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How Much Does It Cost to Create a Healthcare App Like Doctor On Demand?

Cost of developing an app like Doctor on demand


A telemedicine service, or Telehealth, is a form of healthcare offered remotely to patients. The diagnosis or treatment of a patient doesn't require them to be present in the hospital.

A telemedicine web app can make it easy for healthcare professionals to provide remote care to patients. Through telehealth, medical facilities and operating costs have been reduced. All medical professionals are taking advantage of these advancements as a result of telehealth app development.

Healthcare providers are focusing their efforts on developing telemedicine apps. Doctors, patients, and clinics have taken an interest in telemedicine. By 2025, MarketWatch predicts that the global telehealth market will reach $16.7 billion.

What Are the Benefits of An On-Demand Healthcare App?

Why Medical Mobile Apps Are Important?

Ease of access

You've probably encountered situations that need a doctor's diagnosis and prescription, but take only five minutes to treat: ear infection, UTI, etc. Telehealth software allows patients to access professional care faster.

Faster diagnosis

In a few minutes, you'll be able to talk live with a doctor. You can initiate treatment immediately, which can be critical in many situations.

Less paperwork

With telemedicine software, you can access your medical records at any time. You can share your information with your doctors, specialists, and family members so much easier.

Convenience and flexibility

Doctors can lower the amount of stress and pressure they face in traditional medicine by working from wherever they want.

Treat more patients and increase ROI

The reduction of administrative work as well as the ability to see patients makes it easier for doctors to treat more patients thus increasing the ROI but with reduced stress levels.

Higher level of convenience

Most doctors are located in urban areas, which makes it harder for people living in rural areas to get medical treatment. Using a telehealth app, a patient can access the best medical care from anywhere.

What Features to Be Included in On-Demand Healthcare App Like Doctor On Demand?

Why Medical Mobile Apps Are Important?

It is important to be aware of certain features and requirements if you plan to create your own telemedicine app.

Managing user profile

Patients and healthcare app professionals should be able to create and maintain user profiles that include information like name, address, availability, experience, education, and healthcare history.

User-friendly dashboards

Dashboards are referred to as the section of the software you see when you log in. Patients and doctors must find telemedicine software intuitive and practical.

Accessible information

Medical software needs to make it easy for all parties to access information. Medical history, contact information, treatment notes, and appointment history can all be included in this information.

Safety and privacy

To keep patient-doctor confidentiality at the top of the priority list, health providers need to be able to track and create treatment notes in an encrypted, secure database.

Appointment scheduling

A user must be able to book appointments quickly, view their profiles, and choose from many meeting methods, including video, chat, and telephone.

Type of interaction

There are multiple ways doctors and patients can communicate with each other using a high-quality Telehealth mobile app. Several considerations should be made, including high-definition video chat, recording sessions, and the ability to accommodate multiple parties.

Payment integration

Patients should be able to utilize multiple payment solutions to access convenient treatment. Among the most popular payment methods are credit/debit card, PayPal, and Stripe.

Work efficiency

The addition of features such as access to pharmacy databases from within the app makes treatment more efficient and seamless.

Ratings and reviews

After consultations, treatment, or recovery, it should be possible for patients to rate their healthcare providers. Other users can access treatment from reliable doctors based on the ratings and reviews provided by their patients.

How to Build an On-Demand Telemedicine App?

How to Build an On-Demand Telemedicine App

Follow these steps to develop a telemedicine app like Doctor on Demand:

Evaluate your app idea

Your app idea must be evaluated properly to ensure that it meets the needs of both doctors and patients. Identify the pain points of doctors, patients, and healthcare providers through some research.

Ask developers for quotations

To make sure your telemedicine app development goes smoothly, make sure you explain your app idea clearly to the development team and give as many details as possible.

Create an MVP

For the MVP, the project manager and business analyst will create prototypes and mockups of the app features.

Introduce your app in app marketplace

We will execute the ultimate product demonstration and provide your app with project-related information, including designs, mock-ups, and app store access.

What Are the Components of An On-Demand Telemedicine App?

Patient app

There should be a number of features on the patient's side of the telemedicine app, including:

  • User Login
  • Search for a Medical Expert
  • Book an Appointment
  • Video Conferencing with Doctors
  • Payment Gateway
  • Doctor Review

Doctor app

Doctors should have access to the following features in their telemedicine app:

  • Doctors’ Profile
  • Patient data e.g. prescripitons, test reports, etc.
  • Manage Appointments
  • In-App Message

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Telemedicine App?

An assessment of the cost of the telemedicine platform is required, as well as setting up a budget for promoting and distributing the app. There is no one right way to develop a telemedicine app as the cost depends on the approach, the features needed, the platform, the functionality, the chosen vendor, and the idea behind the app

Some of the factors that influence the app development cost are:

  • Your app development partner for app design and development.
  • Choosing the right app development platform, tools, and technology stack will influence the cost of developing your telemedicine app.
  • Depending on the complexity of your app and the features of the app, the cost will vary. A good budget is needed if you want to build a full-fledged app.
  • We provide MVPs and fully developed applications. This will have the basic features and a simple design that can handle the business.


Clearly, nowadays on-demand services are what make mobile applications successful. This success is yours to savor if you have a good strategy to explore the market, the right plan of execution at your end as well as a dedicated team of developers to support you. And that's where we, one of the best on-demand healthcare web app development companies, can help you. Connect with us to know more.


What is the cost of developing an on-demand healthcare app like Doctor on demand?

The cost of developing a basic doctor on-demand app ranges from $25,000 to $40,000. Depending on the complexity of the app, the price will vary.

How long does it take to develop an app like doctor on demand?

The development of an app similar to the doctor on demand app will take approximately 3 to 4 weeks if you entrust it to one of the best on-demand healthcare web app development companies like Neetable.