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Merck Chemicals and Life Sciences Vietnam's Power Tool manages permissions, controls, and data within Merck's massive database through a web service platform. 



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Having to depend on manual processes and antiquated systems means experiencing a lack of control and visibility, resulting in a bad sales experience and increased workload. With a massive database consisting of more than 200,000 products in their inventory retrieving product data, calculating product-based discounts unique to each distributor, and updating it manually in the database was a tedious task. These processes were being managed, executed, and diagnosed manually using precious company resources.


A pricing portal can provide its users with considerable value. This could lead to a better customer experience and standardization of the product purchasing process. It would be helpful for distributors as well as customers to have access to a portal that allows them to perform operational activities such as retrieving information about products and latest discounts, requesting quotes, and placing orders online.


Features We Integrated

The main features of the application developed by Neetable for Merck Vietnam includes:


Option to register and login

Both end customers and distributors can register and log in using their credentials to access unique discounts.


User profile page

Users can update and make changes to their data such as mailing address etc.


Product price

The product’s price list is given with details including a description of the product, storage conditions, latest offers, etc.



This allows users to search for the required product using its catalogue number, name, and business field. 


Add to cart or Wishlist

Users can either add the product to the cart or they can Wishlist a product for future purchase. 


Request quote

The user can request a quotation after finalizing items and quantities of the desired product. 


In developing Power Tool, a pricing portal for Merck Vietnam distributors and customers, we enhanced the relationship between the customer excellence team and the distributors. Using the Power Tool, Merck's customer excellence team was able to easily manage user permissions and simplify access to Merck's voluminous database. Both Vietnamese and English versions of the Power Tool are offered, which will help integrate procedures for distributors and Merck's global customer excellence teams. 

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