A procurement management tool that provides product information and helps customer in placing a customized purchase order with the supplier.


  • Our client is a fortune 500 company with distributors all over the country.
  • They manufacture 1000’s of products and deliver them to the distributors.
  • It was difficult for them to keep a track of all the orders received, discounts offered to distributors and share the price range for existing and new products.


  • Our platform provides our client’s customers all the details of the products they wish to purchase.
  • Customers /Distributors can create /purchase order for the required products and quantity and share with our client to place the order.
  • Our platform is also used for marketing campaign of the products.



Our tool helps client to share their manufactured product details to their distributors and customers. Our tool provides convivence to the customer and distributors to create their own purchase orders and view historical order details. The application helps to save time and resource which was required by our client to attend to 1000’s of customer/ distributor to take their order details. With the solution we provide, the order management team can efficiently handle approx. 50% more of customer/distributor orders than they could every day.
AI-Powered Automated Tracking
Performance/Carrier Analytics
E-mail, SMS, and WhatsApp Notifications
Branded Tracking Page

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