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How to develop a massage app like soothe?

How to develop a massage app like soothe?

There is an app for everything, so why not for massage services too? You can use this app to connect with massage therapists in your locality, as with any other mobile-based service. The app will match you with the best massage therapist in your area based on the service you need.

Massage services such as Sports, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre-Natal, and more are available on the app for users to choose from. Let your message be delivered at home at the time and location that works best for you.

Therapists will be booked based on their location, rating, and time. The app does all the searching for you.

With the app, the user is matched with a reliable and experienced massage therapist at the time and place of their choosing.

What Are the Benefits of an On-Demand Massage App Like Soothe?

What Are the Benefits of an On-Demand Massage App Like Soothe?

There are certain incredible features in this app that make the app so friendly and interesting.

Unique service

People are stressed all the time due to work, travel, and well modern lifestyle. An on-demand massage app like Soothe proves that no other app or service can offer the satisfaction or relaxation that a massaging app could provide through its service.

Certified professionals

App users can find massage therapists who are licensed, certified, and experienced. Through its services, the app offers complete security and convenience at the same time.


Massage therapists can schedule appointments based on their convenience and availability. This allows the therapists to balance their work and lifestyle.

Setup not required

Users do not need to worry about anything. The therapists bring their own table and other required equipment, etc. Users will only need to book the therapist, and the therapist will handle the rest.

Massage for couples

As a couple, you can also experience spa treatments and other services from the comfort of your own home.

Must-have Features to Be Integrated into Your On-demand Massage App Like Soothe App

Features to Be Integrated into Your On-demand Massage App Like Soothe App

To meet the perceptions and expectations of your market, you need to tailor your offerings. The unicorn journey begins once you have identified a niche that matches a comprehensive set of services and solutions. Investors are pouring billions of dollars into the on-demand app space to extract massive scale and margin benefits. Although, several factors need to be considered to bring your idea to fruition.

For an on-demand massage app to be high-quality, you need to define your business model perfectly. On-demand massage apps provide therapists and consumers with a seamless flow of functionality.  Therapists use your platform to reach need-driven targeted consumers. You also make it easy for consumers to find quality therapists wherever they are through your app.

User app

Creating a massage app like Soothe requires first developing a perfect user interface in order to fulfill consumers' expectations. In order to save time, energy, and money, they must enjoy ease and convenience.

Features to be included:

  • Therapists' information
  • Smart search with multi-level filters
  • Compare professionals
  • Recommendations to get better deals
  • Easy booking
  • Multiple payment options
  • Simple communication channel
  • Ratings and reviews option
  • Push notifications
  • User dashboard
  • Easy cancellation option

Therapist app

The therapist will join at the point when they see the benefits of increased business, better work efficiency, and above all, access to a strong client base.

Features to be included:

  • Manage profile
  • Set availability
  • Accept or reject a service request
  • Display work history
  • Option to select service locations
  • Dashboard with bookings, accounts, and other details
  • Option to show services
  • A smooth payment interface
  • In-app communication channel
  • Feedback capturing system with social media integration

Admin panel

You can utilize your admin panel for on-demand massage app development to better control the flow of data in order to pitch future expansions and investors.

Features to be included:

  • A smooth process for capturing and displaying massage therapists' data with all available filters
  • Easy access to consumer data to serve them better
  • Smart capturing of booking data
  • Account and payment functionality
  • Communication channel control
  • Review and feedback

How To Develop an On-Demand Massage Web App Like Soothe?

How To Develop an On-Demand Massage Web App Like Soothe

Invest time in market research

Make sure you spend some time and effort on analyzing market requirements after deciding on the niche for your app.

  • Target Audience

Identify the areas where you can get more clients and increase profits.

  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

The market is flooded with many apps, so yours must stand out.

  • Target platforms

When creating an app, you must decide whether to build a native or hybrid version.

  • Competitor analysis

Analyze your competitors carefully to make the necessary adjustments to your app.

Focus on app design

An engaging and interactive design is essential for an app.

  • Information Architecture

This is your app's screen strategy. This is where you get the details for building different app pages.

  • Wireframes

A wireframe depicts the components of the front end, such as buttons, icons, etc.

  • Mockups

A trial test to determine whether the app complements the design.

App development

This stage includes:

  • API development
  • Back-end development
  • Front-end development

App testing

As the last step in developing an on-demand massage app, we are ready to test the app. It is crucial that you test your app to discover bugs, errors, etc.

How Much Does It Cost to Create an On-Demand Massage App Like Soothe?

The cost of developing an on-demand massage app depends on factors such as:

  • App design
  • Technology stack used for development
  • Platform (Android/iOS or both)
  • Time taken for development
  • Features and functionalities integrated
  • Experience and location of the developer

An app with basic functionality can cost approximately $25,000 and could go up to $45,000 as the complexity varies.

When you hire a professional mobile app development company, you can avoid many of the challenges that come along with on-demand app development since these companies are equipped with the expertise and experienced team that you need to create an app that works well.


For an app to attract investors, you need more than just a good idea. Investors will be attracted to startups that offer convenience to their users, as well as their capital.

It is important that you develop an on-demand web app with a clear roadmap and apt functionality to ensure a wonderful user experience. As one of the best on-demand massage web app development companies, with our help, you can develop an app that is sure to awe its users.


What is Soothe?

Soothe is an on-demand massage service app. A massage service of your choice (such as deep tissue, Swedish, sports, and prenatal) can be booked in as little as an hour, and the masseuse will come to you wherever you are.

How to develop an on-demand web app like Soothe?

  • Conduct market research
  • Identify your niche
  • Analyse competitors
  • List features needed
  • Approach web app development company
  • Test your MVP
  • Launch your product