Phox Health

Phox Health matches patients to hundreds of pharmacies, deliver prescriptions within two hours coast to coast, and work with a range of practice sizes from a house call doctor to statewide health systems because of their scalable platform that empowers their partners – pharmacies, couriers, and prescribers – with dependable, clinical-grade software.

Problem Statement

Covid-19 invited new challenges to healthcare system for innovating, being more efficient and making it safer for everyone. Times where staying indoors is the best way of keeping oneself safe. But what if one wants to go out for the pharmacy supplies?

PhoxHealth answers this dilemma by being the aggregator in this equation. PhoxHealth focuses on safe, quick and systematic delivery network for different pharmacies and patients.


PhoxHealth acts as a link between the health facility, pharmacy and the patients. It ensures better logistics system in a sector where time is of utmost importance. The web platform keeps the record of various deliveries that are processing, in-transit, completed or marked as an exception.

App Features

Order management

Check order history & current status of the order

Live tracking

Track the delivery of your order as a patient as well as the pharmacy.

Centralized database

A central platform for easy navigation through all the data.

Prescription delivery for health systems

Coordination between healthcare institutions, pharmacy and the patients to provide seamless prescription delivery.

Tools and Technology

Native iOS App using Swift


Admin Console using ReactJS, NodeJS

UI design using Adobe XD

Google Cloud Platform

Google Analytics


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