Ochsner Health has been providing high-quality clinical and hospital patient care to Louisiana residents since 1942. Our healthcare family—today, comprising more than 25,000 employees and over 4,500 employed and affiliated physicians in over 90 medical specialties and subspecialties—is driven by our commitment to our mission to Serve, Heal, Lead, Educate and Innovate, and that passion is shared with every person who passes through our doors.

Problem Statement

Covid-19 invited new challenges to healthcare system for innovating, being more efficient and making it safer for everyone. Hence, Ochsner connected with Neetable to provide a better logistics solution.

Neetable was selected as the technology partner in their mobile-first approach, based on our extensive experience with multi-platform Mobile Apps, deep knowledge of social, event services and product gamification expertise.

Neetable’s expertise in understanding the vision, requirements and goals of Ochsner healthcare has come from previously participating in the realm of healthcare and logistics which led to our choice as a technology partner.


Big changes need small steps. Neetable team went on with understanding the Ochsner’s vision towards their patients and vice versa through research and wireframes. This lead us to design a holistic solution that bridges the gap between three parties, the healthcare giant, the pharmacies and the patients.

App Features

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We understand our user’s need , hence we understand the product they need.

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Checking current status of the order

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Cloud transformation has started and is visible throughout all platforms. Cloud means secure data and better accessibility.

Services Provided

Product Architecture

UI / UX Design


Integration with Zoom & Bluejeans

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