Virtual Employee Engagement

Puneet Jain

By Puneet Jain

on May 28, 2020
Remote working has been changed the way employees interact with the Managers and their respective teams. In order to maintain productivity and not to feel disengaged and disconnected companies are establishing virtual check ins for company employees and new virtual engagement tools have come into the picture.
Virtual Employee engagement is needed to maintain a good rapport between the company and its employees while they are working remotely. It helps maintaining the morale of employees.

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Employee engagement has become so important in today’s time during Covid –19, where the huge population or employees are engaged working remotely. It is difficult to engage employees in today’s time ,especially during remote working. In today’s era it has become imperative to engage employees virtually if they are scattered across.

How to Engage Employees

  • Face to face video conferencing like zoom, teams and hangouts can be utilized as a good channel.
  • Managers must do weekly meetings with their employees in order to maintain a good relationship.
  • Videos are imperative. Video conferencing helps with a better employee engagement at the end of the day and video conferencing has been proved to be very cost effective.
  • It is important to start all meetings on a very high energy note to keep the audience engaged while working remotely.
  • Communication tools should be designed in a such a way that they should help employees understand their roles, duties and responsibilities.
  • Apart from virtual conferencing ,it is imperative to do meet ups once in a month to help increase engagement.
  • With the help of the various channels and tools online activities can be conducted across by conducting competitions such as online Ludo contest, dumb charade, Virtual anatakshri,Tambola , cookery contest, share your pics from your desk contest ,tik tok contest,treasure hunt contest, best dressed employee contest ,tech trainings, online trainings,Mother’s day celebration and by celebrating virtual birthdays/anniversary of employees etc.
  • Town halls, reward and recognition, a message from leadership desk, team meetings are a great way to boost morale and a great way to connect.
  • By introducing flexibility schedule employees can maintain a WorkLife balance which maintains a boost among the employee.
  • Virtual volunteering program is another great way to stay connected.

Covid –19 situation has shaken the world but by getting virtually connected and by keeping employees aware virtually from HR policies to Marketing strategies is a great way to safeguard the interest of all. Companies must devise new and stronger ideas to tackle the challenges by adoptive the above as and when need arises.

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