Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development Cost in Dubai UAE

Mobile App Development Cost in Dubai UAE

Increased demand for the latest apps takes smartphone technology to a new level of transformation. Mobile apps are making daily operations convenient and user-friendly. In recent years, more and more people use handheld devices to search for even the most trivial things, such as where to eat or how to paint a wall.   Dubai citizens spend 3 hours a day on their smartphones. The demand for mobile apps in Dubai is at an all-time high. The number of smartphone users will reach 4.82 million by 2022.

Are you looking to develop a mobile app in Dubai at reasonable rates? In Dubai, app development costs range from $25K to $50K. Hire a mobile app development company in Dubai that offers the expertise to build apps based on client conceptual requirements.

Cost of app development based on app types

Cost of app development based on app types

  • Static Information App

Display static information through a basic app. The cost of creating such basic apps is under $20K by adding just a hyperlink to the app. Screenings are limited to 6-10 with no server connection in the app. Basic apps are created in a short time with no backend requirements. The intuitive design and user interface make it easy for users to check information. The cost of static apps can exceed $20k when there is a requirement to update information and servers.

  • E-Commerce Mobile App

E-Commerce mobile app development in Dubai is getting popular with the rising trend of online shopping among people. The Mobile E-commerce app includes features for showcasing inventory, user registration, account management, payment gateway, and a secure system. E-Commerce app development cost in Dubai is $25K-$50K and the app development duration is 3 to 6 months. Do you require any customization in E-Commerce app development? Adding novelty features increases the cost and timeframe of developing E-Commerce apps.

  • Multi-User Mobile Applications

Multi-user mobile apps are becoming omnipresent. Examples of such multi-user apps include Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Whatsapp. Developers focus heavily on creating multi-user apps with comprehensive features, design, and development. Therefore, the starting cost of developing multi-user apps is $35K. The cost will increase with the features added to the app. It requires developing an online platform with real-time chat functionality in it.

  • Gaming Apps

The projected growth rate of gaming apps in Dubai will reach 40% by 2027. In 2022, the game app growth rate was 37% with revenue of $288 million. Market trends show that gaming apps are in demand.  Such apps are developed on highly complex programming concepts from storyboard creation to adding animation. The development of gaming apps in Dubai requires expertise in a number of areas. Creating a 2-dimensional app costs $40K-$70K with 3 to 6 months duration. However, the 3-D game app development price will likely exceed $70K with a development time of 8 months.

  • Managing Business Process Apps

In order to streamline business processes, mobile apps for business processes need to be developed. Commercial organizations use these business management apps. The classic example of a business process app is CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Development of business process apps requires high levels of specialization, so it is expensive to develop such apps. The cost of creating an app for workforce management ranges between $25K-$50K. An app developer in Dubai charges approximately $30-$40 per hour for complex programming.

  • User Productivity Apps

In this era, smartphones are becoming all-pervasive. Today, almost everyone has access to mobile phones. In return, it increased the demand for productivity-enhancing apps with time. Software professionals show their willingness to dedicate their time to developing user productivity apps like Evernote, Dropbox, and Email. It is convenient for people to manage their work by using such apps on their smartphones. Apps like these provide seamless synchronization and a variety of user-defined options. The mobile app development price is around $20K-$30K for such apps. The development time for apps with limited features is 1 to 3 months.

  • Marketplace Mobile Apps

Marketplace mobile apps are similar to Uber and Bird apps. Such apps require native features such as location sharing, payment integration, and a chat system. Developing marketplace mobile apps is a complex process with so many features. iOS and Android app development costs in Dubai range from $25K to $70K for marketplace app development. Usually, such apps are developed in 3 to 9 months.

Components required for Building Mobile Apps

A number of components contribute to smooth app development and timely delivery of the app to clients.

  • Define App Objectives

Every app comes into existence from an idea. Figure out some innovative ideas for app development. Until you get an interesting app concept out of it, refine it. As you talk with the client about app development, consider asking them about their goals and mindset for developing the app. Keep the client informed of the company's maintenance services for mobile apps.

  • App Layout Functionalities

When building a mobile app, it is equally important to consider the functionality of the app layout. As the app structure is being developed, ask the client whether visual elements should be included. This step includes a list of app design guidelines, templates, UI kit, and user interface visual guidelines. Layout features will have a direct impact on the app's functionality and usability.

  • Wireframes

Wireframes and app documentation illustrate the app's functionality. The process begins with detailed sketches that help determine if there are any usability issues. Preparing a sketch involves communicating and discussing the app development process. Creating a wireframe is the final step after creating the sketch, and it can help refine the ideas and design elements used to develop the app.

  • App Development on the front & backend

Front-end and back-end development play a significant role in improving the app's visual appeal. Startup costs for app development in Dubai are relatively low. The price range changes only for bug fixing, so that it doesn't affect the app's functionality.

  • Testing of app

App testing is an integral part of the development cycle. Testing is crucial for determining whether there are any required changes to be made to the app. Regardless of the number of features you add, app development is not a time-consuming process. If a bug appears in an app, however, it is difficult to fix. This testing process enables the testing team and the app development team to walk through the original designs. The team can determine whether changes are needed or not.

Final Takeaway

App type, duration, budget, features, and app platform determine the mobile app development cost in Dubai. Hire a mobile app development company in Dubai that possesses the expertise to handle simple to complex programming processes. Customers will want mobile apps that are feature-rich and allow them to perform tasks according to their requirements. The number of apps coming out daily may make it difficult to figure out which is the best app development company to work with. But worry not. We have got you covered. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. Let's build a great app together.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to develop a mobile app?

The app development timeline depends on factors such as budget, app type, features, and app platform. If the MVP is already in place, it doesn’t require much time to add new features to the app. A basic app takes 1 to 3 months to develop. On the other hand, a complex app can take up to 10 months to develop.

How much does it cost to maintain an application?

Add 30% to 40% to the total app development costs to determine maintenance. Costs vary depending on the complexity of the app, the server, and the location of the company. The client can connect with the IT company to discuss the app development cost and budget based on requirements. It includes the cost of an app developer in Dubai for maintaining and eliminating bugs within the app.

How much does it cost to display an app on the Google Play Store & Apple Store?

Google and Apple adhere to their respective policies regarding app renewal. You will have to pay $25 to display the app on Google Play Store. There is a 15% charge for app earnings of $1 million and a 30% charge for earnings of more than $1 million. Apple Store charges a $99 renewal fee to display apps on its store.

What is the cost of making an app in Dubai?

The basic app development cost in Dubai starts from $25K. The cost to build an Android app or iOS app again varies starting from $30,000.