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Jincy George

By Jincy George

on May 27, 2020

Is it easy to draw a line between work and home when you are working from home? Yes, it is. At present, the world is dealing with the pandemic situation COVID 19. The on- going health crises is forcing every organizations to re-look at the processes they follow and have a business continuity plan. Survival from this situation is possible only for the ones who are ready to change and are more adaptive.

It is well-known fact that working in office keeps us away from the outside distractions. The life outside the office was always meant for family and friends. The pandemic situation has made every individual to club their work and personal life. Working from home has become the new normal. Organizations are concerned about productivity while employees are working from home and every individual is struggling to differentiate work and life.

Remote work or work from home is a boon for the individuals who can work effectively. Most of the us have a similar work situation but everyone has a different life situation.

A few tips to have a productive work from home without hampering work-life balance:

Work Space

Make sure you have a dedicated space in your house to work. Just like in office you have seats allocated. It can be any corner of your house – open terrace, dining room, living area, etc. Dedicating a space will make you feel that space is for work and rest of the house is your life.


Just like you will have your tea break and lunch break in office, make sure you maintain that routine. To make it feel like office, you can always get your colleagues on video conferencing and talk about non work-related stuff.

Commute time

We save a lot of our time as we are not struggling in traffic to reach office. Many people can mistake the travel time as work time. We need to use this time for our recreation, maybe you can start up new activity for yourself, spend some extra time with family and friends. The time we spend for ourselves helps us to start work with a peaceful mind and motivates us to be productive. This way is definitely more effective that starting your work after your struggle through traffic and exhausting half your energy.

Maintain your work schedule

If your organization expects you to be working from 9to6. Be available. Do not make any personal commitments between your work time until its an emergency. Maintaining same schedule as your teammates will help better coordination with them on work. This will always increase productivity rather than awaiting a response on clarifications because someone in your team is not available.

Task management tools

Tools can be effectively used to plan your day out. Organization can assign and track the progress of tasks in tools such as Jira, Asana, Zoho, etc. Making a practice of updating your task and estimates regularly can help everyone in team to get better clarity on the work.

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