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Make Your Business Grow with an E-Commerce App Like Ajio

Make Your Business Grow with an E-Commerce App Like Ajio

How much does it cost to develop an e-commerce app like Ajio? What is the average development time for an e-commerce app like Ajio? Can an app like Ajio help your business grow?

Whether you want to grow your business or boost ROI, this article will provide answers to your questions. The purpose of this article is to provide you with information necessary to build top online shopping apps like Ajio. We have also compiled a list of features that are essential for delivering a world-class shopping experience with Ajio. Our Ajio clone app cost information is also available if you wish to invest in creating the app.

The Popularity and Rise of Mobile Shopping Apps

The Popularity and Rise of Mobile Shopping Apps

There has been a monopoly of Amazon-Flipkart engulfing India's ecommerce market for many years now. Recent ecommerce trends have given rise to players such as AJIO, Nykaa, Purplle, Tata CLiQ, Myntra (owned by Flipkart) and others.

The convenience and accessibility of e-commerce have made it increasingly popular in recent years. The widespread adoption of smartphones and the growth of the internet have led to an increase in people shopping online. It is expected that this trend will continue in the future as the e-commerce market grows and evolves.

Ajio may experience its own growth patterns aside from the overall growth experienced in the e-commerce industry. An e-commerce app's growth can be influenced by factors such as product quality and variety, app usability, and market demand for the products it offers.

An additional factor that contributed to the rapid acceptance of online shopping was the pandemic. Fashion shopping in India has changed considerably since the outbreak of Covid-19. Fashion brands now sell 26-50% of their products online, busting the myth that touch and feel are key factors in fashion purchasing decisions.


An Overview Of AJIO

AJIO is one India’s major online shopping brand. By July 2022, it had surpassed 100,000,000+ downloads and gained the hearts of thousands of people. Such a massive user base has made it the Number #2 Indian e-Commerce company. The Ajio marketplace lets users easily order the hottest, most unique, and premium quality clothing and accessories from domestic and international brands.

What Features Should An e-Commerce Application Like Ajio Include?

Create an app that is user-friendly and intuitive so that customers can easily find and purchase what they want. Make your app more successful by thinking about your target market's needs and preferences.

An online shopping app like Ajio comes with a number of must-have features. Let's take a closer look at some of them.

Product catalog: E-commerce apps require a product catalog to allow customers to browse and search for products. A catalog should contain detailed information about products, including pictures, descriptions, and prices.

Shopping cart: While shopping, customers can add items to their carts and keep track of their purchases.

Checkout process: Easy and seamless checkout processes allow customers to buy items quickly and easily. Options for payment and shipping may be included.

Customer account: As well as viewing their order history and managing their account preferences, customers can create a customer account to save their personal and financial information and make future purchases easier.

Product recommendations: By analyzing their purchase history or browsing history, product recommendations allow customers to discover new products they may be interested in.

Push notifications: A store can use push notifications to inform customers about new products, sales, and other updates.

Support for customers: It is important to offer options for customers to contact customer service, including in-app messaging and phone and email support.

Personalized experience: It is possible to improve the customer experience and increase engagement by integrating personalization features, such as product recommendations and offers.

Social media integration: Incorporating social media into an app can help boost brand awareness and create a sense of community. The app could include features like sharing products on social media or following other users.

Mobile payment options: Customer purchases within apps can be made easier and more convenient with the use of mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Use of AR and VR: A virtual reality or augmented reality shopping experience can make the shopping experience more interactive and immersive. Customers could, for example, virtually try on clothes and see how furniture would look in their homes.

Detailed product reviews and ratings: Customers can make informed purchases and increase their trust in an app by reading product reviews and ratings.

Live chat support: Customer service via live chat can help improve the overall experience for customers by providing immediate assistance.

What Is The Revenue Model Of An e-Commerce App Like Ajio?

The revenue model for an e-commerce app is determined by its business model and target market. Choose the revenue model that is appropriate and sustainable for the business after carefully considering the different options. An e-commerce app like Ajio could use the following revenue models:

Directly sell your products:

The most common revenue model for an e-commerce app is to sell directly to customers. Among the products included are clothing and accessories as well as home goods and electronics.

Subscription model:

Subscription services on some e-commerce apps allow customers to access exclusive discounts, deals, or other benefits by paying a regular fee (e.g., monthly or annually).

Affiliate marketing:

E-commerce apps can also generate revenue through affiliate marketing, where they earn commissions by promoting and selling other businesses' products.


