000 to develop a doctor appointment app. Adding advanced features like artificial intelligence can cost $100,000 to $150,000.

Start with an MVP, see if it's accepted in the market, and then add other features. Instead of giving them everything right away, you would constantly add value to their lives. In this way, you will not be limited to the same set of features in the same medical app for a long time to come.

We will incorporate all your requirements and offer you the best solution within your estimated budget when you contact our expert team.


Q.Why choose Neetable to develop your appointment booking app?

A. Using state-of-the-art technology, we empower businesses to capitalize on market trends and help them achieve their business goals. Our aim is to bring value to our client’s businesses and provide them with benefits.

Q. Can you help me to decide on the best technology and functionalities for my project?

A. Our development team is available to discuss technical aspects of the project, such as selecting the appropriate platform and programming language. We will help you come up with a solution within your timeframe and budget.

Q. How much does it cost to develop an app like Practo?

A. Developing an MVP for Practo, it will cost about $30,000. Depending on the integration of advanced functions, development costs will go higher.

Q. What are the essential features your healthcare appointment booking app must have?

A. Booking, rescheduling, and cancelling appointments.

  • Selling online medicines.
  • Patient and doctor profile accounts.
  • Online prescriptions, payment, and consulting.
  • Alert, notifications, and reminders.
  • Choosing from a panel of doctors.
  • Sharing consultation tips and solving patient queries.