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What Makes Flutter the Best Choice for MVP Development in 2022

What Makes Flutter the Best Choice for MVP Development in 2022

The importance of having a mobile app for your business today cannot be overstated, regardless of whether you are in retail, service provision, or educational activities. Smartphones are a huge part of how people spend their time. Creating a business mobile app for your clients makes perfect sense in that context. For any business, starting with an MVP is the most practical solution.

There are many technologies and frameworks that can be used to build an app. But developing an app that dominates the user's choice for fast and attractive apps calls for Flutter- one of the most promising and cross-platform mobile app development technologies available today.

Flutter - An Introduction

Released in 2017, Flutter is a mobile app SDK created by Google. A key feature of Flutter is its use of Dart, a programming language developed by Google that incorporates object-oriented features familiar to Java or C++ programmers, but is easier for beginners to master.

Currently, Flutter is ranked as the second most popular cross-platform mobile development platform worldwide. In the latest Flutter survey, it was revealed that 100,000 apps developed using Flutter have been launched on the market so far.

Several top brands are using Flutter for their business applications, including Alibaba, Google AdSense, and Tencent. Brands across the globe have chosen the app because of its unique and interesting features.

Importance of MVP for Modern Enterprises

In the world of mobile apps, MVPs are the most basic versions that can be used by startups and SMEs for market validation. All the unique features of the business app are included in a simplified version. A small number of selected users are usually asked to give feedback on MVPs. By creating MVPs, companies can avoid market failures and save money on research and surveys.

Importance of MVP for Modern Enterprises

The top reasons why MVP is crucial for your business

Reduce development cost

The development of an MVP is less expensive than developing a full-fledged app. Developing MVP requires less time and effort. App developers can create cross-platform mobile apps that work on Android and iOS.

Reduced development time

In addition to saving developers a great deal of time, MVPs can also improve the quality of their code. Developing MVPs with the necessary features can be done relatively quickly. Using an MVP, companies can determine if their efforts are paying off. With it, startups are able to maximize their potential in a short amount of time.

Attract investors

The MVP is also beneficial because it helps you reach investors with a minimal yet viable product. MVPs can help you attract more investors and validate your idea, leading to more opportunities. The targeted audience is also a great way to provide feedback on the app and make it better over time.

Idea validation

A validated idea is always beneficial to a project when faced with intensifying competition and constantly changing customer expectations. MVP helps you accomplish your goal efficiently. Even though entrepreneurs believe their ideas are the best, they may not succeed. An MVP can help business leaders validate their concepts, and it can be used as a tool to support their efforts.

Now, let us look at why Flutter is the ideal choice for developing an MVP.

Why Flutter is the Ideal Choice for MVP Development?

The number of startups using Flutter is increasing, despite Flutter's relative newness. Let us have a look at some of the reasons to adopt Flutter for startup app development:

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Cross-platform app development

The number of businesses investing in cross-platform app development is growing because it allows them to develop apps on a low budget. After Google released the stable version of Flutter, it boasts a lot of features that differentiate it from other cross-platform technologies. Since Android and iOS have the lion's share of the market, businesses develop apps with separate codebases but identical functionalities to attract their users.

With Flutter, programmers are able to create scalable applications that are platform-agnostic, which allows them to write once and run anywhere. It enables them to develop applications using a single codebase across multiple platforms. With a visually pleasing user interface, these applications are multifunctional and scalable.

Dart programming language

As we all know, Flutter is backed by Google and uses the Dart programming language. Programmers love creating applications in Flutter because of Dart. The language was designed to be fast and predictable and is ahead of its time. Skia, a powerful rendering engine, is included with the dart programming language. By using Skia, the Flutter framework can create a cross-platform user interface.

Flexible user interface

Although cross-platform frameworks provide various ways to share code between different platforms, none of them let you access the same user interface across them. Because Flutter does not require platform-specific UI components to render its UI, it can easily be shared across different platforms. Unlike other frameworks, Flutter renders UI differently. With all platforms synchronized, developers don't have to worry about consistency of UI on other platforms.

Native performance

Thanks to its rendering engine, Flutter can easily handle complex tasks. The user interface is rendered using Skia. It consists of a two-dimensional graphics rendering library and the Dart programming language within a platform-specific shell. In order to create native code, it assembles Dart's source code in advance. A Flutter application integrates seamlessly with iOS and Android, thanks to its efficient and elegant code. With Skia, you can access the built-in UI of Flutter on any platform without having to adjust the design for other platforms.

