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How Much Cost to Build Buy and Sell Apps Like LetGo or OfferUp?

How Much Cost to Build Buy and Sell Apps Like LetGo or OfferUp

Every day, people buy and sell items online from apps similar like OfferUp and LetGo. Some people love to keep historical item collections in their houses, offices, etc. for example owning a vintage car from Sultan Brunei is a dream for many people. Other individuals might like eco-friendly and minimalistic ideologies they declutter their houses and sell items to the needy. Many individuals purchase less expensive things because of their limited budget.

Offerup App is a marketplace application that is mostly used for online buying and selling products. Offerup app is a platform through which you can simply sell anything and make additional money, as well as conveniently browse various goods and buy them.

Users nowadays have turned to an online platform to access all services including shopping, booking, ordering, and a wide range of things. An eCommerce platform similar to OfferUp and LetGo app gives users access to own their e-space, whereas other individuals can sell their unused items and even users can easily view the information and purchase products they want.

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Famous E-commerce Buying and Selling Marketplace App

Users will be able to purchase and sell goods locally using an app similar to Offerup's local buy-sell marketplace. Some of the famous marketplaces have been mentioned below.


LetGo joined OfferUp marketplace app in the year 2020. To speed up the registration process and ensure user data protection, users should first sign up using a Facebook account. The second important thing is product placement-based advertising. Sellers should include ads this increases exposure without paying additional costs. The app has a significant drawback there is no in-build payment mechanism, instead, users should develop their own payment methods. It's risky for both parties and also inconvenient.


OfferUp marketplace is the largest buy and sell app for local users. It functions in the USA, excluding Hawaii, Alaska, and Arkansas, with secure transactions and authorization services, the app's developers place a high priority on security. Customers and sellers can both rate each other and offer feedback on deals.

Building social networks is a distinguishing feature of the app. The reason it is so popular is that users spend, an average of 25 minutes each day using the app on Instagram or Snapchat.


eBay is a US-based eCommerce marketplace application; eBay is well-known globally for its nearly global shipping. It is a strong competitor to all local buy and sell applications. eBay offers a wide range of product categories, PayPal functionality, and an easy-to-use interface makes this app stand out, but one of the drawbacks this app has is it does not offer 24/7 customer service.


Small companies can create an online store with the help of the user-friendly e-commerce platform Shopify. In Shopify, sellers create a cutting-edge online store and sell on social media platforms, marketplaces for sellers, other blogs, and websites, as well as via email, text, and chat.

With Shopify, retailers can create and personalize an online store and sell on a variety of platforms, such as the web, mobile devices, in-person, pop-up stores, and other channels, such as social media and online marketplaces.

How to Build eCommerce Buying and Selling Marketplace Apps similar like OfferUp ?

Peer-to-peer marketplaces are becoming more and more popular right now, and this represents a potential market for business. Users can sell everything around the house on this app and make a nice living, regardless of the kind of goods or services. OfferUp application work with a wide range of goods, including hardware, software, and other services.

Analyze the app's features: constantly analyze the necessary features for the buy-and-sell marketplace and should include them in the platform.

Business model: There are a number of options on the market. One must understand the business and choose a business model that meets their strategy.

Memorable brand name: Create a brand name for the company and make sure it is the same as your domain name to ensure that your brand is successful. This helps brand to benefit from this quickly.

UI and UX design: UI and UX design should be appealing this will help to attract visitors on the site. Customers should get a memorable shopping experience while shopping. This will enable to draw attention of more new customers towards the business.

Payment gateway: Without a proper implementation of the payment gateway, an online transaction cannot be completed. Ensure your eCommerce marketplace platform accepts a variety of payments.

Security: Constantly ensure the security of your website and place a high focus on site protection. People always prefer to do their transactions on safe websites. Your marketplace should install SSL.

How does OfferUp Work?

How does OfferUp Work

Title- How does OfferUp Work?

Once the app has been installed, Offerup app users can quickly access the onboarding process. The Offerup app features have an excellent user experience that is simple to use. Users' can change their information, check the status of their profile, re-login, and log in using the menu on the left side of the page.

When a buyer hits the "Hold Offers" button the item is recorded as sold, and the OfferUp collects payment details to make sure the payment is paid. The buyer will provide the vendor a QR code to scan. Accounts on OfferUp application can be connected to a variety of payment methods.

Monetization Model of Popular Marketplace Apps like OfferUp

A monetization strategy is used by the local marketplace app like Offerup to help generate revenue. Let's go through a few of the monetization model techniques

  1. Transaction fees: For transaction expenses, such as service fees or shipping costs, the Offerup app platform charges the user a commission.

  2. Advertising: Sellers who need to quickly sell their items can include items in the features tab so that product advertisements will appear on every page, helping to increase the sellers' earnings.

  3. Subscription or membership fees: Buyers or sellers must pay a charge in order to use the extra features or capabilities.

  4. Fee: For each transaction done on apps like Offerup, a commission is charged to the sellers.

  5. Investors: By supporting itself with a strong group of investors, Offerup has strengthened its base.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Similar like OfferUp?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Similar like OfferUp

Building a mobile marketplace app is difficult since there are several payment methods buy and sell procedures to manage. The cost of developing an app like LetGO and Offerup varies depending on its complexity, level of technology, and number of features.

An approximate cost for creating an app similar to Offerup and LetGo will range between $10,000 and $25,000. The ultimate cost will be determined by the complexity of the development as well as the experts. A sophisticated app will cost around $40,000. Stike a market hard.

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