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How much does it cost to hire ReactJs developers in 2022?

How much does it cost to hire ReactJs developers in 2022?

The first step to a successful project is to decide on React for your web app development. In the second step, you will need to find ReactJs developers who have an understanding of your business logic and help you execute the project.   Choosing a developer who understands your project requirements is essential. In terms of the cost of hiring ReactJs developers, several factors play a key role. Let’s have a look at all of them in detail and help you estimate the overall cost of hiring a remote ReactJs developer.

Why Does Your Business Need to Hire ReactJs Developers?

No matter where you're at in your business, whether you're a start-up, a medium-sized business, or a large enterprise, you need React developers.

Why Does Your Business Need to Hire ReactJs Developers

If it's reasons you want let's have a look at some of them.

Developer's choice

A distinguishing feature of ReactJS is that it provides developers with programming tools that can be used to build robust products and reuse components. There are many programming tools available, but ReactJS is one of the most popular.

Popular among established businesses

Several industry leaders use ReactJs, including Airbnb, Uber, Netflix, Instagram, Shopify, Facebook, Amazon, and Udemy. In fact, developers at Netflix switched to ReactJS for three reasons: performance, speed, and modularity.

What Are the Benefits of ReactJs?

Fast websites with minimal coding

Using ReactJS, you can develop high-performance web applications with minimal coding.

Amazing rendering experience

React JS boasts a strong focus on individual components, which provides a stunning rendering experience.

Dynamic UI

With React JS, developers can easily create interactive and dynamic user interfaces.

Wide-ranging integrations

The React JS framework integrates seamlessly with a number of popular tools such as Font Awesome, Firebase, Redux, Sentry, and WebStorm.

When To Hire a ReactJs Developer?

For Startups

  • hen you don't have a substantial development budget and want to reduce the number of working hours.
  • You'll also find great community support with the ReactJS library, which has over 1,500 contributors updating it regularly.

For Mid-sized Businesses

  • To create an easy-to-use website to enhance your online presence.
  • Because Facebook is responsible for React JS updates and security patches, the stability of the platform is not a major issue.

For Larger businesses

  • In case you are seeking a streamlined testing process.
  • To make the rendering process faster.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Hiring a ReactJs Developer?

Let’s have a look at some of the deciding factors of the cost of hiring a ReactJs developer.

Cost based on developer experience

You will need to know the requirements of your business before hiring React developers to make an informed choice about the experience level you will aim for.

Junior React developer

In general, junior developers are beginners with no more than three years of experience. They know the framework and can handle basic development tasks. Also, they should be able to work with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Experienced developers can rely on junior developers to assist them in their tasks and handle debugging efficiently. As part of the front-end team, they can also provide feedback during the design and technical review sections.

Hiring a team member who is genuinely interested in learning new frameworks is beneficial for you since you can train them on those frameworks to reduce the cost of hiring new developers later on.

Mid-level React developer

The average mid-level developer has three to five years of experience. Specific development tasks, such as writing class components and functional components, may be assigned to them. In addition, they can also test components asynchronously through React testing libraries.

DevOps experience may be essential for mid-level React developers. Test-Driven Development experience is an advantage that mid-level developers can offer to the business.

The designers must also understand wireframe designs and convert them into a functional user interface. Having the ability to write infrastructure as code and automate deployments is also advantageous.

Senior React developer

A developer with experience from 5 to 7 or more years can be considered a senior developer. Their capabilities include integrating third-party products and debugging applications.

They will be familiar with the React libraries and pre-built tools that come with them. Senior developers are vital to the development of projects because they can mentor junior developers. Senior developers usually lead development teams. They are also familiar with the different cloud technologies such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Senior developers are well-worth hiring as they offer experience, practical knowledge, and mentoring, as well as contributing to development planning and suggesting essential resources.

Cost based on the location of the developer

Considering the geographical location is an important aspect in hiring React developers due to variations in hiring costs worldwide.

Cost based on the location of the developer

North America

Due to the amount of exposure US developers have to software giants, hiring costs are higher here. Since talent acquisition is tight, developer pay is higher. The US also benefits from higher minimum wages than any other country.


In Asia, India is one of the most popular markets for hiring React developers. There are many developers at different skill levels who specialize in advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and so on. Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines are other Asian countries where you can hire reliable talent.

India's pragmatic approach to business problem-solving has made them a popular choice for hiring remote developers. Besides these benefits, one of the major advantages of India is its availability of software companies that can provide developers according to your specifications.


