Cost Estimation

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Glamsquad or Urban Company?

Cost to create an on-demand salon app like GlamSquad

When we were growing up, there used to be a thick directory at home listing dozens of technicians for all kinds of services. To get a service done, we had to call several of them, and there was no fixed price or specific time available.

Now that on-demand service applications are available, you can order a service faster and more conveniently from a single platform, and you will receive the best results. It not only offers faster service but will also estimate the cost ahead of time. Whether you pay for the service is up to you.

Developing An On-Demand Salon App Like Glamsquad

Developing An On-Demand Salon App Like Glamsquad

Traffic, waiting for turns, and other inconveniences make getting to and from the salon a hassle. Mobile apps for bookings and appointments save us a lot of time in this situation. How about creating a Hair Salon Application similar to Glamsquad and using its services to attract more clients?

In today's world, online presence is more important than revenue because more people are interested in buying services from the Internet. There are many reasons for this, including discounts, offers, coupons, convenience, saving time, etc.

A number of on-demand beauty salon services are available through apps like GlamSquad and Urban Company. By using these apps, you can get haircuts, salon treatments, and much more at home from a professional.

Customers can access any beauty service they need by clicking on a few options on such an app.  Not just that. Using the Beauty salon app, beauty salon owners stand a better chance of being seen by their customers. People are always looking for something novel that can enhance their appearance. Including a catalogue of different services and treatments in your beauty salon app can be helpful.   Nevertheless, if you are considering developing an app for your Beauty Salon, there are a variety of factors to take into consideration. Glamsquad's cost is heavily influenced by these aspects. The cost of on-demand app development includes must-haves and advanced features, team structure, technologies, and others.

Must-Have Features of a Mobile Salon App Like Glamsquad

Must-Have Features of a Mobile Salon App Like Glamsquad


Apps with pre-booking features are smart because they save clients time and get them more customers. For instance, imagine waiting for hours to get a slot. There's no doubt that it will be a huge hassle and will take up most of your day. A successful business is all about introducing new ways to pamper your customers.

Services Provided

Make it easy for users to find and select the services that they need. Using images and videos of the service can help users to conceptualize the result of undergoing the service, resulting in better conversions for your business.

Multiple Payment Methods

Providing users with multiple payment methods is an important aspect of any application. Utilize the data from user research to understand which are the preferred modes of payment for your target audience. Integrate the preferred options in your app to provide a seamless user experience.

Push Notifications

These can either boost your profit or hinder your growth, if not properly maintained. Push notifications are helpful in notifying clients of the latest offers, pending payments, and available app updates. It also helps clients to schedule their whole process according to the appointments of the day.

Your customers may become irritated and annoyed if you send them too many notifications. Decide on a daily notification limit that is sufficient to attract clients’ attention.

Discounts and Special Offers

Offering loyalty discounts is another helpful feature you can add to the list. It will not only show appreciation to your clients but also bring in new clients for your business. GPS navigation

Tracking functionality should be integrated into the app via GPS. As a result, experts can use the most efficient route to reach the client's location.

Additional Features that Must Be Included in the Application

With so many applications on the market, building a new app will require time, effort, and increasing user engagement. The app can be made engaging by including features that are unique and not found in other apps so that the user feels like it is new. Some of the features that can be included are:

  • Customer reviews and feedback: Helping users choose the right salon.
  • Geo Locations: This feature allows you to track the live location of the beauty expert.
  • Advanced Filters: Quickly access the details of the service required based on price or other factors.
  • In-App Chat Support: Quickly resolve customer queries and complaints to provide a seamless service.
  • Social Media Integration: Enables easy registration and sharing of reviews on social media to improve app visibility.

Technology Stack Needed to Make a Beauty Salon App

Listed below are the technologies needed to build an on-demand beauty salon app

  • Push Notifications: FCM and APNS
  • Powerful Programming Mandrill: GWT
  • Database: MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Postgres
  • Cloud Environment: Google and AWS
  • SMS, Voice as well as Phone Verification: Twilio, Nexmo, or Sinch
  • Universal Operating System: Debian, Macintosh, Ubuntu, CentOS
  • Data Management: Datastax
  • Available payment options: Stripe and PayPal
  • Real-time Analytics: Apache Flink, IBM, Spark, Hadoop, BigData, Cisco

How do On-Demand Apps like Glam Squad Make Money?

After establishing their brand in the market, companies like Glam Squad have a much easier time making money. It is important to carefully manage the marketing process in order to get the brand name of the company out there. On-demand companies typically earn profits and make money in the following ways:

Commission on Services

A major source of income for Glam Squad and similar companies comes from commissions taken from salon orders. Every time the app takes an order from a customer, it takes a percentage from the beauty service provider of 10%-15%.


A major source of revenue for most applications in the app store and play store is in-app advertising. Adverts generate a significant amount of revenue. Many organizations pay generously for every click on their ads made by users through an app.

Paid Sponsorship

You can increase revenue for your app by partnering with top salons. You can promote their services separately within the application.

How Much Will It Cost You to Make an App Like GlamSquad?

The cost of developing a mobile application includes various elements that go beyond the tech stack and features. With our experience building several on-demand beauty apps, we can provide you with an accurate estimate, of the above mentioned features and technology stack.

As one of the best on-demand beauty app development companies, we provide our services at a very cost-effective rate. It will cost approximately $20K to $40K to create a beauty on-demand app in India. Getting the application developed by an organization based in the USA or the UK would increase the cost.

Get in touch with us to know more about our cost-effective pricing.