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In today's world, mobile app development is evidently important for businesses, as a growing number of customers use their mobile devices to perform tasks remotely. As for businesses, they are improving how they operate. For companies, enterprise mobility solutions offer a convenient method for end users to receive information about the company directly on their mobile phones.

Mobile App Development Services Provided

iOS Mobile App Development

Make your business grow with iOS mobile apps that deliver top-notch digital experiences and launch them on app stores easily.

  • iPhone App Develoment
  • iPad App Development
  • Swift App Development

Android Mobile App Development

Build a strong customer base with easy-to-use, intuitive Android apps at a budget you can afford.

  • Kotlin App Development

Cross-platform App Development

Run your code on multiple platforms with a single source code for a faster time-to-market and higher ROI.

  • React Native App Development
  • Flutter App Development
  • Ionic App Development

Native app development

We take pride in our native app developers' skill sets, their passion for new technologies, and their knowledge of varied technologies to deliver optimum results.

PWA development

A progressive web app combines the advantages of two worlds and delivers a smooth user experience and reaches a greater number of customers.

End-to-end development

We develop iOS and Android apps from scratch. With our skills, we can transform your idea into a mobile app that combines Cloud services, APIs, payment gateways, and third-party libraries.

Benefits of Building a Mobile App For Your Business

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Generating new leads

Users will be able to stay in touch with the business and be notified about new services, offers, etc, so they can stay abreast of the latest developments.

Promoting your business

Your company will gain brand awareness and new products or services can be promoted using this method.

Easy access to data

With Android or iOS apps, you can gain valuable insights and data about your users. Marketing analytics can help you generate more leads and sales, as well as analyze your business's performance.

Customer engagement

Your business can prosper depending on how well you engage in communications with your customers.

Improve customer loyalty

When a customer makes a purchase, you can share a discount coupon or other offer to encourage them to come back. You can also extend your services or provide something new based on purchase history. 

Resolve problems faster

Your customer service team should be easy to reach in the event that your customer runs into a problem.

What Does the Mobile App Development Process Entail?

An app's development involves a series of steps that take it from an idea to a finished product.A mobile app development firm in Bangalore follows these steps to develop mobile apps:

Planning and conceptualizing

First, research is conducted to see what the competition is doing and interviews are conducted to determine what a client's vision is for the app and what it should look like. The purpose of this step is to determine if there is market demand for the app's initial idea by researching and analysing it. 



It is the process of creating a minimum viable product based on a concept and then testing it to see if it works. The function comes first, followed by user-friendliness and overall design. It is similar to testing the concept of your product but on a technical level.  


User interface design.

Creating an interactive interface is a crucial part of any mobile app development project since it helps tie the app's functionality to a user-friendly interface. The optimal user flow, the element hierarchy, etc., must be understood in order to achieve this goal. What makes some apps feel intuitive while others feel clunky if they are similar? Our goal is to create the best user experience.

user interface design


During this stage, the developer will start coding the final version of the app. Frameworks like PhoneGap or the Ionic framework can be used if required. In the end, we want to create the best version of the app we can, based on the fully-functional mockup, but with improved graphics, spotless code, optimized UI and UX, etc.



You will have to test your application on various devices like Android, iOS, and Windows. We want to see how the game plays on different resolutions and devices to find any bugs or inconsistencies in the display. Ensure that any bugs are resolved before deploying the app. For further optimization, a skilled app developer will prepare a set of streamlined test cases. This will enable them to check whether the app is approved or not. A useful feature of this is when adding extra functionality, and then you need to run the tests all over again to make sure nothing breaks.



The next step is to upload your app to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for users to download and install. You will need to complete this step again whenever you release a new version of the app. You should have cleared out all the bugs and inconsistencies in the previous steps to ensure success. 


Maintenance & updates

Maintaining a mobile app is a continuous process that requires you to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Consider your users' feedback and implement the features they ask for, and address any complaints they might have, if necessary, to avoid falling behind your competitors. Rather than letting your app languish after its initial release, keeping an eye on this will ensure your app stays compliant and performs well long after its release.

maintenance updates
Recent Works

We have created many mobile apps in iOS, Android for all kind of businesses. Among them few are top downloaded Apps. See here are some of our works how Neetable is helping teams build amazing products.


1. Which is the best mobile app development company in Bangalore?

Neetable is the best place to start if you want to get your app made efficiently and cost-effectively. We are a leading mobile app development company providing iOS/iphone app development services and Android app development services to users worldwide. We can also help you come up with a great solution if you are unsure of what you want. 

2. How do I hire mobile app developers in Bangalore?

For working with mobile app developers in Bangalore, you have two options. You can either approach a mobile app development company to hire the services of expert app developers or you could hire freelance developers for your project. 

3. Will mobile app development companies work in my time zone?

Most of the android and iOS app development companies in Bangalore work with clients from all over the world. In any case, the majority of companies will develop the apps and make changes according to your specifications as soon as possible, regardless of their time zone. Depending on the time zone in which you live, your company can arrange more work or customizations for the project. 

4. How much will it cost to develop a mobile application?

This is a question that most business owners ask frequently. The exact amount of your project will depend on your requirements and other factors including the scope of the project, features, engagement model, and so on. Once you have selected the mobile app development company you want to work with, they will help you by providing a custom quote. They will also help you in deciding on the best solution within your budget. 

5. How much time will it take to develop a mobile application in Bangalore?

Your app's design and development will depend on how much customization it requires. Alternatively, you can request an estimate from your selected developer. The average time it takes to develop a professional mobile app is 3 to 9 months, according to statistics. 

6. What to keep in mind when developing a mobile app for your business?

Choose companies with experience building similar apps to build a unique app. As a result, they will be able to understand what features you need in your app and give you a rough estimate of the cost involved. There are three things that you should consider while developing a mobile app:

  • Features of your app
  • The user interface design
  • What purpose does it serve or how useful it is to your users

Thankfully, all of this doesn't have to be done by you! Without being a tech whiz, you can have a professional app developed, even if you do not consider yourself tech-savvy by enabling the services of a leading mobile app development company in Bangalore.