Merck Service App

Merck Life Science Private Limited was incorporated in 1986 as a joint venture with Millipore Corporation, USA and became a 100% subsidiary of Millipore Corporation in 2009. Millipore was acquired by Merck Chemicals in 2010, March

Problem Statement

Happy customers are the pillars of any company and keeping them satisfied, informed and updated is the company’s responsibility.

Merck approached our company with a brief of designing a Mobile platform where customers can manually troubleshoot, find manuals, guides and generate tickets to get it checked by a service engineer.


Understanding the customer point of view is a challenging task, but our experience helped us to deliver an intuitive, easy to use and informative mobile app that stretches from providing customer guidance, calling & clearing the issues, to help service engineers track scheduled appointments and look at their history.

App Features

Administration console

A database of manuals, catalogues, FAQs and troubleshoot guide for all the products.

All use cases considered

Service is subjective to the customer, hence a more tailored approach was taken to create three different platforms.

Application for service engineers

Service engineers can track the history, scheduled visits and information regarding the product.

Customer application

Customers can troubleshoot problems first by themselves by looking into the guides and manual or they can also book a ticket for a service.

Tools and Technology

Native iOS App using Swift

Native Android App using Kotlin

Admin Console using ReactJS, NodeJS

Google Cloud Platform

Integration with Zoom / BlueJeans

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