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How Much Does Cost to Develop a Car Buy Sell App Like Dubicars

How Much Does Cost to Develop a Car Buy Sell App Like Dubicars?

As increasing technology development, purchasing habits of customers have altered significantly over the last several decades. With only a few clicks, now buyers can buy or sell practically anything online because of technology advancements. Even necessities like food and clothing are easily available in just one click.

In this mobile app era, potential business owners are grabbing chances to create a unique mobile app. A buy-and-sell used cars mobile app like Dubicars is one of these innovative app concepts. One of the sectors with the most advanced technology earlier was the automobile sector. The car business has changed drastically after the technical advancements in the development of mobile applications.

Nowadays, vehicles are a necessity, but not everyone has the financial means to buy a brand-new vehicle. Middle-class men will opt for second-hand cars because it’s cost-effective. Dubicars app gives users the opportunity to sell their used cars for a lot of money by connecting them with interested purchasers. Mobile app development for buying and selling used cars provides solutions for everyone.

More than 1,500 individuals use mobile applications daily to buy or sell cars, according to a recent survey. Users reported using their mobile 72% of the time when shopping for a car. 52% of people use their mobile to check for new car parts or accessories.

As a result, about 29% of consumers use their mobiles to choose a new or used car. With the most famous application in UAE, buy-sell car mobile app like Dubicars helps to get all of the vehicle's information. Buying used cars are simple and direct processes. More and more vehicle dealers and used car dealers are using mobile applications to provide rapid, efficient, and customer-focused services across a variety of industries.

What is Dubicars ?

One of the most popular applications in the UAE for buying and selling old vehicles is Dubicars. The UAE's fastest-growing used vehicle purchase and sell mobile applications were established in 2014 and updated in 2018 for buyers and sellers throughout the emirates.

Since Dubicars is the only privately owned marketplace in the UAE, it is very well known. Dubicars is the industry leader in the UAE with more than 470 active dealerships on its website and mobile app. It offers access to real-time data from actual buyers and sellers interested in the idea of exchanging old vehicles, with more than three million searches every month.

Dubicars has changed the whole used car purchasing and selling experience for the people in the UAE with cutting-edge technology due to its strong dealer partnerships, unmatched export market reach, and market domination. Dubicars has developed into a preferred platform for both buyers and sellers.

Popular Taxi Booking App Similar to Dubicars in UAE


Visit Edmunds to browse new and used cars for sale. The process of buying both new and old automobiles has never been simpler. For both new and secondhand automobiles, they offer specifications and features. On their site, you can find user reviews and expert reviews of new and used automobiles from all major automakers, as well as ratings from previous customers.


Your one-stop shop for buying or selling secondhand automobiles is CARS24. They have partnered with companies throughout the globe more significantly, they have a great understanding on the needs of both buyers and sellers. Whether you're buying or selling, you receive a transparent, simple, just, open, and hassle-free process.


In Kuwait, Motorgy is one of the best shops for buying and selling automobiles. You can buy and sell automobiles on their digital automotive marketplace in the simplest way. Get a cash offer in three days for your vehicle, or explore a large variety of new and used vehicles from a vast network of authorized dealers.

Features to consider while creating a car buy-sell mobile app similar like Dubicars

Features to consider while creating a car buy-sell mobile app similar like Dubicars

Simple Signup / social media login

Customers must log in before using any other feature of the app, therefore it must be as simple and feasible. With this function, users can download the mobile app and register an account using their social media login information. When a user registers for a social media account, their information is updated on their own.

High-resolution camera within the app

The in-app camera is a necessary feature for the app because it intends to purchase and sell secondhand cars. It allows consumers to take images of their used vehicles directly from the app and post them. The software lets users input about 15 photos of the car's outside and interior components.


Any software that lets users purchase and sells cars must have an in-app chatbot so that buyers and sellers can communicate and close the deal. The chatbots are also useful for assisting users if they get confused while navigating the app.

Calculate loans

Many customers are concerned about the EMI of their vehicle, and the loan calculator is a crucial feature. The built-in loan calculator can calculate the EMIs on a monthly basis and make it simpler for purchasers to decide whether to buy the cars they are interested in.

GPS monitoring

With the help of this tool, customers can connect with local vendors and browse their used vehicle listings on the app. This tool links purchasers to those who are available, saves time and effort in contacting those who are difficult to reach.

Loyalty schemes

The most valuable resource for any business, whether it is offline or online, is its customers. Customer retention and app loyalty can both be increased with the use of loyalty programs. To help users feel appreciated, the app provides unique loyalty schemes.

Comparison of models of car

Users can use this tool to compare several automobile models and select the one they are most interested in. Buyers can use this tool to research all the vehicles that meet their price range before selecting one.

In addition to these functionalities other functionalities are

  • push notifications.
  • Car view model in 3D
  • Real-time evaluation
  • Roadside assistance
  • Management of advertising

How Much Does It Cost to Build an app similar like Dubicars

How Much Does It Cost to Build an app similar like Dubicars

The price range of creating a mobile app for buying and selling cars like Dubicars is mostly determined by its features and functions. But many factors influence the cost of mobile app development. Other elements like platform selection, UI/UX design, developer location, hourly rates, the time required for development, and other add-ons are also responsible.

The typical price of developing an app can range from $30,000 to $50,000 or more. But it varies from project to project.

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Why dubicars are cheap?

Due to an abundance of vehicles on the market, automobile costs in Dubai are much cheaper than in other parts of the world. The auto industry has been forced to provide significant discounts when purchasing a new automobile in order to survive.

Is it good to buy a second-hand car from the dubicars app?

The Dubicars website is a wonderful resource for used vehicles in Dubai. The rates of used cars in Dubai are currently up to date on the reputable website. The website's search feature allows to check particular second-hand car models in Dubai.