eScooter App Development

E-Scooter Mobile App Development Cost & Features

E-Scooter Mobile App Development Cost & Features

Climate change and traffic problems made e-scooter popular among people globally. It is an eco-friendly solution to reduce pollution levels. The electronic scooter business is an emerging sector. Many startups venturing into it. They need a custom-made e-scooter sharing app to give the electric scooters on rent. The users can get the e-scooters through the on-demand app.

Market Insights on E-bike rental app

Here are a few statistics showing the popularity of E-scooters in the USA and across the world.

Market Insights on E-bike rental app

  • E-bikes are getting as a daily means of transport in USA Cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. The electric scooter companies minted $255 million by renting their e-scooters on-demand to customers.
  • The market insights showed that the e-scooters sector will rise by $41 million (approx.) in 2025.
  • Growing adoption of such sustainable e-scooter technology is in USA, Spain, Germany, and France.
  • According to Polaris Market Research, the e-scooter market size is 11.2% from 2022-2030.
  • The revenue forecast by the end of 2030 for the e-scooter market is $50 billion.
  • The accelerated annual market growth in the electric scooter-sharing app is 6%.
  • The top players in e-scooter apps are Bird, Lime, Spin, Goat, Spin, and Wind Mobility.

How much cost & time it takes in developing the e-scooter app?

How much cost & time it takes in developing the e-scooter app?

The cost to develop an e-scooter app can go from $25K to $50K depending on features and time. Do you want an e-scooter sharing app like the popular apps Lime and Bird?

Then, as an early-aged startup in the e-scooter rental sector, you need to spend $25K to $50K. You can get the functionalities in your electric scooter-sharing app like Lime and Bird.

Estimated time to develop the electric scooter-sharing app

The estimated in developing the e-scooter app depends on the features added to it.

User Registration

The profile management in the e-scooter booking app requires user registration. It provides a better analytics scenario to track the person who took the electric scooter on rent. The time taken in the design, backend, and frontend is 40 hours to 60 hours.

Barcode scanning

Using barcode scanning the riders can unlock their e-bikes through the app. The three things involved in adding the barcode feature include design, front, and backend. The estimated time to develop barcode scanning is 50 hours to 80 hours.

Vendor registration

Third-party vendors can register their profiles and bikes through the app. Adding a such feature in the electric scooter app takes time around 65 hours. It is an essential page that the e-scooter app must have.

Shopping carts functionality

People can use the shopping carts present in the e-bike app. So that, they can get the accessories as per their requirement. Adding the shopping cart takes more than 90 hours from designing it to the front end and backend.

Rental & Subscription services

Online rental portals require a proper feature through which the users can get the subscription accordingly. They can book the rides and pay with the subscription model. Such type of feature takes 80 to 90 hours in design, front, and backend work.

Push Remainders

Push remainders provide updates to the customers for payment and bike booking. It is essential to get a such feature in the app by dedicating 75 hours to 90 hours in designing and development.

Payment Gateway Channel

The most basic feature which any e-bike rental app must have in it. It is to ensure getting timely payments. The payment gateway channel design and developments take around 40 hours. It involves the design of front and backend processes.

Ride analysis

Riders require to look for statistics on average speed, current speed, calories burnt, and many more things. The average time frame required in ride analysis feature development is approx. 15 hours.

Parking slot location

The e-bike rider needs to know where the parking slots are to park their bike. The feature development takes around 55 hours which enables one to track the available parking slots.


E-scooter app design should have feedback so that users can connect with developers to share their experience. Such feature addition in the e-bike app takes approx. 20 hours.
If you add the basic features above in your e-bike app then, on average it takes 1 to 2 months. Other modifications are required then; the time frame increases.

How does the e-scooter mobile app work?

The electric scooter app's functioning looks similar to the booking of any other ride-sharing app. Therefore, the basic operations of the e-scooter app are:

How does the e-scooter mobile app work?

  • Get the app through the downloading platform portal.
  • Do the profile creation by signing in to the app with the username and password.
  • Seek the locations to trace the nearby scooters.
  • Get detailed information about the scooter including the e-bike model and battery state.
  • Unlock the subscription using the map to get to the desired location.
  • Scan through the app on the QR code to get the ride.
  • Login again to use the app for ride-sharing.

Must-have features in E-scooter Sharing App

The high-end and on-demand electric bike must have the list of the following features in it. It makes the app highly functional to use on the people's end.


The satellite-supporting navigation system in the e-bike sharing app allows users to look for the exact location of scooters available in their area. The best thing is that the e-bike sharing app must have such a navigation feature.

Tracking facility real-time

The real-time tracking facility enables the user to locate the scooter to know the exact location of it from their place.

QR scanning code

The locking and unlocking of the scooter are done through the QR scan using the app. Therefore, it is necessary to get the in-app scanning code to unlock the bike.

Keeping ride history records

Keeping the history records of past user rides and fares. It can help in seeking assistance and fare review in the future.

In-app payment facility

The digital payments channel is replacing cash transactions. It is highly important to get a hassle-free and secure payment platform in the e-bike rental app.

Push Notifications

Push notification is an integral feature that any e-scooter sharing app requires to have it. Such notifications are regarding payments, and booking confirmations which can enhance customer experience.

App feedback, rating & support

A proper review system is a major requirement to know about the rider experience. The e-bike rental services company checks out their preferences and issues. They can sort things out later maximum customer engagement.


Electric scooters are bringing a huge impact on people's lives. Such scooters are becoming trendy with time. E-scooter rental companies started their customized apps for the booking and payments to charge from users. Our company Neetable provides e-scooter app development services. Get the custom-made e-bike app as per the feature complexities requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much would e-scooter app development cost?

The development cost of the e-scooter depends on the complexity of the features. On average, the price range may go from $25K-$50K. The prices vary on addition of features in app. It includes the individual hourly cost of the designer $20, the frontend developer $30, and the backend developer $30. Hire e-scooter app developer considering costing factors and project requirements.

What duration does it take for the development of the e-bike rental app?

The feature added in the e-bike booking app decides its duration. The app with the basic features including user registration, tracking system, barcode, push notification, and feedback gets ready within 2 months. The addition of other complex features may increase the time.

How can you make money from an e-scooter booking application?

Set a competitive price that you can charge for renting the e-bike from the rental app. The average rental charge is $1 depending on the ride duration. Refer to the bird place earning model. Bird place made a marketplace using the app so that scooters from other companies are available on the app.