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The M-Portal Service, a digital service platform for Merck Chemicals and Life Sciences Indonesia, enables a rich customer experience as part of the company's vision and mission.



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Having to depend on manual processes and antiquated systems means experiencing a lack of control and visibility, resulting in a bad sales experience and increased workload. Merck Chemicals and Life Sciences Indonesia have more than 200,000 products in their inventory. Retrieving the required data, calculating discounts unique to each distributor, and updating it manually in the database was a tedious task. Especially when it is needed to be done on a frequent basis.


With changing customer expectations, non-traditional competitors entering the market, and costs continually fluctuating, the legacy way of doing things is no longer competitive. In the modern B2B buying process, online transparency, new sales channels, and the Amazon experience are shaping expectations.

By introducing a web application that can help in automating the process of retrieving information and updating the changes to the database, it would result in an easier and more satisfying customer experience.


Features We Integrated

The main features of the application developed by Neetable for Merck Indonesia includes:


Option to register and login

Both end customers and distributors can register and login using their credentials to access unique discounts.


Product price

Product’s price list is given with additional details including description of the product, storage conditions, latest offers etc.



Users can search for a product using its catalogue number, name, and business field.


Add to cart or Wishlist

Users can either add the product to cart or they can Wishlist a product for future purchase.


Product checkout

The user can perform checkout and further request for quotation and fill out and submit the PO.


Document library

Downloadable forms that allow purchase of products, brochures, etc can be accessed from the document library.


We developed the M-Portal Service web application. M-Portal is a web app service that provides greater accessibility, transparency, and ease of doing business for Merck Chemicals & Life Sciences customers. They can access unique distributor-wise web-based products' price lists using it.

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