AI-powered shipment tracking software – Shipment tracking software that provides proactive delivery updates and meets customer need for tracking shipment during order confirmation, fulfillment, and delivery through automated frictionless technology. It includes intuitive smartphone apps for drivers, a powerful modern web dashboard for shippers, and automatic notifications and real-time tracking for customers.

Problem Statement

The continuous influx of data can be difficult to manage and maintain, especially when you are in logistics sector where each and every detail of the product delivery matters. This is the exact reason why ShypIQ connected with us on this project.


To streamline the process of shipping and logistics, our team deviced a Web based application that aggregated all information at one place. This included tracking and updating all the details related to a package in real-time.

App Features

All in one Dashboard

A curated dashboard for quick updates of various product delivery stages.

Multiple logistic management

Data from multiple data logistic services curated into a single screen.

Real-time tracking

Orders can be tracked in real-time to keep everyone updated.

Tools and Technology

Native iOS App using Swift

Native Android App using Kotlin

Admin Console using ReactJS, NodeJS

Google Cloud Platform

Google Analytics

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How can we help?

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