Phox Health is the only platform connecting independent pharmacies and medical logistics to patients, telemedicine practices, and even large health systems looking for the convenience of instant prescription delivery.


  • Our client believes patients deserve a far better and more convenient healthcare experience.
  • They introduced telemedicine to achieve their goal where patients could consult with the practitioner from home.
  • The purchase of prescribed medicine was still a challenge where patient had to step out.


  • Our technology gives pharmacies, virtual care practices, and hospitals a seamless way to let their patients feel better sooner.
  • Our application connects practitioners, pharmacies and couriers by simply entering the patient name and address.
  • Our application tracks the orders for medications until delivered timely and securely to the patients.



Our applications empower medical practices, couriers, and locally-owned pharmacies with the tools to manage the patient prescriptions and delivery of order. Our software completes the wonderful convenience of remote patient care with treatments arriving moments after the diagnosis.
HIPAA-Secured Web App
Push Notifications
Order Tracking
2 Hour Prescription Delivery

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