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Merck Life Science Private Limited was incorporated in 1986 as a joint venture with Millipore Corporation, USA and became a 100% subsidiary of Millipore Corporation in 2009. Millipore was acquired by Merck Chemicals in 2010, March

Problem Statement

With a product list spanning around thousands of categories, and each category having hundreds of products, the complexity of Merck database becomes twofold. All these processes were controlled, executed as well as diagnosed using precious manual hours of the company. Merck Pricing tool has been a pioneer change in the way Merck works – by shifting the manual work to digital work.


The price list exercise is critical to smoothening Merck’s business each year helping them to enter into rate contract agreements with customers for the year. Customers fix the prices on basis of the price list and use the offline application to print draft quotations for buying the products. These quotations are passed internally in the customer’s organization for attaining approval and advancing purchase decision. This process must be made more organic and natural to help Merck in increasing the efficiency of the whole process.

App Features

Access Levels

This allows the approval of the product that might need permissions before shipping starts.

Special Pricings

A distributor can quote his/her price, and send the quote for verification – all of this process is now turned to digital from manual.

Offline solution

With Merck spanning around the world, the language support changes too, hence this app supports multiple languages.

Bulk Import

A regular customer might find it quite easy to just upload an order file to the database, and get all his orders completed at once, without entering each detail simultaneously.

Tools and Technology

Native iOS App using Swift

Native Android App using Kotlin

Admin Console using ReactJS, NodeJS

Google Cloud Platform

Google Analytics

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