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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Flutter App Developer in 2022?

How much does it cost to hire ReactJs developers in 2022?

Using Flutter, you will be able to develop applications for both Android and iOS devices. Using this open-source SDK, you can develop rich and dynamic apps for mobile, desktop, and web platforms.

As Flutter allows you to code for multiple platforms, it is considered the preferred platform to create apps for Android and iOS. This saves you time and effort when you have to create different codes for different platforms. With it, you can build robust applications quickly and easily by combining cross-platform and native development models.

Let’s have a quick overview of the advantages of Flutter, and the responsibilities, and skills of a Flutter developer. We also review the different engagement models and the cost of hiring engineers and programmers for Flutter app development services.

Why Should You Choose Flutter for Your Next Project?


With Flutter, one can build an app that works on multiple platforms from only one codebase. The companies will no longer need to hire separate teams for each OS.

This results in a reduction in development costs. A significant reduction in the time it takes for an app to reach the market is also achieved. For startups, Flutter offers a cost-effective way to develop native-like applications.

Superior performance

One of the most notable features of Flutter is hot reloading. To assess changes in a native app, the app must first be compiled and then loaded on the device.

The benefit of hot reloading is that developers can alter their code while observing the results in real-time, so they do not have to restart the program every time they make a change. It enhances team collaboration and simplifies testing.

Global Community and Google Support

In recent years, the Flutter community has grown rapidly, earning the trust of mobile developers around the world. With Google backing an SDK, it carries huge credibility. Flutter coders can connect, interact with and learn from one another in several official and unofficial forums.

As for app development costs, Flutter is less expensive than Xamarin, especially in enterprise-scale software. Furthermore, Flutter boasts a seamless UI compared to React Native. This is why Flutter is more popular among programmers than its competitors.


Since its introduction in 2013, Flutter has gained a lot of popularity and adoption. With Flutter, programming is faster and easier, and there are fewer costs associated with developing an app.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Flutter Developer?

What Are the Responsibilities of a Flutter Developer?

With Flutter's versatile SDK, hiring a Flutter app developer would be a useful addition to your team. As a result of this technology, it is extremely easy to build engaging app designs, create custom widgets, and engage end users using innovative means such as gamification or augmented reality. You can build a working MVP within 2 months if you hire someone with experience in mobile development. So, if you’re planning to hire Flutter developers from one of the best offshore Flutter app development companies like Neetable here is what you can expect:

  • Understanding of Agile methodologies and how they can benefit your entire team.
  • To write clean and readable code.
  • Strictly adhere to the company’s core values.
  • Follow deadlines.
  • Optimizing the code for end users will make it more preferable to them. Consequently, an application will be more accessible to devices with a low-performance CPU, a shorter battery life, etc.

Essential Skills to Look for in a Flutter App Developer

Technical expertise/knowledge of a Flutter developer

Experience with:

Flutter technology (with the required level of experience based on requirements);

Version control tools like Git;

Strong knowledge of:

Business Logic Components;


Backend web services like Node.js or Firebase;

Understanding of:

Kotlin or Swift;

Mobile development for Android or iOS specifics;

Performing unit tests.

Soft skills of a Flutter developer

Communication skills

The ability to communicate technical details in words is one of the essential skills of IT professionals. From a business perspective, this will simplify the development process and ensure that your requirements are fully covered.


For the Flutter app to work well, developers will have to work with UI designers, QA engineers, and others.


When you hire a Flutter developer, you can expect them to take initiative and come up with new ideas to help improve the project.


A developer's greatest soft skill is their dedication to the project and their desire to improve it.

Good English

Hiring Flutter developers from outside English-speaking countries requires a high level of English proficiency.

How To Choose an Engagement Model for Hiring a Flutter Developer

How To Choose an Engagement Model for Hiring a Flutter Developer

It is advantageous to hire a developer from a Flutter outsourcing service provider since they can choose the contract terms. A business can manage development costs and expenses more effectively from this perspective. Models should be tailored to match specific project needs to organize aspects such as:   Work scope

This is the aspect of the agreement that specifies the tasks to be performed. Some projects require specific assignments, while others can be re-scoped during execution as the team progresses.


Managing budgets can be challenging, but if you choose the fixed price option, you can do so gradually. Flutter developers can be hired according to your budget based on the engagement model you choose.

Time frame

Several factors determine the timeline for a project. An overview of the product's scope and requirements is needed. A better understanding of approximate timeframes can be gained by predicting the future, even though it isn't easy to do.


Different business models have different payment options. Companies may prefer to hire Flutter developers on a fixed-hourly basis. While the others adhere to a predetermined budget for the agreed-upon scope of work.

Team scalability

The scalability of the development team is another aspect to consider when choosing a Flutter developer. Some projects require team scalability as well as project scalability. A complex product requires an efficient team extension model.

Engagement Models

Time and material model

Fixed hourly prices make managing developers' time easier since they are based on a number of tasks and complexity. Increasing or decreasing the project scope is not an issue. After implementation, the final cost is determined by the person-hour.

If you need Flutter developers for one-time projects, this is a great option. Partnering with outsourcing providers can help them find the right expertise at reasonable service costs, for example.

Fixed price model

With this model of hiring, the contract outlines developers' tasks as well as a timeline for completion and costs. There is often a prepayment requirement with this model. Contracts for additional services must be signed separately.

A business model such as this can be used for MVP development by companies. Through its implementation of MVP features, feedback is captured and further improvements are made. With Flutter, businesses can achieve valuable results and minimize expenses.

Dedicated hiring model

This model of hiring enables long-term business relationships. Flutter developers can be assigned to your in-house team as remote members, making this a suitable option for productive collaboration. Service providers can also manage the entire development team. The company's payment options include management fees, cost per resource, and hourly rates.

Those interested in the broader perspective of Flutter programming should consider this option.

What Is the Cost of Hiring a Flutter Developer?

The cost of hiring a Flutter app developer varies from country to country and also the experience level of the developer. For reasonable rates, you can choose India and hire a Flutter app developer from a reputable company like Neetable.

Cost of hiring a Flutter developer from India:

Junior to Intermediate level developer – Around $20/hour Senior level developer - $50/hour Cost of hiring a Flutter developer in Europe: $50 to $100/hour Cost of hiring a Flutter developer in the USA: $90 to $120/hour Cost of hiring a Flutter developer in Australia: $100 to $150/hour


Neetable is the best choice when hiring Flutter developers. We ensure that you receive a multitude of benefits when you hire Flutter developers from Neetable, an offshore Flutter app development company. Flutter app developers at our company specialize in leveraging a cross-platform app development approach that delivers superior quality native interfaces in seconds using a highly reliable UI framework. Our expert flutter developers are available for hourly, part-time, or monthly hires.

What you will get:

  • Flexibility to find the right person to power up your team.
  • Predictable costs due to lower developer fees.
  • Extend your team with the resources it needs to scale fast.
  • Clear and transparent communication.
  • Easy replacement of staff.

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How much does it cost to hire a dedicated Flutter app developer?

It depends on the experience level of the Flutter developer you hire and also the location. However, on average, when you hire a Flutter app developer from Neetable it’s going to cost you about $20-$50 per hour.

What makes Flutter the right choice for mobile app development?

Flutter mobile app development is fast and responsive. This cross-platform framework allows you to build apps for Android or iOS without exceeding your budget.

How much does it cost to build a project on Flutter?

The overall cost of developing a project using Flutter depends on the software complexity, the Flutter outsourcing company you choose to work with, and the size of your team. But to give a rough estimate, the development of a mid-sized Flutter app can cost about $35,000.