Cost Estimation

How Much Does It Cost To develop an App Like Dubizzle

How Much Does It Cost To build an App Like Dubizzle

On Internet, several firms provide various advertising materials. Internet classifieds have become increasingly popular in recent years. In fact, it’s one of the world's fastest-expanding economies.

Online classification services are the most effective way to promote a product or item on the internet. This is due to the fact that these classified services represent a one-stop shop for both buyers and sellers. Many sellers just place their ads on a platform, and many buyers view these ads and end up purchasing the product. It's an excellent technique to reach out to a large number of individuals in a certain place.

Dubizzle is a classifieds app founded in the UAE. Millions of Dubizzle users in the UAE are from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Aln , Ras Alh Khalmah , Fujalrah and Al Quwaln

J.C Butler and Sim Whatley launched it in 2005 with barely 6000 USD. Dubizzle allows you to sell and buy items in a variety of categories at any time. User-generated classified and community sites in the UAE are exclusively assisted in making better financial decisions. Before learning how much it costs to build a classified app like Dubizzle, we'll look at some of the app's features and how it works.

What are the main features of Dubizzle and how does it work?

Dubizzle is an online marketplace, where people can sell and buy products. New Dubizzle users can sign up using their Facebook or Google accounts. These users receive a private place on Dubizzle after they signup.

Dubizzle offers a wide range of post categories, including:

Motors: Vehicles of various categories such as heavy vehicles, used automobiles, boats, motorbikes, and so on.

Jobs: This section caters to both job seekers and recruiters. Individuals can find the suitable employment, and recruiters can find eager candidates in this area.

Property for sale: In this area, people sell their properties without involving a broker and paying broker fees.

Property for rent: Property owners locate suitable renters after listing their property in the property for rent category.

Community: For a complete listing of all activities, classes, and seminars. Even Freelancers mention their services such as repairing, maintaining and writing.

Several Things to Consider While Creating an App

What factors should be considered when creating one, then?

Security: Security is very crucial as the platform contains sensitive data and payment methods.

Chat system: In this type of app-building platform, one-on-one chat between users is quite vital. A critical aspect of online indicators is their speed and features, such as the ability to read receipts.

Everyone dislikes a sluggish platform, so pick your server carefully and optimize your website by clearing all of the Audits.

Key Attributes of the Dubizzle-like Software Include:

Login/Register: Using a Google or Facebook account is quick and straightforward.

Manage Profile: Users can modify many aspects of their profiles.

Specify preferences Location: A preferred location is shown by typing a location in the search box provided or by moving the map pointer.

Images: Images can be uploaded, deleted, and edited along with a description.

Category: Users can choose from a variety of sorts based on their interests.

Contacting buyers: Users can speak with buyers directly to resolve any issues about the goods.

Selling: Using the account, individuals are able to sell products with an image and description.

How Much does a Classified App like Dubizzle cost?

How Much does a Classified App like Dubizzle cost

Since Dubizzle has grown out of a large concept, estimating the cost of developing a similar software is a slightly complex procedure. A number of variables, including UX/UI design, functionality, the platform used to construct the app, the location of the app developers, and whether the app is native, hybrid, or cross-platform, affect the development cost of a classified's app like Dubizzle.

The support and maintenance costs that app developers offer, will also affect the cost of developing an app similar to Dubizzle.

To Develop a Website + Application like Dubizzle will cost on average between 50,000 AED to 90,000 AED.

Estimating the average cost based on features:

  • Vertical App similar to Dubizzle with basic characteristics: AED 15,000
  • Horizontal app similar to Dubizzle with enhanced features: AED 40,000
  • Horizontal App similar to Dubizzle with additional features: AED 60,000


Although it is expensive to create an app like Dubizzle, pay off is a tremendous profit and satisfaction in the end. Among the best online and mobile app developers, Neetable is a group of technologically talented and knowledgeable engineering professionals. If you want to create a Dubizzle-like app with one or more of the features listed above, Neetable can make your idea a reality.