Hot reload

You can test out new features without re-compiling your app every time you make a change! Flutter's hot reload feature facilitates faster development by allowing developers to see code changes in near-real time. The application development process is simplified since developers can iterate on their code quickly, resulting in a beautiful and high-quality app more easily.

Faster app development process

Compared to other frameworks, Flutter is faster. Compared to other app development platforms, it supports both AOT and JIT compilers. The Flutter framework eliminates the need to write platform-specific code to implement features. Without needing a native app counterpart, you can use any 2D-based user interface and implement it easily in Flutter.

Moreover, Flutter offers all exclusive declarative APIs for creating unique user interfaces that boost performance as well as facilitate easy adjustment of features and functionalities. Consequently, the time to market is shortened. Because of Flutter's widget-based user interface and quick debugging options, you'll be able to launch the project faster, reducing the risk of delays and failures during the first stage of app development.

Huge community support

Flutter's big advantage is its huge support ecosystem, which has a strong focus on inclusivity. Among the incredible Flutter community are programmers who love developing applications with Flutter and want to help each other succeed. By doing so, it aims at acknowledging the issues developers face during app development and helping them. Aside from that, some events and forums receive participation from diverse audiences around the world.

Develop cost-effective applications

When it comes to developing innovative cross-platform applications, Flutter will significantly reduce costs. You get a fully functional application by coding only once, as opposed to developing two native applications separately. As a result, you are able to save a considerable amount of time and money. It is estimated that Flutter reduces production and maintenance costs by around 50% and 20%, respectively.

Attract investors

Using Flutter to create an MVP for both Android and iOS can help you attract investors. By using Flutter, you can validate any idea and make a presentation using a working MVP. It is also possible to develop user-friendly UI/UX using Flutter and you can aim your customers at the specific audience you want to reach.

Flutter is a great solution for developing MVPs, especially for startups in the Flutter app space. Startups with a limited budget often turn to Flutter for MVP. The reuse of code enables them to bring their imaginations to life without investing heavily in the development process.

Popular Apps Built Using Flutter

An intuitive, visually appealing, and easy-to-use interface has been developed for Google Ads using Flutter. While you are away from your computer or laptop, you can continue to work on your ad campaigns. Even though the mobile version is more comprehensive than the web version, you can still access statistics, budgets, and alerts. If you need help staying on top of the program, you can contact a Google expert.

Google Ads

An intuitive, visually appealing, and easy-to-use interface has been developed for Google Ads using Flutter. While you are away from your computer or laptop, you can continue to work on your ad campaigns. Even though the mobile version is more comprehensive than the web version, you can still access statistics, budgets, and alerts. If you need help staying on top of the program, you can contact a Google expert.

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Reflectly, a cognitive behavioural therapy and meditation app powered by AI, is another app built with Flutter. With the app, users can cope with day-to-day stress and stay positive regardless of what life throws at them. Through the development of the Flutter app, a high-performance, real-time mental health crisis response application was developed.

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Alibaba Corporation developed Xianyu as a way to increase sales. With Flutter development, an application that handles hundreds of millions of users per month performs at a high level and offers superb speed and responsiveness. It was a wise decision for Alibaba to choose Flutter applications, because they are fast, robust, and scalable.

The Future of Flutter

The adoption rate of Flutter is increasing, resulting in more mobile developers switching to it. In terms of speed, Flutter has already overtaken its competitors due to the ongoing effort of the Flutter community to improve the framework. Since Flutter was released two years ago, more than 2 million developers have used it.

With Flutter, even complicated apps can be created with ease, since the possibilities are virtually endless. Flutter is an excellent way to develop mobile apps, and we highly recommend it to anyone who develops mobile apps. Our experience with Flutter since its inception means it's the best mobile app development technology and will continue to be so in the future.


By developing Flutter apps, businesses can create native-looking apps within their budget and launch them across both Android and iOS platforms. As an MVP app development company, we at Neetable prefer to use Flutter as our primary technology. In our role as a Flutter app development company, we are here to assist you in reaching your business goals and creating the best app to meet your needs.


Q. Is Flutter good for app development?

A. Apps developed using Flutter have a native feel and are fast. When it comes to building your first iOS or Android app, Flutter is the best choice since it allows you to build apps for both platforms simultaneously.

Q. How much does it cost to develop a Flutter MVP app?

A. The cost of developing an MVP on Flutter depends on the type and complexity of the app, and also the location of the development company. Costs generally range from $30,000 and up.