Users may also be able to generate revenue through advertising, either by purchasing ad space within the app or by viewing advertisements on the site.

Purchases made through the app:

There are some e-commerce apps that offer downloadable content or additional features that can be purchased within the app, generating revenue through in-app purchases.

What Factors Contribute To The Cost And Development Time Of Ecommerce Applications?

Scope of the project:

The level of complexity and number of features that are included in the app can substantially influence the costs and length of time required to develop it. An app that has more features and is more complex is likely to take much longer to develop and will cost much more than an app with fewer features and is more straightforward to develop.

Platforms and technologies that are used:

Additionally, the platform(s) on which the app will be developed (e.g., iOS, Android, web) as well as the technology stack used in the app development can influence the cost and the length of time it takes to develop. If you want to develop an app for multiple platforms, then it is typically more expensive and take longer than if you want to develop for one platform only.

Design and user experience:

The user experience and design of the app can also have a significant impact on the cost and time it takes to develop. Developing a design that is more sophisticated and intuitive may take more time and resources than an ordinary design.

Size of the development team:

It is important to keep in mind that the size of the development team can also influence the cost and development time. The larger the team, the more likely they will be able to complete the project more rapidly, but this will also result in a higher cost.

Location of the development team:

There is also the possibility that the location of the development team may have an impact on the project cost. The developer fees in some regions may be higher than those in others, depending on the region.

What Advantages Will a Mobile e-Commerce App Like AJIO Offer Your Customers?

A well designed e-commerce app can provide several benefits to businesses, such as increased convenience, improved customer experience, and increased sales as well as increased awareness of a company's brand.

Increased convenience:

The development of an e-commerce app provides customers with a convenient and easy way to shop from their smartphones or tablets, allowing them to browse and purchase products from any location at any time.

Providing a better customer experience:

There are numerous features available in an e-commerce app that can be beneficial to customers, with features such as product recommendations, personalized offers, and easy access to account information and order history, which can result in a more efficient and seamless shopping experience.

A rise in sales:

The use of an e-commerce app can assist businesses in reaching a wider audience and potentially enhance the sales of their products by facilitating the finding and purchase of products by their customers.

Enhanced brand awareness:

In addition to increasing brand awareness and establishing a stronger presence on the web, e-commerce apps can also assist businesses in increasing sales.

Easy to update:

Besides being easier to update and maintain than a traditional website, using a mobile e-commerce application means that changes can be made and deployed quickly and easily unlike a traditional website.

How Much Does It Cost To Make An Online Shopping App Like Ajio?

How Much Does It Cost To Make An Online Shopping App Like Ajio?

With a strong focus on custom e-commerce app development, Neetable creates a range of innovative and tailored native and multi-platform online shopping mobile apps, which are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. It is estimated that AJIO e-commerce app development cost will range from USD 15,000 to USD 45,000 with basic features and functionalities.

A mobile app development cost may vary based on a variety of factors, such as the features, platform, design, technology stack, integrations, team size, development time, and location of the app developers. This all has a direct impact on the actual cost of developing a shopping app similar to Ajio.


Many factors contribute to Ajio's success, such as its abundance of products, secure online payments, convenient cash-on-delivery options, home delivery, and reliable return policy. Developing e-commerce apps similar to Ajio is a smart decision to reach new audiences and extend the brand's value.

The best e-commerce app developers in India and the USA are here to help you. As one of the best e-commerce app development companies, our team has extensive experience developing Ajio-like Android and iOS apps. At an affordable budget, we offer robust and cost-effective mobile app solutions. Contact us for a free estimate on Ajio clone development.


What makes AJIO unique?

The AJIO collection of fashion products offers great value. Customers can expect the brand to deliver unique, trending styles. With millions of Indians shopping on the platform, it has become the ultimate fashion destination.

What makes AJIO so successful?

This platform is very user-friendly and provides customers with a positive experience. The Ajio team is specially trained to answer all the questions of its customers. The company also runs various offers, including free delivery to your home.

Is AJIO a profitable app to develop?

As of 2021, was one of the leading e-commerce platforms with revenue of more than US$1,000 million. As a result, contributes between 5.0% and 10.0% to eCommerce net sales. Among the top online stores are,, and

Which are the best online shopping sites in India?

The leading online shopping platforms in India are:

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Myntra
  • Ajio
  • Pharmeasy
  • Nykaa
  • Snapdeal
  • Lenskart
  • Pepperfry
  • Meesho