There are several European countries with experienced and skilled React developers, including France, Spain, and Germany. IT sector revenues in the United Kingdom have increased to £2.56 billion, already establishing it as a technology-centric market.

This has led to it becoming a top location for hiring React developers.

Additional Factors That Influence the Hiring Cost of ReactJs Developers

Size Of the Project

When determining a product's development cost, product teams must consider the size of the app. Product features and functions should be considered based on product complexity. A product's features will differ according to the business's needs. In general, higher functionality requires more resources to be invested in the development process.

Small-scale Projects

Small projects don't require a full-fledged development team. The app has basic features and fewer integrations, so development costs are reduced.

Medium-scale Projects

The need for developers is typically greater for medium-sized projects than for small projects. A chat feature, search function, and multiple integrations may be included in these projects. This results in a slightly higher cost when hiring a React developer.

Large-scale Projects

A large number of functionalities, several integrations, and strict security measures are involved in these projects. Consequently, you will need a team of experienced React developers, project managers, and quality assurance testers among others.

Engagement Models

Our hiring models combine the best technology with industry-leading service to help you find a candidate and onboard them efficiently. Different hiring models are available that can be chosen based on your business needs.

Dedicated Developers

Staff augmentation services are provided by offshore web & app development companies like Neetable. Before contacting a dedicated developer, you should determine the size of the team based on your needs. A requirement analysis can be performed by the outsourcing company if you are unsure. A major benefit of hiring developers from offshore development companies is that they handle recruitment and onboarding.

Fixed Price Model

Choose this engagement model when there are no requirements for new features or updates and the scope of the project is limited. Costs, time, and features are restricted in this model.

It is difficult to introduce changes to these variables at a later stage when they are frozen. Defining the project properly at the beginning is crucial.

App Complexity

Feature complexity determines the cost of hiring React developers. In projects with complex features, the cost will rise because only an experienced React developer can create the application successfully. Prices for experienced developers are high as well.

However, you should not reduce the features in order to save money. You cannot differentiate yourself from your competitors unless you have unique features.

It's possible for junior developers to manage basic features such as login, sign up, add to cart, search, and push notifications. Providing chat features, AR/VR, payment integration, and video streaming require expertise. Complex features can only be implemented by an experienced developer.

The Hiring Process for Reactjs Developers

Create a detailed job description

  • A comprehensive overview of the company
  • Key job responsibilities
  • Short and long-term expectations from the developer
  • Qualification level required
  • Skills needed for the job role

The job description should be clear and precise on the requirements.

Prepare the interview questions based on the technical and non-technical skills required.

Technical proficiency

A proficient individual must possess knowledge of CSS styling strategies, ReactJs fundamentals, version control systems, and JS build tools.

Adjacent technology expertise

As well as having experience with JavaScript, ECMA script, and adjacent technologies, they should also be proficient in frameworks that are compatible with React.

Planning efficiency

Tasks and sprints need to be planned efficiently and deadlines set.

Knowledge on testing

An understanding of testing tools and frameworks is essential.

Interpersonal skills

Communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and open-mindedness are some excellent interpersonal skills they need to demonstrate.

Gather candidates and evaluate the portfolio

Analyze the resumes based on the soft and technical skills that we discussed in the previous step.

Select and onboard

You can shortlist the most qualified candidate based on the screening results. At Neetable, we ensure an easy, frictionless, and seamless onboarding process.


If you are hiring React developers, take into account these factors. Once you are through this article, you may find it easier to estimate the cost of hiring ReactJs developers.

For an organization, the entire hiring process can be overwhelming. How can you achieve optimal business results while hiring remote React developers?

The answer you are looking for is Neetable. With a team of talented React developers, Neetable is among the best offshore mobile and web application development companies. If you are looking to hire ReactJs web app developers, drop us an inquiry. We will be happy to help you.


How do I hire a ReactJs developer?

  • Tell us about your requirements and the skills needed.
  • After analyzing your requirements, we will select a set of qualified candidates.
  • Schedule interviews and shortlist the candidates most suitable for the task
  • Begin onboarding and working on the project right away.

How much does it cost to hire reactjs developers?

The cost of hiring Reactjs developers depends on the skill set, experience level, and other factors. You may schedule a call with us to discuss your requirements and we can provide you a custom quote.

What are the hiring options available at Neetable?

We provide mainly three types of engagement models.

  • Dedicated developer
  • Fixed, and
  • Hourly basis. You can choose a model of hiring most suitable for your requirements.