Merck AR Dashboard

Merck Life Science Private Limited was incorporated in 1986 as a joint venture with Millipore Corporation, USA and became a 100% subsidiary of Millipore Corporation in 2009. Millipore was acquired by Merck Chemicals in 2010, March

Problem Statement

Time has long gone when one used to carry files and folders around to look at company’s spec sheet to look if it’s the right choice to represent you. Merck took a large leap as they approached Neetable team to develop an application which simplifies the process of maintaining account receivables.


With the plethora of customers and distributors that Merck is in association with, the amount of data is massive and decentralized. The Merck AR app collects the data, manages it and updates the related stakeholders.

App Features

Data Generation

Detailed reports of each customer and their payables

One for all platform

All receivables management on one platform

Updates to the customer

Automatic reminder updates to customers on their pending payables.

AR Notification system

Calculate the total sum remaining a given time frame and notifying the respective customer – all done in an automatic system.

Tools and Technology

Native iOS App using Swift

Native Android App using Kotlin

Admin Console using ReactJS, NodeJS

Google Cloud Platform

Google Analytics

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How can we help?

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