Traveler Connex

With the travel industry growing around the world, it is imperative to create new means of achieving value for travelers to continue to fuel this industry. Traveler Connex seeks to do this by improving the travel experience around the world, through connecting travelers to the best-known review source for restaurants, churches, must see sites, must see experiences, people and events, those who live in these areas.

Problem Statement

Ready to explore hidden gems in the city that you are travelling to but afraid that the tourist guide will only tell you about the common tourist places? Want to choose a more authentic taste of the culture rather than luxury and curated one? Need genuine source with whom you can talk about various local travelling tips? The Traveller Connex has it all.


A mobile application that connects you to a verified local expert, who can guide you around the city’s best local sites that probably are off the grid on various websites. A better mutual understanding can be done on chat so as to provide you with the best and most authentic aura of that city or place that you are visiting.

App Features

Chat and decide

Chat with the advisor about the various aspects of the area.

Algorithm-based match

The advisor gets connected to the traveler on the basis of the interest and advisor’s expertise radius for the city.

Authenticity matters

Travel advisors will initially have a screening process where they will need to speak to our staff and answers some questions about their expertise

Advisor gets paid

Monetize to allow Traveler Connex advisors to make money on the advice, recommendations and support they give.

Tools and Technology

Native iOS App using Swift

Native Android App using Kotlin

Admin Console using ReactJS, NodeJS

Google Cloud Platform

Google Analytics

UI design using Adobe XD

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