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How To Build a Car Rental App Like Turo and Hertz- Cost & Features

How To Build a Car Rental App Like Turo and Hertz- Cost & Features

If you have a solid plan to invest in and expand your peer-to-peer car rental app service similar to Turo and Hertz and if your company gets a lot of inquiries about the app's development, such as how much an app like Turo will cost and how the process will operate, etc.? In this blog, we have addressed all of your queries.

Luxury living is the city's newest trend, and individuals from all walks of life enjoy the small satisfaction they get from offering customary services at fair costs. Car rental companies have made a significant shift online, and now sellers can sell their vehicles through networks from simple applications. Consumers have a wide range of vehicles to pick from and drive from, successful transactions can now be made by comparing prices and the availability of vehicles across several applications.

In the future car rental companies will shape the automobile industry developments. Currently, car rental services are popular in many locations, and applications like Turo and Hertz are working hard to expand their user bases and financial viability, especially in the USA. According to the reports net revenues of $107.8 million in 2021 and $330.5 million in 2022.

Consumers now have a wider range of mobility options because the ability to access services from anywhere at any time is possible through mobile devices and connections. Global urban transportation networks have included shared mobility services. Urban commuters can now have access to transportation options, previously it was available to those who own vehicles because of car sharing, scooter sharing, bike sharing, ride sharing/transportation network companies (TNCs), etc.

What is Turo? And How Does Car Rental App Turo Work?

A car rental business concept is the foundation of Turo, an American startup that started in 2010. Through a mobile and web interface, the company enables private automobile owners in more than 56 countries to hire their vehicles.

Turo the biggest car rental app marketplace in the world, allows users to rent any vehicle they choose from a strong network of verified owners, anywhere they want to go. On September 30, 2021, there were 1.3 million active visitors and over 85,000 active providers using Turo's marketplace globally.

Until 2021, the Turo app is mainly operated in urban areas around the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, giving customers access to a broad range of local vehicles while allowing owners to make extra money to help cover the costs of owning a car.

Hertz and Turo car rental apps are establishing a brand-new transportation category and bringing in the forthcoming era of personal mobility. In comparison to traditional car ownership and automobile rental, the peer-to-peer car rental app service similar to the Turo marketplace offers customers a more practical, cost-effective, and socially and ecologically responsible option to access an incredible variety of vehicles.

Technology that links owners and guests and enables them to interact in a trustworthy, secure environment, the Turo car rental app platform opens up peer-to-peer vehicle sharing.

Turo has three types of hosts:

-Small business owners typically share three to nine cars to generate a secondary source of income.

-Consumer hosts typically share one or two cars to offset the cost of car ownership.

-Professional owners typically share ten or more cars to use as their primary source of income or as an element of an existing business. They also typically invest in the creation of scalable, accessible, and flexible businesses.

To respond to the specific demand patterns in their market, owners can use the Turo app to display vehicles rapidly, amend their availability, and alter the price change. To discover the ideal car for their requirements, visitors can search by location, kind, price, and other services like Turo.

To ensure a secure transaction and experience for Turo's community, built-in communications, payments, fraud detection, the unique Turo Risk Score, and owners and guest insurance plans are all included. Turo app marketplace provides protection policies for owners and visitors.

To ensure a secure transaction with built-in communication, payments, fraud detection, the unique Turo Risk Score, and owners and guest insurance plans are all included. Turo provides protection policies for hosts and visitors.

Top 8 Must-Have Features for Developing a Car Rental Apps Similar to Turo

Top 8 Must-Have Features for Developing a Car Rental Apps Similar to Turo

User Account- A user account should be created as it is a user application. User accounts carry all the personal information of users. It will include the users' addresses, financial information, and information on their driver's licenses in addition to their personal information. All historical rental and current reservation information have to be saved.

Availability - Only available vehicles should be listed in car rental apps like Turo. So, when someone searches for vehicles only available cars should be listed within the app so that riders can immediately rent cars or choose cars according to their days planned. Customers would be able to use this tool to determine which vehicles are not accessible and which ones are.

Car Booking - The procedure should be simple and easy to use for the riders when they reserve a car. Basic information should be included in the app, such as pickup, the number of hours you need the car for, and the place you want to drive to, just like when hailing a taxi. The car rental app should list the available vehicles so that riders just have to press "book now" to reserve one.

Scheduling the Ride - The app marketplace should have in-built features like scheduling the ride through a car rental app and choosing a particular vehicle according to their planned trips. In this way, riders can book their rental cars before their journey starts.

Tracking - Similar to the Turo car rental app marketplace, you should be able to track the vehicle and its location simultaneously. Tracking will provide riders with an estimate of how long it would take the car to reach the destination before they start traveling.

Users will be able to keep an eye on the car and its movements because of the real-time map display. They will be aware of the destination and the condition of the vehicle.

Easy Payments – The car rental application should have several payment options for simple payments. Multiple payment channels will promote easy and flexible payments. Both parties should receive a notice of payments so they can simply keep track of payments and earnings. All money paid and received in the past should be completely accessible, along with the total profit. In this way, both users will benefit from this.

Car Details - Users should have access to all available information about a car before renting it. The owner of the vehicle should provide a detailed description of its condition as well as a summary of how it functions and any additional precautions the user should take while driving. Each of the listed cars should have a detail page.

Map - The car rental application needs to display map directions to the closest and accessible gas stations and other locations you need while traveling.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Car Rental App like Turo

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Car Rental App like Turo

The services or features that you include in the mobile app development will determine how much it will cost to develop a car rental application similar to Turo. It also depends on the location where the application is being created. After analyzing the various factors, we determined that the application would cost about $20,000.

It will cost between $35,000 and $40,000 to develop an application for both iOS and Android along with premium features and technology, including all panels.

Connect with us if you're looking for the best car rental app development company within your budget and to turn your concept into a reality. Without compromising the technology, the quality, or the timeline, we can create the perfect solution for you.


1. How to attract customers to Turo?

  • Allow Instant Booking.

  • Reasonable pricing

  • Write thorough descriptions.

  • Keep your calendar accurate and updated frequently.

  • Allow higher mileage

  • Upload more and higher quality pictures

2. Is Turo a growing company?

In 2017 the business increased the number of Canadian provinces it served by expanding its services. In more than 56 countries throughout the world as of 2021, Turo had over 14 million users and 450,000 automobiles.